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Shanna Phillips

I am a 911 operator, which can be a very stressful and emotional job, but also very rewarding when you are able to calm down and reassure a person. I am engaged to a wonderful man that is also an EMT, so we are able to relate to each other so well! Besides our demanding jobs, we enjoy watching baseball, taking picnics and antiquing.

SKIRTS & SHORTS - 84 FASHION. Bodysuit this season must have - 84 FASHION. Cheap Dresses Online For Sale UK - 84 FASHION. Celebirty fashion. From the office to the dance floor. THIS HERMES MEN’S TEE COSTS $91,500. Purveyors of all thing ridiculously lush and pricey, Hermes, have produced a men’s tee that retails for a cool US $91,500.


Why, you may ask, would anybody be in the market for a t-shirt that costs more than a university education? Because fashion, okay? Don’t ask questions. But seriously, this shirt is only slightly cheaper than a Birkin bag — that sturdy, timeless, marker of obscene richness. While the price tag of a Birkin is enough to make anyone LOL in absurd disbelief and/or a sense of overwhelming futility; at least it’s a functional, utilitarian object that you can use to carry things, you know?

Instead, the piece, which forms part of the Spring 2013 menswear collection, is made from ‘chiffon crocodile.’ How to catch Pokemon in style. We tend to stay pretty comfortably tucked into our fashion and beauty corner of the Internet, but it's time that we address the rapidly growing sensation that is Pokémon Go.

How to catch Pokemon in style

At least one Fashionista staffer has grown feverishly obsessed with the mobile game, and our social feeds have become little more than obnoxiously long lists of Pokémon Go explainers, screenshots showing off recent catches, Craigslist ads for IRL Pokémon trainers (yes, this is a real thing that is happening), maps of hotspots that are teeming with rare specimens and tips on how to master gameplay. It's an epidemic, people. Sadly, there's not much to say about this phenomenon in our particular space, unless you're looking for a market roundup of the best shoes to wear while playing to maximize efficiency and mobility, in which case, you're very out of luck. The site hasn't been updated with new Poké-goodness for several months, but the collages still feel perfectly relevant.

Where to find and catch rare and different Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Between all of these data points, I can say pretty confidently that your location (whether that's at a specific point of interest or a more general location, like "near a pond") and climate dramatically affect what Pokémon you'll see in that area.

Where to find and catch rare and different Pokémon in Pokémon Go

As with real-world animals, certain Pokémon, like Zubats and Rattata, are just about everywhere: You're going to see them whether you're living in the desert or walking around Boston. But the frequency of other commonly-spawned Pokémon largely depends on where you are, and the typical climate for that location. Based on my own data, Twitter contributions, and Silph Road's findings, we've got three basic groupings of common Pokémon: But wait: If you have microclimates — or you have easily-accessible swaths of water or grassland — the game will recognize that and start offering you different types of Pokémon. I've also seen anecdotal evidence that day vs night affects the type of Pokémon you're likely to see. But not all parks are created equal. Rio 2016. COMPETITION WINNERS. 84fashion. How to... 84fashion's guide to doing your eyebrows.

How to... 84fashion's guide to doing your eyebrows 1.

How to... 84fashion's guide to doing your eyebrows

First, use a brush or a pencil to see where your eyebrows should start and end, and where the arch should go. See? It’s easy as 123... 2. I've aligned the side of my nose and the side of my iris to get line some guides asks you to align the side of the nose to the centre of the iris instead. it's up to you. 3. This is straight forward! 4. . 5. 6. There are many ways to fill in a brow. Apply powder with a soft angled brush. Curvy girls at 84fashion. What are the bloggers saying. What are the bloggers saying about this season style at 84fashion This summer reviewed our Blue Tropical Floral Multi-coloured Plunge 'V' Neck Sleeveless Bodycon dress, check out what they had to said click the link below Fashiondujour featured our stunning velvet choker in there must haves this season, check out there website full of some great must have items great for every women at any budget.

What are the bloggers saying

Vlogger Tally sharp give's some great make up tip with in depth video on Youtube with her own unique style and has given us the pleasure of vlogging about our curvy girl cold shoulder blouse name after Tally herself she also fell for our FOLD OVER CLUTCH SHOULDER BAG Check out Tally Sharp's Vlogg and don't forget to subscribe she has so many amazing makeup tips and has some great giveaways tallyho's lol. Women's clothing and fashion, affordable online shopping - 84 FASHION.