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The top fashion brands on YouTube, in 5 charts. The fashion industry is not making the most of YouTube.

The top fashion brands on YouTube, in 5 charts

Around 90 percent of fashion brands have a presence on the video-streaming site, according to new research from business intelligence firm L2 and YouTube marketing platform Pixability. That sounds like a lot, but that’s actually a bad look for the fashion world, said Andreas Goeldi, chief technology officer at Pixability. “The fact that some fashion brands have no presence whatsoever is quite shocking,” said Goeldi. “Nobody in the beauty industry now would consider not having a channel.”

Successful Brands Use These 4 YouTube Marketing Strategies. Five marketing lessons from Generation YouTube. YouTube Brand Marketing Strategies: Learn Habits that Drive Hits. According to legend, someone once asked the famous thief Willie Sutton why he robbed banks.

YouTube Brand Marketing Strategies: Learn Habits that Drive Hits

Said Sutton: “That’s where the money is.” Similarly, most video producers would probably tell you that they publish on YouTube because, “That’s where the eyeballs are.” YouTube also encodes your videos, creates an engaging player, allows you to embed the video into your own website, ensures compatibility with a range of target platforms, and pays all transport costs. If video distribution is integral to your marketing strategy, YouTube is an incredible bargain. However, as countless producers have already learned, simply uploading videos to YouTube is no guarantee of marketing success. Amerifirst Home Mortgage AmeriFirst Home Mortgage specialize in FHA loans, VA mortgage loans, USDA Rural Development loans, home improvement loans and Conventional lending and has offices in 12 states.

The Value of Longtail YouTubers for Brand Endorsements. As more and more brands begin to hire YouTube Content Creators, the same questions continue to come up: Which YouTubers bring the most value?

The Value of Longtail YouTubers for Brand Endorsements

Fashion Blogs %26 Retail Schertler, Kreunen and Brinkmann.pdf. Tune in to a YouTube channel. Comment: Vloggers can provide retailers with the authenticity they often lack. It's time to think differently about YouTube influencers. Brands should look at influencer marketing as an avenue to do what they once couldn’t; create an army of advocates who spread their message within their audiences Brand awareness isn’t cool.

It's time to think differently about YouTube influencers

You know what’s cool? Brand Advocacy. The previous lines are a hugely paraphrased version of a scene in the Social Network (the film about Facebook) where Sean Parker is trying to convince Mark Zuckerberg about the potential of his little website ‘The Facebook’. "A million dollars isn’t cool. When Sean says this, you could visibly see his eyes gleam with excitement at the opportunity that Facebook posed for the future of social networking. We’re in charge now. Youtube's Tanya Burr: £60 for a beauty shop? You're not going to get cheaper - BBC Newsbeat. Youtubers: The New Form of Advertisement. How many of you watch Youtube videos?

Youtubers: The New Form of Advertisement

Now a days there are hundreds of thousands of videos that an individual can find on youtube from your favorite NBA players highlights to learning how to play the ukelele. Now more than ever Youtube stars have become the new form of advertisement for companies. Why you man ask? Think about all of the viewers they have. Reaching millions of subscribers all over the world, one individual is able to convey an opinion, inform a viewer, or even promote a product through a worldwide media source. No, Fashion Brands Aren't "Dropping the Ball on YouTube" The research firm L2 recently published a case study that painted a pretty dark picture of the fashion world’s grasp on YouTube as a marketing tool.

No, Fashion Brands Aren't "Dropping the Ball on YouTube"

As a result last week the YouTube marketing world was abuzz with articles asserting that luxury fashion brands were “dropping the ball on YouTube”. While some of their points are valid (and merit further discussion), it’s hard not to feel that many of the assumptions made fail to take into account the fact that fashion brands are like unicorns. Bear with us. Meet the YouTube big hitters: The bright young vloggers who have more fans that 1D. By Tanya De Grunwald for MailOnline Published: 23:01 GMT, 14 June 2014 | Updated: 12:23 GMT, 18 September 2014 These kids have more influence than One Direction and Rihanna.

Meet the YouTube big hitters: The bright young vloggers who have more fans that 1D

Between them they have more than 20 million online fans.

Apposing argument to vloggers being successful

Zoella, Tanya Burr and the UK's YouTube superstars. Covering beauty, fashion, relationship advice, skits and general musings on life as a twentysomething, they cater to millions of viewers who await each new upload with the same eagerness you would expect from a devoted One Direction fan queueing for concert tickets.

Zoella, Tanya Burr and the UK's YouTube superstars

This audience is growing fast. ‘We have just done a convention in America called Vidcon [an annual meeting of people interested in online video]. It has been going for four years,’ Smales says. ‘This year there were 20,000 tickets, last year there were 10,000 and the year before there were 4,000. The talent can’t move around that convention without three security guards protecting them from what is essentially a mob. From left Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg (aka ThatcherJoe) Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr. YouTubers and ads: does it pay to be honest? In the UK, according to digital researchers L2, YouTubers control 57 per cent of searches for brands on the site.

YouTubers and ads: does it pay to be honest?

In April 2014 Unilever launched a YouTube channel AllThingsHair, featuring content from popular bloggers including Zoella and Tanya Burr. Unilever is using Google data to see what customers are searching for, and then asking bloggers to make videos to meet the demand. Rather than compete with YouTubers, Unilever is seeking to collaborate. There are disclaimers on the site, albeit only visible by clicking the "read more" button on the video description. In some of them, Tanya Burr is described as a "paid ambassador" for the site. While he recognised their appeal to the 18-25 year-old age group, Mr Smales said his aim for his clients was to ensure a long illustrious career entertaining people, not marketing products.

But with the increasing power of the YouTuber comes new ways to make the lifestyle pay. But, needed or not, there are an awful lot out there.