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THE LONG + THE SHORT OF IT - - StumbleUpon. Photos: justin coit + post designed by kristin ess Remember when Lauren’s go-to hairstyle was the bang braid?

THE LONG + THE SHORT OF IT - - StumbleUpon

Well, lately this little lady’s had a new favorite. Check out this gem. It works on literally any hair type – short, long, curly, pin straight, anything! It’s so great for those mornings when you’re in a rush, but need something to pull your look together. We like to part slightly off-center for this. on the heavier side, grab a section at your hairline. split it into three.start it just like you would a regular french add in a piece of hair from the top, still like a regular french skip the part where you’d grab a new piece from the bottom + keep braiding instead.then take another piece from the top + add it in.continue with this pattern until you have 5-7 sections added in.once you’re just past the ear, stop adding in new hair.

How are you guys doing with ALL these BRAIDS?? Xx Kristin Related posts: Hair Inspiration Gallery: 70s-Inspired Hairstyles - iVillage. You might like this - StumbleUpon. Ideas, ladies; ideas. This season’s down ‘do is all about movement – and what could be more in-motion than this covetable blow-dry style? Similar to The Classic, it’s all about adding a fresher feel to the hair with a ton more bounce.

Created by Luke Hersheson. Make-up by Lauren Hersheson. Photo by Ben Weller. Reworking an old-school technique used to create frizz, The Rick Rack Jack is a fresh take on the retro, Seventies American vibe. Inspired by the glamour of silver screen goddesses like Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth, these perfectly polished waves are attributed to the style legacy of French hairdresser Francois Marcel. The classic “bed head” gets a rock ‘n’ roll twist with this laidback wavy style.

Give spring/summer 2010 a retro kick with The B52. The Sixties beehive is on its way back for autumn/winter 2010-11 so get some practice in with this perfectly polished up ‘do. High-octane (and more than a touch high-maintenance too), The Classic spells glamour all the way. How To Get The High (Very French-Feeling) Bun.

Lately, it seems, we’ve been inundated with red carpet high buns—Charlize Theron loves ‘em, Rachel Bilson went high and tight recently, and SJP has sported the high bun for years.

How To Get The High (Very French-Feeling) Bun

Mostly I shy away from the style because I think they look a bit too ballerina and also just too sweet on me—until now. I happened upon this high bun, above, and instantly fell in love. Maybe it’s the French feeling of the style or the casual, just-swept-up look, but how cool would it be paired with, well, anything in your closet? Adore. Plus, I love that there are how-to photo instructions—because nothing says “this is how you do it!”

One bit of advice, though: You need really long hair. Hot Right Now: The Waterfall Braid. 1308839446234844.jpg from How To Style Maiden Braids. Last month I did a makeover story with Kelsie and had many requests for a maiden braid tutorial.

How To Style Maiden Braids

Yesterday she came in and we photographed these simple step by steps. Kelsie has extremely long and thick hair, but anyone with shoulder length or longer can do these braids (see my photo below for an example). Steps 1-2: Braid two strands on each side of a center part. Steps 3-5: Wrap braids around the crown of your head and pin in place with one pin each. Step 6: Arrange braids so that they cover the front of your head like a headband. Steps 7-8: Pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail and pin it into a cute messy bun. Step 9: Add final pins and spray. You might like this.