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The High Cost Of Just Being A Woman. As if having their body parts and body functions mocked by pigs like Donald Trump isn’t bad enough, just being a woman in America also comes with a high financial cost.

The High Cost Of Just Being A Woman

And it isn’t just the 21 percent wage gap between women and men, either. It’s the deliberately higher cost of goods marketed to women. A first-of-its-kind study, From Cradle to Cane, The Cost of Being A Female Consumer, released by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, shows a consistent price discrepancy in consumer goods marketed to women as opposed to nearly identical goods marketed to men. The Agency compared nearly 800 products with clear male and female versions from more than 90 brands sold at two dozen New York City retailers, both online and in stores. Findings On average, across all five industries, DCA found that women’s products cost 7 percent more than similar products for men. Continuum of Sexual Violence. Your Child’s Virginity Is None of Your Business. Thank you for your interest in Patheos newsletters!

Your Child’s Virginity Is None of Your Business

Please enter your email address below and click the "Subscribe" button. Thank you for your subscription. You can visit your Preference Center to complete your profile and see what else we have to offer. We apologize, we were unable to complete your subscription at this time, please try again later. If this error persists please contact us at Timeline: Alleged Rapist Athletics Transfer. Explore our coverage from Sex Crimes in Sports How athletics departments should handle sexual assault investigations is the most difficult question NCAA President Mark Emmert has ever faced.

Timeline: Alleged Rapist Athletics Transfer

At a Senate Commerce Committee hearing in July 2014, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) grilled Emmert about a report that said more than 20 percent of the NCAA’s member institutions give athletics departments oversight over sexual assault cases involving student-athletes. Conservative Leader With Ties to Duggar Family Faces Abuse Allegations. I just can't with this bullshit today.

Conservative Leader With Ties to Duggar Family Faces Abuse Allegations

Caroline Heldman's Blog. Curriculum Vitae Caroline Heldman May, 2011 Politics Department (323) 259-1309 OccidentalCollege 1600 Campus Road Los Angeles,CA90041 Ph.D.

Caroline Heldman's Blog

Dissertation: Political Consumerism in American Politics Comprehensive Field Exams: American Politics, Women and Politics, Public Law. Being A Sex Object Is Empowering. Oh, Wait, No It’s Not. Here’s Why. Being A Sex Object Is Empowering. Oh, Wait, No It’s Not. Here’s Why. Dear Rebecca Adlington, they're the ugly ones.

Dear Rebecca Adlington,

Dear Rebecca Adlington, they're the ugly ones

Top 10 Queer and Feminist Books of 2013. 2013 has been truly awesome for new queer and/or feminist things to read.

Top 10 Queer and Feminist Books of 2013

Here are some of the best ones. 10. How Poetry Saved My Life, by Amber Dawn Amber Dawn combines memoir and poetry into something that is both at once as she discusses her experiences as a writer, sex worker, survivor and queer-identified person. Roe V. Wade and Some of the Best Reporting on Abortion. Four decades after Roe v.

Roe V. Wade and Some of the Best Reporting on Abortion

Wade, a range of #MuckReads, #Longreads and explainers on abortion. Anti-abortion activists protest in front of the White House, the day before the annual March for Life. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Guards May Be Responsible for Half of Prison Sexual Assaults. A Department of Justice study also shows the number of reports of sexual assaults is rising, but rarely results in prosecution.

Guards May Be Responsible for Half of Prison Sexual Assaults

A new Justice Department study [1] shows that allegations of sex abuse in the nation’s prisons and jails are increasing — with correctional officers responsible for half of it — but prosecution is still extremely rare. The report, released today by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, takes data collected by correctional administrators representing all of the nation’s federal and state prisons as well as many county jails. It shows that administrators logged more than 8,000 reports of abuse to their overseers each year between 2009 and 2011, up 11 percent from the department’s previous report [2], which covered 2007 and 2008. It’s not clear whether the increase is the result of better reporting or represents an actual rise in the number of incidents. See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard Of Beauty In Just 37 Seconds. What Sex Counts As 'Real' Sex? Penis-in-vagina sex isn’t the only kind of sex, and Emily Heist Moss gives four reasons why folks need to stop saying that it is.

What Sex Counts As 'Real' Sex?

“Did you have sex?” Women who feel entitled more likely to endorse benevolent sexism, study finds. By Eric W. DolanWednesday, October 16, 2013 10:23 EDT A high sense of entitlement — a core facet of narcissism — disposes women to internalize patriarchal beliefs, such as that women need to be protected by men or that women are naturally good caretakers (rather than naturally good CEOs.) That was the key finding of research published September 26 in the scientific journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. “This research was designed to test a central part of Ambivalent Sexism Theory that has not been previously examined — whether or not benevolent sexism is attractive to women because of its promises of benefits to individual women (under the conditions of being cared for and provided for by a man within an intimate relationship),” lead researcher Matthew D.

How To Write About Rape Prevention Without Sounding Like An Asshole. I always love it when people use the mugging analogy to justify their victim-blaming. Me: It is NEVER a victim's fault. It is ALWAYS the rapists fault. End. Guest Post 3: If these blogs could talk: characterizing power, privilege, and everyday life in the sciences. Please welcome the next guest group, the Microaggression Tumblr! The discussions sparked by the recent removal of DNLee’s blog post about her treatment by a member of the scientific community is a great teaching moment on how marginalization in the sciences, or any sector of society, operates in everyday life.

These incidents may seem specific or isolated, but it is necessary to recognize how they are always tied to larger social power dynamics. College Women's Experiences with Physically Forced, Alcohol- or Other Drug-Enabled, and Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Before and Since Entering College - Journal of American College Health - Volume 57, Issue 6. College Men: Stop Getting Drunk. College Men: Stop Getting Drunk It’s closely associated with sexual assault. And yet we’re reluctant to tell men to stop doing it. Not Taking it Anymore: One Woman Talks Back to Street Harassers. As spring sets in, New Yorkers are gladly shedding those layers of winter clothes and women are often finding themselves the object of more cat calls, whistles and roving eyes than they’d like.

A Photographer Turns Her Lens On Men Who Catcall : Code Switch. Why Just Telling Men "No" Doesn't Necessarily Work For Everybody. This Five-Minute Video Is Every Relationship You've Ever Had. College Men: Stop Getting Drunk. How To Write About Rape Prevention Without Sounding Like An Asshole. Janey_uk: The #FatShamingWeek tweets... Patricia Lockwood, "Rape Joke" David Cross and I Have a Question for You. Could the Facebook Win Be Feminism’s Tipping Point? Photo courtesy . Feminists won big on Tuesday when an online campaign forced Facebook to revisit their policies on misogynist hate speech. Fourth Wave: Part One » Sincerely, Natalie Reed. How To Be A B*tch. Is homophobia associated with homosexual ar... [J Abnorm Psychol. 1996] The Egregious, Awful and Downright Wrong Reactions to the Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict. Bitch Media. Make/shift. Teaching Tools. About Grrrl Zine Network.

3a32338v.jpg (1024×820) The Difference Between Sex Appeal and Sexual Objectification. By Lisa Wade, PhD, Feb 11, 2013, at 12:00 pm. What Women (no subject) - shannon.adams28 - Gmail. Graph of the day: why do we keep hearing about the threat of false rape accusations? Victoria's Secret model Cameron Russell gives TED talk on why girls SHOULDN'T want to be supermodels. AFP PHOTO / TIMOTHY A. Read These First. Feminism 101: Helpful Hints for Dudes. Privilege by D.A. Clarke. Best Articles 2012: The 25 Pieces That Should Be Required Reading For Women. OnLine Journal - The Politics of Representation: Genre, Gender Violence and Justice. On The Issues Café: Make your voice heard. S Magazine Fall 2012: No Dancing: The Right Aims to Take Down Sexual Liberation by Amanda Marcotte.

ACRL Women & Gender Studies Section: Core List of Journals for Women's Studies. OnLine Journal - There is No Masculinity Crisis. OnLine Journal - Presenting innovative theories in art, literature, history, music, TV and film. OnLine Journal - Presenting innovative theories in art, literature, history, music, TV and film. OnLine Journal - Presenting innovative theories in art, literature, history, music, TV and film. PCCC Fellowship Program. Isabel Allende: Tales of passion. Factors influencing attitudes to viole... [Trauma Violence Abuse. 2009. Microaggressions: More than Just Race. Rape Culture in Popular Culture - Shameless Magazine - your daily dose of fresh feminism for girls and trans youth. Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl. Artists Target Comic Sexism By Tarting Up A Male Icon. Guest Blogger Starling: Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced. Soraya Chemaly: 50 Actual Facts About Rape. Some body to love - Features.

Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sikh Woman, Get Righteously Schooled. Make Me a Sammich. Gender Equality in the Media: The New Social Movement.