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Professors occasionally get lampooned as luddites responsible for the famously slow pace of change in higher education. But in truth the majority of professors are excited about various technology-driven trends in higher education, including the growth of e-textbooks and digital library collections, the increased use of data monitoring as a way to track student performance along with their own, and the increasingly popular idea of “flipping the classroom.” However, other technology trends are more likely to make professors break into a clammy sweat. These include the proliferation of scholarship outlets operating outside the traditional model for peer review, the growth of for-profit education, and the intensity of digital communications. Digital Faculty: Professors and Technology, 2012 Digital Faculty: Professors and Technology, 2012

The 100 Best Video Sites For Educators

The 100 Best Video Sites For Educators Bringing multimedia into the classroom is a great way to engage students in learning. Supplementing lessons, opening up new interests, and offering inspiration, online videos make for an incredible teaching tool. In 2010, we covered our favorite 100 video sites for educators, and we’ve now updated our list for 2012 with more than 100 resources and more than 25 brand new entries. Read on, and you’ll be able to check out the very best sources for educational videos on the web.
Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Teaching & Technology | Home

Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Teaching & Technology | Home

a digital journal of learning, teaching, and technology All learning is necessarily hybrid. Hybrid Pedagogy | [What is Hybrid Pedagogy?] : combines the strands of critical pedagogy and digital pedagogy to arrive at the best social and civil uses for technology and new media in education. : avoids valorizing educational technology, but seeks to interrogate and investigate technological tools to determine their most progressive applications. : invites you to an ongoing discussion that is networked and participant-driven, to an open peer reviewed journal that is both academic and collective.



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by Shelly Blake-Plock This year has been one of transition for me as I shifted from working full time in the secondary classroom to working online virtually with kids and on the ground throughout the country with educators and technologists. This last November I had a long conversation with Andrew Coy, a public school teacher here in Baltimore. We talked a lot about the variety of ways that the traditional school format was having trouble keeping up with the changes going on culturally and socio-economically with regards to digital literacy and tech access. We came to a fundamental conclusion that one of the hurdles urban youth face is having the opportunity and support to actually see themselves as engaged content creators and tech-space makers and doers.
Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-08-13 Long after degrees have been conferred and careers have been launched, many folks just can’t seem to quit school. For them, life provides an overstuffed cornucopia of educational opportunities that don’t necessarily require hefty loans and navigating different professorial strategies. Those with a lust for learning who happen to also enjoy testing the limits of what the iPad offers definitely don’t have to worry about finding resources to pique their fancy. 50 Must-Download Apps For Lifelong Learners

50 Must-Download Apps For Lifelong Learners

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