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Vimeo in legal battle with Capitol Records over lip-sync videos. Internet video streaming service Vimeo have found themselves in hot water with entertainment giants Capitol Records over lip-sync videos.

Vimeo in legal battle with Capitol Records over lip-sync videos

You know those short grainy videos of people mouthing the words to a track, usually accompanied by the original track itself? Those are lip-sync videos and apparently they’re a big problem. Capitol Records have decided that these posts are a breach of copyright, and have taken legal action against Vimeo. Business publications now under local ownership. FORT COLLINS - Jeff Nuttall and Christopher Wood, founders of the Northern Colorado Business Report, have acquired NCBR and its sister business publications in Colorado and Wyoming.

Business publications now under local ownership

BizWest Media LLC, a newly formed company led by Wood and Nuttall, closed Friday on a deal that includes NCBR, based in Fort Collins; the Boulder County Business Report, based in Boulder; and the Wyoming Business Report, based in Cheyenne and Casper, as well as various industry directories, magazines, websites and events. BizWest, through its ownership of Northern Colorado Business Report Inc., also controls DataJoe LLC, a Lakewood-based company that provides research tools for business journals and trade publications internationally. Dan Feiveson will continue as a partner in DataJoe. Will Killing Google Reader Increase Global Censorship? After Google unceremoniously announced it would be killing Reader later this year, much of the outraged response focused on its use in the U.S.

Will Killing Google Reader Increase Global Censorship?

But there's a whole other aspect to the service: for thousands of users around the world, it's one of the few ways they can get around their country's censors. A "save Google Reader" petition hosted by has received 125,000 signatures so far. France, Cradle Of 'Three Strikes' Punishment, Explores Another Bad Idea: Killing Net Neutrality. Not content with giving the world the "three strikes" approach to copyright enforcement, France has recently shown signs of wanting to undermine one of the Internet's foundations: net neutrality.

France, Cradle Of 'Three Strikes' Punishment, Explores Another Bad Idea: Killing Net Neutrality

This has come about as a consequence of the French ISP Free's decision to block ads on its service. As Mike noted, this was essentially an attempt to persuade Google to pay the ISP an extra fee to carry its traffic, even though Free's customers already do that. That was resolved, at least for the moment, when France's Digital Economy minister Fleur Pellerin stepped in and persuaded Free to restore the ads.


Google Overhauls SafeSearch, Makes Explicit Content Harder to Find. December 17, 2012 Google Overhauls SafeSearch, Makes Explicit Content Harder to Find By Jennifer Cowan in Breaking News Google Those searching for porn on Google will now have to be a little more explicit — pun intended — in their queries.

Google Overhauls SafeSearch, Makes Explicit Content Harder to Find

Google’s SafeSearch setting and images search algorithm was updated late last week to keep nudity and porn out of search results unless specifically asked for. Groups. Google "Censors" Porn in Image Search. The mighty promoter of the free Internet for all, freedom of expression and the like, has made a significant change to the way it displays explicit images in its image search. reddit users, and not only them, are in disbelief, and their concerns about censorship attracted immediate media attention. While Google denies intent of censorship, users can no longer find porn easily with Google image search.

The ability to turn SafeSearch on and off on Google image search is now replaced with “filter explicit images” and “report offensive images.” Google image results for a common sex act are funny and far from porn. UN looks for an Internet "fix" 'Father of the internet': Why we must fight for its freedom. Cerf says several regimes reportedly propose an anonymity ban, making it easier to find dissidents.

'Father of the internet': Why we must fight for its freedom

Some 42 countries filter and censor content out of the 72 studied by the Open Net InitiativeAccording to an OECD study, the net already accounts of 13% of American business outputAt Google, Cerf says the company sees dangers of a government-led net crackdownA state-controlled regulatory system is unnecessary and would invariably raise costs Editor's note: Vinton Cerf is Google's chief internet evangelist. He, along with American computer scientist Bob Kahn, is often called one of the "fathers of the Internet. " Cerf is credited with helping to develop the protocols and structure of the internet and the first commercial email system.

Spineless Web Host Shutters Site Over Toothless Legal Threat Because Comments Are Too Much Trouble. What is it with hosting companies who are quick on the trigger to take down entire sites in a kneejerk response to legal threats, going way, way beyond their legal obligations?

Spineless Web Host Shutters Site Over Toothless Legal Threat Because Comments Are Too Much Trouble

We recently wrote about hosting firm ServerBeach taking down 1.5 million blogs over a single copyright claim (when to keep their DMCA safe harbors, they only needed to take down the one bit of content highlighted). Now another hosting company, PhoenixNAP, has done something even more ridiculous. In response to a takedown notice (pdf) sent by Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed's lawyers, PhoenixNAP took the entire gossip site LipstickAlley offline without any notice to the site owner. Reed was arguing that comments on the site were defamatory, though it's telling that his lawyers went straight to the hosting company, rather than the site itself. Even so, PhoenixNAP was under absolutely no legal obligation to comply. Saudi Arabia King Urges UN Resolution To Stop Insulting Prophets Eurasia Review. By Arab News Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah yesterday urged the United Nations to adopt a resolution condemning those states and groups that abuse divine religions and Prophets (peace be upon them).

Saudi Arabia King Urges UN Resolution To Stop Insulting Prophets Eurasia Review

Addressing a reception given to prominent personalities and heads of foreign Haj missions at Mina Palace, he urged Muslims to strengthen their unity. YouTube music takedown an error, says Universal - Prince Edward Island. All of In-Flight Safety's videos on YouTube have now been restored.

YouTube music takedown an error, says Universal - Prince Edward Island

(CBC) A clerical error led to the grounding of some of a Maritime band's videos on YouTube, says Universal Music Group. Halifax-based In-Flight Safety saw five of its videos blocked on YouTube because of alleged copyright infringement, replaced with a notice that said, "This video contains content from UMG. is disappearing from hootsuite. Holder In The Hot Seat, Still Can't Explain Why DOJ Censored Hip Hop Blog. Back in December, right after it came out that the Justice Department had seized and censored a hip hop blog for over a year and then gave it back, effectively admitting that there was no legal basis for the censorship, Rep.

Holder In The Hot Seat, Still Can't Explain Why DOJ Censored Hip Hop Blog

Zoe Lofgren asked Attorney General Eric Holder about what happened in the case. After making a joke that his daughters might know more about it than he did, he promised to get back to Lofgren with a more complete answer once he was more familiar with the situation. Turns out he never responded to her questions. Of course, since then the secret proceedings in the case (which Dajaz1 was not even allowed to know about, or even have their lawyer speak to the judge) have been unsealed. Those revealed that the ICE Agent in charge of the case, Andrew Reynolds, had basically sat around doing nothing for over a year, waiting for the RIAA to finally provide the evidence that Dajaz1 had broken the law.

The War for India's Internet - By Rebecca MacKinnon. "65 years since your independence," a new battle for freedom is under way in India -- according to a YouTube video uploaded by an Indian member of Anonymous, the global "hacktivist" movement. With popular websites like blocked across India by court order, the video calls for action: "Fight for your rights. Fight for India. " Over the past several weeks, the group has launched distributed denial-of-service attacks against websites belonging to Internet service providers, government departments, India's Supreme Court, and two political parties. Street protests are being planned for this coming Saturday, June 9, in as many as 18 cities to protest laws and other government actions that a growing number of Indian Internet users believe have violated their right to free expression and privacy online.

Hulu Sued By Insurance Company Over Privacy Violation Claims. It's often said that the law has trouble keeping up with new technology, but perhaps it's also the case that insurance has trouble keeping up with new law. On Wednesday, Hulu was sued by its insurer, Hartford Casualty Insurance Company, which is seeking a confirmation that it doesn't have to provide coverage on claims that Hulu is violating consumer privacy by tracking users' online activity with cookies and other identifiers on users' computers. At issue in the insurer's lawsuit is whether insurance concepts like "bodily injury" and "property damage" apply to the alleged harm that entertainment fans experience when watching their favorite TV shows and movies online.

For the past few years, Hulu and other big media companies have been fighting class action claims over so-called "zombie cookies," which re-spawn even when users clear their Internet browsers of data files. Hulu Joins ‘TV Everywhere’ Trademark Fight. 5 Mar, 2012By: Erik Gruenwedel Hulu has joined a group of media companies filing complaints against Dish Network’s attempt to trademark the term “TV Everywhere.” Hulu, which is co-owned by The Walt Disney Co., News Corp. and NBC Universal, Feb. 29 filed formal opposition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Appeal Board claiming TV Everywhere is a “merely descriptive” generic term that should not be owned by a private entity.

Charlie Rose Talks to Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. You’ve suggested that a tectonic shift is about to take place. Explain.To me, it’s very similar to the invention of television, where you had movie houses and a very robust movie industry. Initially, the television was seen as the devil incarnate by people that worked in the content industry. Now over time it turned out that that was one of the best things that ever could have happened to a content creator. I think the Internet is no different. In fact, the Internet is going to have a bigger impact on content creators than the television ever had. As users flock to iTunes, Hulu and Netflix, TV stations struggle to survive.

Providence may sell Hulu stake to Comcast, Disney, News Corp. Hulu's Owners to Buy Out One Investor. Portland high schools take byte out of laptop use at home. Is Hulu About to Turn the Screws on Consumers? Hulu may force viewers to prove they are pay TV subscribers. Apple, Zynga In Top Five Trademark Bullies, ICC Releases IP Roadmap: Intellectual Property. Grammy Watch. Twitter Caves To International Censorship Laws. Jane on WordPress Protests the Protect IP Act. What the SOPA blackout really looks like. SOPA protests: Southwest Michigan reacts to day of Internet blackouts.

Stand against SOPA/PIPA - METANORN. Show your opposition to SOPA/PIPA by participating in Internet Blackout on Wednesday  The Lies Of NBCUniversal's Rick Cotton About SOPA/PIPA. Red 5 Starts League For Gamers as Alternative to ESA, to Fight SOPA/PIPA. Namecheap Joins in SOPA/PIPA Blackout by www.