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New Udall, Bennet Welcome $62.8 Million from HUD for Flood Recovery Efforts. Humanitarian aid runs up against limits in Somalia. Abshiro Mohammed has built a makeshift roof over his head out of canvas and wooden sticks.

Humanitarian aid runs up against limits in Somalia

The thin farmer who lives in southern Somalia has to feed five children, but he doesn't know what with. And on top of the hunger comes disease. "We don't have a latrine here, so diarrhea and cholera are spreading quickly," the farmer said. "We're all doing poorly, and there are more refugees coming - we don't know where it will all end. " Hunger, suffering and death are ubiquitous realities of everyday life in Somalia. Approximately 750,000 Somalis are currently on the brink of starvation, among them up to 400,000 children, according to estimates by the United Nations. Calls for international aid. UN launches new aid appeal for famine-stricken Somalia. The United Nations will require $1.5 billion (1.14 billion euros) to keep its lifesaving projects operational in Somalia next year.

UN launches new aid appeal for famine-stricken Somalia

Humanitarian coordinator for Somalia, Mark Bowden, appealed Tuesday for increased aid to the war-ravaged country during the launch of the humanitarian assistance appeal for 2012. "The 2012 appeal is based on realistic assessments of the emergency needs of four million people still in crisis months after famine was declared in July," said Bowden. "The aid will go into food, health and education projects," he added. EMILY's List ups support for Warren - The Hill's Ballot Box. Elton John: Stopping the AIDS Epidemic in Its Tracks. World AIDS Day is a time for us to consider the state of the epidemic and the challenges we must overcome to achieve a world without AIDS.

Elton John: Stopping the AIDS Epidemic in Its Tracks

It's a time to reflect on the fact that we ALL have a role to play in ending this disease. The Blossom Bus: Help Rural Girls Get To School! Summary The Blossom Bus project employs local vehicles in rural India to transport Muslim minority girls to secondary school, clearing the single greatest obstacle to their continuing education.

The Blossom Bus: Help Rural Girls Get To School!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge? Mewat, Haryana is largely populated by the Muslim Meo tribe whose misfortunes clash sharply with more affluent surrounding areas. With a female literacy rate of only 6%, Mewat ranks among the most regressive districts in terms of girls' education in all of India. The scarcity of secondary schools combined with conservative local attitudes toward female mobility has terrible consequences for an adolescent girl in Mewat: if there is no school in her village, she is forced to drop out. How will this project solve this problem? Chancellor Linda Katehi Addresses Students of UC Davis. Immigrant of the Day: Linda Katehi (Greece) Friday, May 8, 2009.

Immigrant of the Day: Linda Katehi (Greece)

Democrats want war savings to fund new stimulus package. Democrats on the supercommittee have proposed that the savings from the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan be used to pay for a new stimulus package, according to a summary of the $2.3 trillion plan obtained by The Hill.

Democrats want war savings to fund new stimulus package

The latest offer from Democrats on the deficit panel, made Monday night to their Republican counterparts, would use some of the war savings to help pay for spending on infrastructure. The budget savings from ending the wars are estimated to total around $1 trillion over a decade, according to an estimate in July from the Congressional Budget Office. The plan includes $200 billion in defense cuts and slashes $200 billion from other discretionary spending. It raises $650 billion in new federal revenue by setting in motion an overhaul of the tax code, and generates $1 trillion in total revenue. Fresh earthquake topples buildings in eastern Turkey. A magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck in eastern Turkey late Wednesday, toppling two hotels, an apartment complex and at least 20 other buildings.

Fresh earthquake topples buildings in eastern Turkey

Rescue workers rushed to the scene in the Edremit district, some 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Van, where a magnitude 7.2 quake hit on October 23, killing 600 people. No Teachers to Teach HIgh School in Milwaukee. Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is the largest school district in Wisconsin.

No Teachers to Teach HIgh School in Milwaukee.

As of 2007, it had an enrollment of 87,360 students, and as of 2006 employed 6,100 full-time and substitute teachers in 223 schools. From 1998 to 2007, the number of students in elementary, middle and high schools has declined by 16 percent. In the last year, the number of teachers dropped four percent to 3,522. The Milwaukee Public Schools administration has removed two grades from a 6-12 school in Milwaukee because it can’t find enough certified staff to teach, especially in the math and science courses. This comes about a month into the 2011-2012 school year.

Drought Threatens Pacific Islanders' Survival. Military planes from Australia and New Zealand are rushing fresh water and desalination equipment to the island country of Tuvalu, which has declared a state of emergency after months of drought.

Drought Threatens Pacific Islanders' Survival

Water rationing has been imposed on the island’s 11,000 inhabitants, and schools and hospitals have been affected. The drought is caused by the La Nina weather pattern, but conditions are exacerbated by the effects of climate change. The tiny island nation’s groundwater has been contaminated by rising sea levels, rendering the population completely dependent on rainfall.

As global warming conditions continue to cause sea levels to rise, the entire country is expected to disappear under the waves within the next 50 years. The two desalination plants on the main island are producing barely enough to meet half of the residents’ needs. Welfare Drug Testing Is Proposed, Questioned. By Teri Walker – A bill requiring welfare recipients to pass a drug test before receiving benefits will be taken up in the next legislative session, if the bill’s sponsor has his way.

Welfare Drug Testing Is Proposed, Questioned

Sen. Frank Antenori, R-Tucson, presented Senate Bill (SB) 1380 in the 2011 legislative session, where it passed the Senate with unanimous Republican approval, but stalled in the House of Representatives. The senator will bring his bill back to the legislature for another try at the start of the next session in January 2012. SB 1380 calls for a random drug-testing program for adult recipients of government benefits under the federal supplemental nutrition assistance program, commonly referred to as food stamps, and of those receiving cash payments for rent and other living expenses.

How Non-Profits Are Using Social Media. Craigslist founder turned philanthropist Craig Newmark set out to discover which U.S. non-profits were the most effective social media users. It turns out, there doesn't appear to be a correlation between social media savvy and an organization's net worth. Tax prepares brace for new IRS fees, rules. The IRS, which plans to finalize the new fees in coming months, recently said it was open to ways to mitigate costs.

To get certified, preparers will need to register and pass a competency test. Some will need to be fingerprinted, pass a background check with the FBI and take continuing education classes. The IRS estimates the licensing fee for each tax preparer at between $250 and $275, but H&R Block expects the cost will be more than $400, including state fees and its own background-check expenses. The IRS fees are “a touchy and sensitive topic,” said Mark Steber, chief tax officer at Parsippany, N.J. Sluggish Donor Response To Pakistan Floods Disaster In The Making. By Eurasia Review. Pakistan floods: Children’s needs must remain a priority. Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

By Max Baldwin. Sindh floods: UN launches international appeal. UN offici­al says VIP moveme­nt hamper­ing relief work. UN official says VIP movement hampering relief work. PHOTO : AFP/ FILE UNITED NATIONS: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon formally called on the international community to help Pakistan respond to the humanitarian needs of around six million people in flood-hit areas.

“The secretary-general calls for solidarity of the international community in support of disaster management and risk reduction in Pakistan,” his office said in a statement on Thursday. Over 300 killed, 6 million affected by floods in Pakistan. ISLAMABAD, Sept.17 (Xinhua) -- Recent floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains in southern Pakistan have killed nearly 300 people and affected 6 million more, according to the latest figures released by the country's National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Saturday.

The floods caused damage to an area of 7.987 million acres and swept away standing crops in the whole affected areas, said NDMA. According to NDMA, floods have affected all the 23 districts of Sindh province and completely damaged a total of 539,899 houses while another 848,412 houses have suffered partial damage.