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Former Intelligence Analyst: Obama Was Wiretapped By NSA In 2004. Russ Tice Does the NSA have something on President Barack Obama?

Former Intelligence Analyst: Obama Was Wiretapped By NSA In 2004

Maybe, according to former intelligence analyst and whistler-blower Russell Tice. Bush-era whistleblower: Obama was NSA wiretap victim in 2004. Former National Security Agency analyst Russ Tice, a Bush-era whistle-blower, recently made startling claims that the federal government’s wiretap endeavors targeted high-ranking government officials, including military officials, lawmakers and diplomats.

Bush-era whistleblower: Obama was NSA wiretap victim in 2004

One of those target wound up being elected president. In appearance on “The Boiling Frogs Show” on Wednesday, Tice made the astonishing claim that the NSA had ordered wiretaps on phones connected to then-Democratic Senate hopeful Barack Obama in 2004, weeks prior to his breakout speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston. “Now, here’s the big one,” Tice said. “I haven’t given you any names. Russ Tice, Bush-Era Whistleblower, Claims NSA Ordered Wiretap Of Barack Obama In 2004. Furor Over Colorado Bill to Give Secret Service Agents Police Powers. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is expected to sign into law a bill that would give the U.S.

Furor Over Colorado Bill to Give Secret Service Agents Police Powers

Secret Service "limited" police power while operating in the state of Colorado. The bill, SB 13-013, which has already been passed by both the Colorado House and Senate, has sparked a firestorm of controversy because of fears that the proposed power could be used by Secret Service agents, acting on behalf of the Obama administration, to arrest sheriffs in Colorado who refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal gun controls.

Just such a scenario of federal overreach was expressed by Colorado state Representative Lori Saine, who was quoted on March 29 by World Net Daily exclaiming: This is insane! White House blocking release of Monsanto-linked lobbyist’s email. By End the Lie The Obama administration is now blocking a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by an environmental group, Public Employees for Environment Responsibility (PEER), which is attempting to uncover Obama’s connections to Monsanto-linked lobbyists.

White House blocking release of Monsanto-linked lobbyist’s email

Keep in mind, Monsanto’s products have been linked to some horrific effects on biological systems like the human body, not the least of which is creating necrosis and significant mutations in critical cell types. Also quite noteworthy is the fact that Monsanto was actually recently found guilty of chemical poisoning in the case of a French farmer. The group suspects the Obama White House of working with these lobbyists to defend genetically engineered (GE) crops and the attempts to get these GE crops planted in wildlife refuges across the United States.

Immigration program sidesteps democratic process and good sense. Action Alert. In defense of Obama's drones - Terrorism. To hear some people tell it, the United States hovers on the brink of tyranny.

In defense of Obama's drones - Terrorism

President Obama has seized dictatorial power to murder any American citizen he secretly deems a terrorist. Attorney General Eric Holder’s craven rationalization of the so-called “CIA assassination” of U.S. -born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in the wilds of Yemen last September struck some as the veritable death-knell of democracy. Senators look to advise Treasury on Iran sanctions. The two senators' measure forces the United States to sanction foreign banks that do significant business with Iran and its central bank.

Senators look to advise Treasury on Iran sanctions

State-owned and central banks can only be sanctioned for oil-related transactions, and the measure also includes a waiver for food, medicine and other humanitarian assistance meant for the Iranian people. President Obama signed the defense authorization act, which included the sanctions measure, on Dec. 31. But before that, administration officials had expressed some concern about Kirk and Menendez’s ideas, saying the sanctions could damage relationships within the international coalition opposing Iran.

LOBBYISTS AND MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL FASCISTS: NDAA. The NDAA legislation, which a smiling Barack Obama recently signed into law, is by far the most frightening set of laws ever passed by our corrupt plutocratic Federal government.


It allows people to be taken away “indefinitely” and forever for being a “terrorist”. Since almost anyone can be considered a “terrorist” if they are disruptive in any way, the laws allows for unlimited, unrestricted, unprotected detention and removal off all DOMESTIC threats, as loosely defined by the police state, bureaucrats, lawyers, prosecutors or even average people.


NEW CAMPAIGN: Repeal Indefinite Detention. In his last official act of 2011, President Barack Obama signed the massive bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that included shocking detainee provisions.

NEW CAMPAIGN: Repeal Indefinite Detention

We explain the reasons in the letter below. We invite you to send a letter to your Representatives and Senators demanding repeal, and you may borrow from or copy this... I demand you repeal the detainee provisions of the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act. I am appalled that any member of Congress would support provisions such as... * REQUIRED military detention of foreigners that are suspected of being terrorists * Military detention as the preferred OPTION for American terror suspects * No charges need to be filed, and no trials must be held * Prisoners to be held "until the end of hostilities"These provisions can be more accurately described as "kidnapping" — which is a crime whether it's done by individuals, gangs, or bigger gangs called States.And what does "the end of hostilities" mean?


A ray of light on that new “Detain US Citizens” NDAA law. On December 31, 2011, while still on vacation in balmy Hawaii, Obama signed into law a bill — approved by both houses in Congress — which now makes it legal for the military to detain — indefinitely — any and all U.S. citizens without charge or trial.

A ray of light on that new “Detain US Citizens” NDAA law

The bill the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA). I’ve warned you about this bill under its previous guise as Senate Bill 1867. Read here, here, and especially here. When I posted the news of Obama’s signing of NDAA, I made this observation: “On the last day of 2011, with a flick of his pen, Obama shredded our 224-year-old Constitution with its Bill of Rights that protect and preserve our individual liberties.” 'A symbol of the new year, of what was to come'

2011 was full of social upheavals against nepotistic dictators, mass demonstrations and occupations against the 1 percent, and the brutalization of thousands of innocent protesters around the world.

'A symbol of the new year, of what was to come'

In the United States, Occupy protests, with no established targets or tactics, have shifted the national discourse to issues rooted in a culture of domination and systematic elite white supremacy over the poor, working classes. 2012 began with noise demonstrations in front of jails as gestures of solidarity with the incarcerated and to object to one of the most repressive means of control in Western society – the prison-industrial complex. Protesters in about 25 cities around the world, including Bloomington, participated in the international call for New Year’s Eve jail solidarity. The Pentagon’s strategy review: A blueprint for world war. 9 January 2012 “The tide of war is receding,” President Barack Obama declared, not once, but twice on Thursday in his brief remarks at the Pentagon introducing a new defense guidance strategy that formally announces an aggressive US buildup toward military confrontation with China.

Perhaps the US president felt compelled to repeat the phrase because it is so belied by the contents of the document he unveiled.