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Facebook Twitter Pandemics and Panaceas: Why an MIT Inventor Chased The World's Most Dangerous Flu. NY's Attorney General Demands All Data On NYC AirBNB Rentals. Christopher Lane Murder: Teens Charged In Shooting Death Of Australian Baseball Player. DUNCAN, Okla. — With a motive that's both chilling and simple – to break up the boredom of an Oklahoma summer – three teenagers randomly targeted an Australian collegiate baseball player who was attending school in the U.S. and killed him for fun, prosecutors said Tuesday as they charged two of the boys with murder.

Christopher Lane Murder: Teens Charged In Shooting Death Of Australian Baseball Player

Prosecutor Jason Hicks called the boys "thugs" as he described how Christopher Lane, 22, of Melbourne, was shot once in the back and died along a tree-lined road on Duncan's well-to-do north side. He said the three teens, from the grittier part of town, chose Lane at random and that one of the boys "thinks it's all a joke. " Hicks charged Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, of Duncan, with first-degree murder. Have we literally broken the English language? It's happened.

Have we literally broken the English language?

Literally the most misused word in the language has officially changed definition. Now as well as meaning "in a literal manner or sense; exactly: 'the driver took it literally when asked to go straight over the traffic circle'", various dictionaries have added its other more recent usage. Not quite so luvvy-able… Why Sir Laurence Olivier loathed his co-stars - News - People.

Underground railroad

Germany has more solar power because everyone wins. Suddenly everyone knows about Germany’s solar power dominance because Fox Newsheads made an ass of themselves, suggesting that the country is a sunny, tropical paradise.

Germany has more solar power because everyone wins

Most media folks have figured out that there are some monster differences in policy (e.g., a feed-in tariff), but then latch on to the “Germans pay a lot extra” meme. Germans do, and are perfectly happy with it, but that’s still not the story. The real reason Germany dominates in solar (and wind) is its commitment to democratizing energy. Half of the country’s renewable power is owned by ordinary Germans, because that wonky sounding feed-in tariff (often known as a CLEAN Contract Program in America) makes it ridiculously simple and safe for people to park their money in generating solar electricity on their roof instead of making pennies in interest at the bank.

It also makes the country’s “energy change” movement politically bulletproof. The Worst President of The United States. For the past few months, I’ve been taking a history class in pursuit of my master’s degree in political economy.

The Worst President of The United States

This class covered the era from Christopher Columbus (late 1400s) through Abraham Lincoln (mid 1800s). Part of the class requirements is an oral examination, where the student is peppered with questions by the mentor for fifteen minutes. Anything is fair game, meaning that you have to know and understand four hundred years worth of dates, major events, prominent figures, and everything in-between. In addition to defending secession, describing the modern effects of slavery, talking about the Trail of Tears, defining the justice of self-imposed slavery, explaining mercantilism, the ineffectiveness of tariffs, and the imbalance of power in the pre-Civil War era, I was asked which President (Washington through Lincoln) I considered to be the worst. Lincoln... The Worst President In US History? Lately, it seems that Americans are divided on the issue as to who the worst President in history was as rightwingers say it's Obama and leftwingers say it's Bush jr.

Lincoln... The Worst President In US History?

Well it turns out both are wrong and basing what they know on recent events rather than actual facts. I went to the library Wednesday of this past week and the librarian there is a big Civil War buff. City Opera Aims to Salvage Archive Damaged by Storm. New York City Opera’s music library was “totally ruined” by flooding from Hurricane Sandy, but the company’s archival material, going back 60 years, can be salvaged, a spokeswoman said on Friday.

City Opera Aims to Salvage Archive Damaged by Storm

Water filled the basement of the Lower Manhattan building, 75 Broad St., where the company rents offices and storage space, last week. Workers had removed about half of the material — consisting of recorded matter, programs, photographs and other items — to higher floors before the storm hit, said the spokeswoman, Risa B.


Lookcraft Takes the Pain Out of Shopping for Men. The Launchpad is a series that introduces Mashable readers to compelling startups.

Lookcraft Takes the Pain Out of Shopping for Men

If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Lookcraft One-Liner Pitch: An e-commerce site that helps men decide what to wear and lets them try out fashion items for free from the comfort of their own homes. Why It's Taking Off: Lookcraft re-imagines the shopping experience to tap into the multi-billion dollar online retail market for men. There is a long held stereotype that men hate to shop for clothes, but Jamie Quint believes the real problem is just that shopping experiences are rarely if ever designed specifically with men in mind.

The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week: Oct. 12. Stan Lee Media Sues Disney For Billions In Alleged Copyright Infringement. Marvel / Disney Stan Lee Media Inc. claims Disney doesn't have true ownership to Lee's characters.

Stan Lee Media Sues Disney For Billions In Alleged Copyright Infringement

Ariana Saraha's First Studio Album! IT'S TIME!

Ariana Saraha's First Studio Album!

Books by Mirabai Starr. For Julian, the good news is not merely the reward we will receive one day when we slough off this mortal coil and go home to God.

Books by Mirabai Starr

Every moment is an opportunity to remember that we are perfectly loved and perfectly loveable, just as we are. I can’t help but wonder if I need to find alternative language to “spiritual promiscuity.” It may be sending the wrong message. I gave thanks for whatever it is in my life that has allowed me to so deeply drink from the most sacred wells of many spiritual traditions For a long time I have assumed that I would write a “grief book” – and I still may – but I see now that all the deaths in my life, and my daughter’s especially, inform everything I write. After my own private encuentro with Mother Mary, I never again felt quite so alone in my loss. You cannot forgive without grace. Declaration of Internet Freedom. National Review flays Fast and Furious 'conspiracy theory' One of the best-known media outlets for the conservative cause, National Review, is dismissing a popular theory on the right that the Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning probe was part of a deliberate attempt by the Obama administration to advance gun control by sending weapons to Mexican drug gangs.

The scenario sounds improbable, but in a column earlier this week National Review's Robert VanBruggen took House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to task for fueling such suspicions. "Some Fast and Furious critics have [been] concocting a conspiracy theory: specifically, that the Obama administration allowed the guns to go to Mexico deliberately in order to increase gun crime there, so it could cite that crime as a reason for more gun control here.

Dollar. Countries that use a currency called "dollar" Countries that use the USA dollar Countries that formerly used a currency called "dollar" History[edit] 2 dollars, first June 1827. Taos Touring 2012 : DSCN3855.

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The Fukushima Battleground Over Science. An official measures radiation levels in an elderly woman (L) at an evacuation center in Koriyama city in Fukushima prefecture, about 35 miles from the crisis-hit Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, on March 16, 2011. (Ken Shimizu/AFP/Getty Images) More than a year after the Fukushima nuclear incident, there is still much disagreement about many aspects of its actual consequences. A recent example is a report by the World Health Organization, which estimates radiation doses and cancer risks in the wake of the disaster. Its findings are being criticized by other medical professionals who use different assumptions and different science, and accuse the WHO of downplaying the gravity of the health risks for people living in the affected area.

The WHO’s May 23 report, “Preliminary dose estimation from the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami,” concludes that radiation levels are too low to significantly increase the cancer risk in most of Japan. Dr. Dr. Romney campaign spells 'America' wrong in new iPhone app. State and Federal Politicians React to Pilgrim's Reliceinsing - Plymouth, MA Patch. Massachusetts politicians are speaking out against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's decision to renew the operating license of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station for an additional 20 years. Nuclear Regulatory Commission OKs new 20-year license for Pilgrim nuke plant.

Farmers Market April 14, 2012 by Richard Lazzara : DSCN1606. How to Write About Books. House approves Export-Import bill in bipartisan vote despite fire from right - The Hill's Floor Action. The House on Wednesday passed a reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, 330-93, despite strong resistance from conservative lawmakers. Not one Democrat opposed the bill, while 93 Republicans rejected it, including members of the GOP leadership team. The legislation has the blessing of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and is expected to become law. The overwhelming approval of the House bill came in the wake of delicate negotiations between House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.).