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Next-gen electric scooter is like a two-wheeled pickup truck. Electric scooters aren't new, by any means, but an electric scooter that can carry you and your gear, cleanly and quickly, certainly could be a new and innovative way to get around the city.

Next-gen electric scooter is like a two-wheeled pickup truck

And if the latest project from Lit Motors gets fully funded (as it seems to be well on track to be), we may be seeing these two-wheeled mini-trucks scooting around town in the near future. Lit Motors has been making waves in electric transportation options with their self-balancing, enclosed motorcycle, but that might be too much vehicle (and at too high of a cost) for many people who want a smaller option for a quiet, clean, and cheap to operate, personal vehicle. The company's kubo scooter, however, might be the perfect option for hauling not just ourselves around, but also all of our gear or groceries, without having to fit it all in a backpack.

Designed and built as a side project, the idea for the kubo came about because they "couldn't find a good quality electric scooter anywhere". SIM-Drive – All EVs With In-Wheel Motors Showcased Under One Roof (w/videos) 4 months ago by Mark Kane EVs with SIM-Drive technology At the recent Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese company SIM-Drive showed off all the EVs that utilize its technology.

SIM-Drive – All EVs With In-Wheel Motors Showcased Under One Roof (w/videos)

VW And Protean Team Up For In-Wheel Electric Motors. Protean in-wheel electric motor As electric cars become more prevalent in the market place, many automakers are still exploring the best way to make use of electric drivetrains.

VW And Protean Team Up For In-Wheel Electric Motors

We've seen everything from plug-in hybrids through front-drive electric cars like Nissan's Leaf, to more advanced offerings like the four-wheel driven Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. In-wheel electric motors are another avenue and one that Volkswagen is now exploring, teaming up with specialists in the field, Protean. Protean has been developing in-wheel motors for several years now, demonstrating its wares on vehicles like the BRABUS Technology Project Hybrid and announcing a production electric in-wheel motor earlier this year. In the latest venture, says Green Car Reports, Protean and FAW-Volkswagen--a Chinese arm of VW--will develop a rear-wheel drivetrain for a new electric Bora compact sedan.

The Bora--a rebadged version of the Jetta--will develop 100 horsepower from each motor, which weigh 75 pounds each. Scion FR-S Turbo Sedan Comes Into Focus. Protean Electric, Volkswagen to Develop In-Wheel Electric Motors. FAW-VW Bora EV.

Protean Electric, Volkswagen to Develop In-Wheel Electric Motors

(Credit: FAW-Volkswagen) Protean Electric, a U.S. Protean Electric makes in-wheel motors for EV's. Is that a better option than to use a motor between two wheels (Tesla Model S)? Why not in-wheel hub engines? Car And Driver name In-wheel Motor "Most Promising Technology" Protean Electric's advanced in-wheel electric drive has been named one of the 10 Most Promising Technologies for 2013 by Car and Driver magazine.

Car And Driver name In-wheel Motor "Most Promising Technology"

Being named to this list is evidence that Protean Electric's in-wheel electric drive has a bright future in the global auto industry, according to Car and Driver, the world's largest auto enthusiast magazine. This list of Most Promising Technologies accompanies Car and Driver's 10 Best Cars celebration, which has existed for more than three decades. Protean Improves In-Wheel Electric Vehicle Motor - EVWORLD.COM. PHOTO CAPTION: Close up, cutaway view of Proteam Drive in-wheel electric drive motor.

Protean Improves In-Wheel Electric Vehicle Motor - EVWORLD.COM

First shown at SAE 2012 World Congress, the in-wheel electric drive motor, which will begin limited product in China over the next 12 months, now offers more peak torque and improved efficiency, says the company. Protean establishing factory for electric in-wheel drive system. Protean Electric snags $84 million to produce in-wheel motors in China. Protean Electric Announces $84 Million In New Funding; New Manufacturing Facility In China New capital will fuel production of Protean's groundbreaking electric drive technology TROY, Mich., July 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Protean Electric, the global leader in the development and commercialization of in-wheel electric drive systems, today announced $84 million in new funding from GSR Ventures, New Times Group, Oak Investment Partners and the city of Liyang, Jiangsu Province, China.

Protean Electric snags $84 million to produce in-wheel motors in China

This capital will be used to bring Protean's breakthrough electric drive technology to production by establishing manufacturing facilities in Liyang. The funding is led by GSR Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Beijing and Silicon Valley. They will be joined by the New Times Group, a Liyang-based industrial group. This marks Protean Electric's entry into China, the world's largest automobile market. A Different BMW: The Concept Active Tourer Plug-in Hybrid. BMW Concept Active Tourer The world has never seen a BMW like this one.

A Different BMW: The Concept Active Tourer Plug-in Hybrid

It has a three-cylinder engine mounted transversely. It's a plug-in hybrid. And it's a people mover! Roding Roadster: la versione elettrica di Siemens. Roding Roadster Electric: Siemens Creates Newest Electric Car To Watch. Electric cars have been around for ages but it’s only in recent years when the technology has been refined to become quite viable for the future.

Roding Roadster Electric: Siemens Creates Newest Electric Car To Watch

We know of popular electric cars like the Toyota Prius and electric sports cars like the Tesla Roadster and the Fisker Karma. Now, Siemens enters the fray with the Roding Roadster Electric it developed in cooperation with Roding. What the Roding Roadster Electric brings to the table is another viable electric car we can actually see possibly plying the streets in the future. The main special feature of the Roding Roadster Electric developed by Siemens is its use of the two wheel hub motors the company developed.

Chinese Cash Props Up Fledgling U.S. EV Company. Protean wants to revolutionize electric propulsion with its unique hub-mounted, or in-wheel, electric motors. Investors from China and Silicon Valley combined Wednesday to raise $84-million for a Detroit-based startup, Protean Electric Inc., which has developed technology to propel cars and trucks using motors mounted directly inside a vehicle’s wheels. Protean, which bills itself as a clean technology firm, is considered a leader in so-called hub motor electric drive systems and the new capital will be used to bring the company’s technology to production by establishing manufacturing facilities in Liyang, China, executive said.

Your News Source! “With this round of investment in place, Protean Electric is now positioned to move aggressively to production and into the market,” said Bob Purcell, chairman and chief executive officer of Protean Holdings Corp. Plug-In Kit Turns Any Car Into a Hybrid for $3,000. Students from the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) have developed a plug-in hybrid retrofit kit.

Plug-In Kit Turns Any Car Into a Hybrid for $3,000

The eco-friendly kit is said to work with almost any car to turn it into a hybrid vehicle. The best part is, the cost of the technology would cost around $3,000 if it’s commercialized. Professor Charles Perry from MTSU recently fitted the hub technology on a 1995 Honda station wagon, and helped the vehicle increase its gas mileage by 50 to 100 percent. Perry commented that, “The whole point was to demonstrate the feasibility of adding the electrical motor to the rear wheel of the car without changing the brakes, bearings, suspension — anything mechanical.” Watch the video below to see how the Plug-In Hybrid Retrofit Kit is fitted and how it works: Plug-In Hybrid Retrofit Kit Could Greatly Improve Gas Millage For Only $3000. From Earth Techling's Nino Marchetti: The bright minds of young college students and their mentors are at work again in the world of green technology. This time around the scene is Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and the item being developed is a plug-in hybrid retrofit kit said to work with almost any car.

Professor Charles Perry and a rotating group of MTSU students associated with the university’s Department of Engineering Technology have, for the last few years, been developing a wheel hub, plug-in hybrid retrofit kit. This green car technology, currently in proof of concept stage, is now being shopped around to private investors for funding to demonstrate a manufacturing version of it. Perry’s wheel hub technology, according to MTSU, was recently outfitted on a 1994 Honda station wagon and helped this research vehicle to see a gas mileage increase anywhere from 50 to 100 percent. Plug-in Hybrid Retrofit Kit (Revised) Michigan Company Develops In-Wheel Electric Motor.

(Source: Pre-production starts in early 2013 while full commercial production is set to begin in early 2014 A Michigan technology company has developed what could possibly be a new feature for electric vehicles (EVs) -- in-wheel electric motors . Protean Electric, a Michigan-based tech company, is on its way to producing compact wheels for EVs that have electric motors inside of them instead of using conventional systems, which utilize larger motors to power a transmission or axles in order to move the wheels. The in-wheel motors weigh 68 pounds and are 18 inches in diameter.

They offer 110 HP and 598 lb-ft of torque. The motors' anatomy consists of a permanent magnet at the center and the rotor on the outside for easy attachment to the wheels. Electric SLS: High-voltage performer - IOL Motoring. Wheel-selective all-wheel drive allows the car to deliver maximum torque to the wheels with the most grip. Related Stories Paris Motor Show - It could only have come from Affalterbach: the world's fastest, most brutal electric car and the most powerful AMG yet. NTN-SNR's in-wheel motor system wins global Innovation Award. A compact, in-wheel electric motor drive system came out top in the prestigious Innovation Awards contest at the recent Automechanika trade fair for the automotive after-market in Frankfurt.

The system is the work of NTN-SNR, a French company which is a member of the Japan-based NTN group that is one of the world's largest bearing makers. NTN-SNR makes components such as drive shafts and bearings with built-in sensors for conventional petrol and diesel-engined vehicles, but its main thrust for the future is in the realm of electric vehicles. The ability to control power to each wheel independently makes it relatively easy to use the in-wheel motors as an innovative vehicle stability control system too.

Mercedes SLS Electric Drive at the Paris motor show. More Paris motor show news here. Everything Electric. Mercedes. Paris Motor Show: Light, tight and tasty - Motoring. The Paris Motor Show might have been short on stop-press headliners but it had its moments. Top five Paris Motor Show concept cars. The Paris Motor Show isn't just about the cars which will be hitting your local dealerships sometime soon. This year's 2012 Mondial Automobile Paris Motor Show was home to some of the most interesting concept cars around. While some concepts showcased green technology, others were far more flamboyant in looks and were branded "design studies".

'Roadable aircraft' available for order - Electric Vehicles Research. In-Wheel Electric Drive. Cars Published on October 16th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan. BMW Previews Concept Active Tourer Before Paris Motor Show. BMW of North AmericaBMW Concept Active Tourer. Mercedes Benz E-Class gets a hybrid makeover. Mercedes Benz E-Class gets a hybrid makeover. Roaring Roadster - The Roding Roadster Electric. Nearly 382 million two-wheel electric vehicles will be sold in Asia Pacific through 2018.

According to a new report from Pike Research, annual sales of electric two-wheel vehicles will reach 65.5 million units in the Asia Pacific region by 2018, resulting in a cumulative total of almost 382 million sales from 2012 to 2018. Two-wheel electric vehicles including scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles are a popular mode of transport in China, India, and most Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, due to their fuel efficiency and ease of use in congested traffic. The growth of the overall market for these vehicles within Asia Pacific is also leading to strong expansion of the electric two-wheel vehicle industry in the region, with adoption being driven by rapid urbanization and increasing household incomes.

Toyota Supra successor could be hybrid. People are talking about a successor for the legendary Toyota Supra for quite some time now. That car has been up and down for so many times that we have lost count! And now, new rumors suggest that the car is back in the pipeline and that it could arrive in showrooms by late 2015 for less than $60,000.

AirCraft Wheel Motors

Michelin’s Active Wheel Technology shifts entire drivetrain to the driving wheel. We all are so far driving a car with clutch, gearbox, transmission shaft… and there are differential or shock absorbers and so on. How about driving a car that has none of these components where they usually are, but confined to a single ground braking unit: Tires. We all have heard of Michelin’s Active Wheel technology, but the company now claims to have reinvented the wheel to incorporate tyre, braking system, motorization and suspension. SIM-Drive launch new SIM-WIL model with 351 km EV range. New SIM-WIL electric prototype has 218 mile range, in-wheel motors [w/video] Protean Electric showcasing in-wheel drive system in BRABUS Hybrid at SAE World Congress.

BRABUS Hybrid with Protean in-wheel motors storms SAE World Congress. Protean Electric and Brabus Showcase “Technology Project Hybrid” at World Congress. Protean And Brabus Partner For Hybrid Mercedes With In-Wheel Motors. BRABUS Hybrid Sedan Powered by Protean In-Wheel Motors Debuts in Detroit - DBusiness - March / April 2012 - Detroit, MI. Video Interview: Protean Electric's Stewart talks about Brabus hybrid concept - Vehicle Electrification - SAE. Protean And Brabus Partner For Hybrid Mercedes With In-Wheel Motors : Ecofriend.

Model predictive regenerative braking control for lightweight electric vehicles with in-wheel motors. Protean Shows Hybrid Mercedes With In-Wheel Motors from Brabus. Create the Future Design Contest. New SIM-WIL electric prototype has 218 mile range, in-wheel motors [w/video] ChargedEVs. Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is £45k. Can wheels motors spark electric automobile revolution. More electric motors, better mileage in 2012 - Car Review. The Witness. ZAP releases some details on 8 kw Wheel Motor. Wheel and tyre choice cuts C02 emissions.

Active wheel motors

R W Lazzara auto design 4. Michelin active wheel. Michelin Challenge Design/CCS Event. Michelin Challenge Design/CCS Event. R W Lazzara Auto Design. Automotive Design Expert. Ford rolling out Focus Electric. Nissan PIVO 3 Concept. Mitsubishi Evo hybrid. Suzuki's EV Future: Scooters, Swifts and the Q. Doking XD: Croatia’s finest track-ready electric automobile. VW Reinvents The Delivery Van With eT! Concept. Volkswagen pure-electric van concept. Spy Photo: BMW testing an i5/i7 hybrid sedan? 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid 2.0 Race Car First Drive – Porsche Hybrid Race Car Drive – RoadandTrack. Mitsubishi weighs Evo hybrid. Nissan Pivo 3 concept car (2011) first pictures.

Honda unveils electric sports car. Cardesign Community. Tokyo Motor Show: Beyond the Leaf – Nissan Presents the PIVO3. Volkswagen’s Next Electric Van: Less Hippie, More Teamster. VW, Deutsche Post, University of Art, Braunschweig. Volkswagen unveils eT! electric delivery van research vehicle with capability to drive semi-automatically on command. Volkswagen eT! electric delivery van is out of this world. The people’s delivery vehicle? Michelin sales rise, keeps 2011 goals. 29-year Michelin veteran becomes new chairman. Michelin sports association turns 100.

Love's Joins Michelin Commercial Service Network.

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