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Meteorite. Meteorite. Jill Stein for President. 3 days left to change the presidential health care debate. Five leading advocates for Medicare for All today released a letter urging financial and other support for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. The letters writers were Dr. Andy Coates, Katie Robbins, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Mark Dunlea, and Gloria Mattera. The advocates released their support letter as candidate Stein, a physician from Massachusetts who first became nationally known as an environmental health advocate, enters the final days of a push to qualify for federal matching funds. Stein has won 29 state primaries and has been declared the "presumptive nominee" of the Green Party by virtue of having won more than half the delegates to the Green Party convention.

In the next few days she must reach fundraising goals in 7 additional states in order to qualify for federal matching funds. The text of the letter follows below: Dear friends working for health care as a human right, But Dr. So I'm urging you do two things. Dr. Sincerely, Dr. PA Green Party Rejects Roseanne. Pennsylvania Green Party members dealt actress-comedienne Roseanne Barr a major blow in her bid for the party’s presidential nomination. 4 of 7 PA delegates went to physician Jill Stein. The Pennsylvania Green Party, an independent political party that supports strong environmental and consumer protections and opposes both Democrats and Republicans, began state caucuses on April 10 with Berks County and finished on May 14 with Lancaster County.

Stein, of Massachusetts, took a narrow victory over Barr; she received four out of Pennsylvania’s seven delegates, or 51 percent of votes. “I am grateful to have the support of the Pennsylvania Greens in their state caucuses. The national Green Party is united as never before for a strong voice in the 2012 Presidential election, at a time when the public has been clamoring for a principled alternative to the establishment parties that have brought us to the breaking point,” Stein commented after hearing of the win. Stein’s next step?

Pennsylvania Minor Parties File New Lawsuit Against Petition-Checking Procedure that Threatens Petitioners with Huge Court Costs if Petition is Insufficient. On May 17, the Pennsylvania Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Parties filed a new federal lawsuit against the Pennsylvania system for checking petitions. The system, ever since 2004, has put petitioning candidates in jeopardy of paying court costs of up to $100,000 if their petitions are found to lack enough valid signatures. The case is in the eastern district, in Philadelphia. Here is the complaint. The first affidavit also starts at that link. Here is are the following pages of that affidavit, plus some other affidavits. The case, Constitution Party of Pennsylvania v Aichele, 5:12-cv-2726, was assigned to Judge Lawrence Stengel, the same U.S. Pennsylvania and Alabama are the only states in which no statewide minor party or independent candidates appeared on the ballot in any non-presidential election year, during the period 2005 to the present.

Maryland’s Highest State Court Construes Law on Petition-Checking in an Unfavorable Manner. On May 21, the highest state court in Maryland, the State Court of Appeals, interpreted Maryland election law to mean that signatures on petitions are invalid if there is no exact match in the name on the voter registration record, and the name on the petition. As a result, the Libertarian Party and the Green Party do not have enough valid signatures on their petitions for 2012, and must now get more before the August 6 deadline.

Here is the 36-page unanimous decision, which is called Maryland State Board of Elections v Libertarian Party of Maryland, 11-79. UPDATE: see this article. The Court also construed the law to mean that if a voter signs the petition the first time using a nickname or other variant of the name that doesn’t match, that voter is not then free to re-sign another sheet of the petition with the precisely correct name. Maryland requires 10,000 signatures for ballot access for new parties. NDAA detention provisions go too far. Originally published in The Hill on 05-16-12. Co-authored by Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee Few issues unite Democrats and Republicans, much less bring people together from across the entire political spectrum.

But provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), authorizing military detention without due process, did just that. This week, Congress has the opportunity to join a rare bipartisan chorus rising across the country. An amendment to the NDAA, sponsored by Representatives Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and Justin Amash (R-Mich.), has galvanized everyone from Occupiers to Tea Partiers, united by the specter of domestic military detention without trial.

In the last two months, state legislatures in Virginia and Arizona passed, with broad bipartisan support, bills forbidding state cooperation with any attempts at federally sanctioned kidnapping under the NDAA. Why the fuss? Because the NDAA’s detention provisions effectively suspend due process. Green Party New York. Jill Stein won the majority of votes and delegates at the Green Party of New York State’s convention on Saturday in Troy, NY. With 88% of the vote, Stein will receive 14 of NY State’s 16 delegates at the Green Party of the United States’ presidential convention this July in Baltimore.Roseanne Barr received 12% of the vote and will be awarded 2 delegates at the national convention. The votes were taken as part of a statewide caucus in which all Greens were invited to register their preference for presidential candidates, and the potential nominees Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, and Kent Mesplay addressed the crowd via Skype.

“New York is proud to send delegates to the national Green Party convention to represent New York’s Green voters. We believe that the nominees our delegates will be representing: Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr symbolize the best of what the party stands for: grassroots democracy, social and economic justice, and ecological wisdom. Roseanne Barr seeks Green Party presidential spot. The surreal moment at the Green Party's recent presidential debate in San Francisco came just after it ended, when candidate Roseanne Barr -- yes, that Roseanne Barr -- got campaign advice from punk pioneer and previous Green Oval Office candidate Jello Biafra.

He urged Barr to "use your humor. " Barr, as famous for her groundbreaking 1980s sitcom "Roseanne" as for the tabloids' documentation of her plastic-surgery history, has been playing it straight -- at least lately. But she is carrying a serious message for the party faithful searching for a way to grow. So in deference to the Greens' anti-death-penalty stance, the wealthy TV comedian said she would stop joking about sending billionaires "to the guillotine. " And she's played down an earlier shtick where she said she was simultaneously running to be prime minister of Israel. Or how Willie Nelson turned down her invitation to be her vice president because "he's starting his own party. " The audience cheered. Ukraine picks Shell, Chevron to develop shale gas fields. Off Your Butts democrats and green party thinkers and go Vote! Off Your Butts NOW! Fiscally Conservative Republicans have no one to vote for.

My fiscally conservative father in law kissed the repub party goodbye when he finally determined the repub party is history = gone. Neoconservatives vote blindly for anyone that calls themselves republican Democrats come out to vote but not in huge numbers until the crap hits the fan. Democrats truly need to start cleaning house and bring in MORE new democrats who will show some backbone. The Green Party need to become very very loud to keep the issues on the table instead of allowing the neoconservative party and the democratic party to decide what the issues are...... and WHO the candidates should be. All voters especially the democrats need to get off their butts,follow politics more closely and stop relying on the BS mainstream media as a source for much of anything factual. Let’s demand a new system and vote in Fair Vote America : | Instant Runoff Voting We need public financing of campaigns.

The Green Party Looks Better and Better Every Day « Thurman's Notebook. Progressives Have a Choice: Meet Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate — Peter B. Collins. Dr. Jill Stein is the leading presidential candidate for the Green Party for 2012. In this wide-ranging interview, she makes a strong impression as a smart, well-informed progressive.

Stein has an MD from Harvard Medical School, and has been active in progressive politics for many years. Read her bio here. We talk about many of […] Dr. Fluid Isolation. Fluid IsolationEach drop's splash seen from the window up on high, the edge of the wind wafts past in wave fronts of rainlike wind in the long grass, flowing alternating shades of greenlike sand collapsing to consume itself, or so it seemslike water coursing, etching patterns never to be seenlike dust devils, coalescing, dancing , darting, dispersinglike stars, van gogh like, swirling in the heavens abovelike spiral galaxies, beaming, probably teeming with lifelike water falls, turbulence cavorting in full streamlike fire, shifting , shining , reaching for the skyfrom the window, warm and protectedlike love and dreams Copyright,Modified 2011, Richard Belshaworiginal copyright 1991 Physicists might be able to predict the onset of turbulence in controlled circumstances, but they can't do it on the sun for gravity storms and solar flares, or for predicting a waterfalls every drop and squirt when exposed to air.

Merry christmas all and the best spirit of the season to you all. Euro-zone Summit: Green Party calls for sustainable economics that puts society, democracy and jobs first. « Bridgend Green Party. Arizona Public Media | Political Buzz, Friday December the 23, 2011. Occupy America voices of Green Party activists. Tonight, the peaceful occupation of Albany, NY was attacked and dismantled by the police. The encampment was broken up suddenly at 2PM after the city decided it had enough of the occupation, a full 9 hours prior to the expiration of the permit. At approximately 5:30PM, the police invaded the camp and destroyed the remaining tent, which had been saved from the eviction and become a focal point of a protest march. Multiple people, including a city councilperson, were pepper sprayed by a violent show of force by the police. Four were arrested and one was taken to the hospital to be treated for a severe reaction to the pepper spray.

After a press conference with all the major local news stations, a large portion of the Occupy members decided to march to the station where their four fellow protesters were being held in order to demand their release, which culminated in a protest at Albany’s South Station. Green Party Santa and the 99% Adams-Jefferson Greens Elect Michael Haughey as Chair | Green Party of Colorado - Official website. Australian Green Party Leader: U.S. Climate Denial Machine “Being Directed Straight into Australia” Via Murdoch’s News Corp. If President Obama needs a role model for his stance (or lack thereof) on climate change, he should look no further than the Deputy Leader of Australia’s Green Party, Christine Milne.

In a wide-ranging interview with Climate Progress at the COP 17 climate talks in Durban today, Senator Milne outlined her strategy for helping pass a comprehensive climate bill in Australia this year — even when faced with “a massive campaign against the climate science” that rivals the War on Science being waged in America (see Aussie Scientist: “The Murdoch Media Empire Has Cost Humanity Perhaps One or Two Decades in Battle Against Climate Change.”) One of the main reasons the Australian Parliament was able to pass a price on carbon, said Milne, is because proponents actually led by talking about climate change. And they didn’t back down or shift their talking points when the attacks picked up. “We fought back. It was a totally committed strategy,” Milne told Climate Progress.

Green Party Watch » Blog Archive » Roseanne Barr at the Rally in the Valley - America’s #1 Source for Green Party News & Views. Roseanne Barr was the headliner at the San Fernando Valley Green Party’s “Rally in the Valley” on Friday night. While Barr has been skyping into state Green Party meetings from Virginia to Wisconsin, Friday night was her first live campaign appearance as a Green Party candidate for President. An enthusiastic crowd welcomed the former stand-up comic who seemed comfortable and even happy to take the mike and address a crowd. A video of her full, 27 minute speech is below, but before Roseanne was a handful of area Green candidates and speakers. From the Studio City Patch: The night was kicked off by Derek Iverson, who is also a writer for the animated show “SpongeBob Square Pants.”

Roseanne’s full speech: Dr. Jill Stein: Green Party Candidate for President. Jill Stein Jill Stein, a doctor and activist from Massachusetts, is running for the Green Party nomination for President of the United States. Stein is the frontrunner for the party's nomination, running against comedian Roseanne Barr and veteran Green Party activists Kent Mesplay and Harley Mikkelson. Stein's campaign, headed up by Wisconsin native Ben Manski, is focusing on getting enough delegates in each state to win the party's nomination at the July 2012 Green Party convention in Baltimore and on securing November ballot lines in all 50 states. Jill Stein is a physician, author, environmental health advocate, and mom. She has been particularly active on the issue of toxic chemicals and their effects on children and on campaign finance reform. The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) caught up with Stein in Madison for the grand opening of her environmentally friendly, national campaign headquarters.

Jill Stein (JS): I consider myself as practicing political medicine. Green Party Watch » Blog Archive » Jill Stein Wins Green Party of New Jersey Primary - America’s #1 Source for Green Party News & Views. North Carolina Constitution Party Files Lawsuit Against May Petition Deadline. On March 27, the North Carolina Constitution Party filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against North Carolina’s May petition deadline for newly-qualifying parties.

The case is North Carolina Constitution Party v Bartlett. It is expected that the North Carolina Green Party will soon join the case. In 1988, North Carolina’s Board of Elections was so sure that the May petition deadlines for newly-qualifying parties is unconstitutional, that it waived the deadline and allowed the New Alliance Party to submit its petition in July. States in which May and June petition deadlines for newly-qualifying parties to submit their signatures have been held too early, or have been enjoined, are Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Also, in Populist Party v Herschler, a Wyoming case, the 10th circuit said that June is probably too early, but didn’t definitely decide the issue. Green Party Calls For Fracking Moratorium. Lorado Secretary of State Go Vote Colorado.

Annual State Meeting and Nominating Convention Agenda | Green Party of Colorado - Official website. Govt continues to fail students. Ohio Libertarian Polled Enough Write-in Votes in Primary to Qualify for U.S. Senate in November. German Greens Shouldn’t Exclude CDU Coalition, Tagesspiegel Says. Green Party Finds Reason for Optimism in Election Results - Sun Gazette Newspapers: News. Green Party Watch » Blog Archive » Jill Stein interviewed on Real News Network - America’s #1 Source for Green Party News & Views. Feinstein faces 22 challengers in senate race - National US Senate. New Mexico Constitution Party and New Mexico Green Party Sue over Too-Early Petition Deadline. Green Party Candidates Vie Without Vitriol. Langenberg -- Search and Get There Faster. Green Party Watch » Blog Archive » Jill Stein on Building the Green Party Movement - America’s #1 Source for Green Party News & Views. VIDEO: Green Party Pres. Candidate Jill Stein Discusses Iran And The State Of The Democratic Party.

Green Party Watch » Blog Archive » Roseanne Barr addresses Green Party 10 Key Values in YouTube video - America’s #1 Source for Green Party News & Views. Green Party Convention 2012: Media. NPR: Green Party Says No To Affordable Care Act | Green Party of CA. Tennessee Asks Sixth Circuit to Remove Green and Constitution Parties from 2012 Ballot. Green Party Presidential Candidate, Jill Stein, M.D. | A Better World.

Stein to Obama: Don’t Deny Half America Sinking Into Poverty. Vote Green Party - Make The Difference. Opposition to the Federal Health Law: Tea Party, Republicans and … the Green Party | State of Health Blog from KQED News. Roseanne Barr Green Party Presidential Candidate talks to DC Statehood Greens. Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein compete for the Green Party's nomination for President. Libertarians and Greens of Texas Refuse to Be Counted Out. New York Times Publishes Texas Tribune Story on Libertarian and Green Parties of Texas. Being Green: Presidential hopeful Jill Stein aims to rebuild a broken system. Steinbeck Center.

Advanced Biofuels to Constitute 10% Global Gasoline Production in 10 Years. President Karzai: Terrorism and Extremism Threaten People of Durand Line Region - Office of the President. Generals — theirs and ours. Piezoelectric air pump - Avnet Kopp - Dataweek. The Misunderstood Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo | Voice of the Mainland. Geordie Mark: Coal and Uranium Generate Heat. Colorado Court Upholds Permit for Uranium Mill. Green Party of the United States. Facebook Nurse-In: 60 Breastfeeding Moms Protest At Facebook Headquarters. How SOPA Affects Students, Educators, and Libraries. Bogota horse carts refuse to budge. Promoting green electronics in government. Tell the EPA to Ban Glyphosate! Welcome to the Green PolkaDot Box™ Why Isn't There a More Massive, Activist Climate Movement? 2011-11-03 Green Party calls for a nationwide moratorium on home foreclosures. Green Party of Colorado - Official website. Ron Paul: There are better anti-war choices.