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Yahoo Working On Two Deals Worth $150-$200 Million. The 10 Richest People In The World. Partner Day At Goldman. The list of new Goldman Sachs partners is out!

Partner Day At Goldman

The bank tapped 70 new "partnership managing directors. " The Highest (and Lowest) Paying College Majors. According to a new study conducted by the U.S.

The Highest (and Lowest) Paying College Majors

IMF warns Lehman Bros meltdown could happen again. Let us not delude ourselves: without growth, the future of the global economy is in jeopardy IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde issued a blunt warning to the Fund’s 188 member countries today that they were losing momentum in reforming the global financial system.

IMF warns Lehman Bros meltdown could happen again

“Let us not delude ourselves: without growth, the future of the global economy is in jeopardy,” she said. “One lesson is clear from history: reducing public debt is incredibly difficult without growth. High debt, in turn, makes it harder to get growth,” she said. She said the global financial system was not much safer than in 2008, when the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered a global meltdown. In Europe, the IMF wants to see more progress toward promised reforms that would create a tighter fiscal and banking union. In the United States, the IMF has sounded the alarm over the “fiscal cliff” of automatic spending cuts and tax increases that take effect early next year unless Congress acts. . © Thomson Reuters 2012. IMF: Greece Will Need A Third Bailout. Ben Bernanke As A Child. Thursday.

Ben Bernanke As A Child

Michael Zacka: Environmental Ethics: Bernie Madoff's Pyramid Scheme Is an Important Lesson. 2008 Richard Webb, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license Mention "unethical business practices" and no doubt Bernie Madoff comes to mind, who bilked investors of $18 billion in a pyramid scheme prosecutors called the largest fraud in U.S. history.

Michael Zacka: Environmental Ethics: Bernie Madoff's Pyramid Scheme Is an Important Lesson

But perhaps we should also consider the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis from an ethical standpoint. An independent fact-finding commission convened by the Japanese government called the 2011 meltdowns "a preventable disaster" that involved "government-industry collusion. " Chasing Bernie Madoff: Film Trailer For New Documentary Starring Harry Markopolos And The Incredibly Inept SEC. BREAKING: Bernard Madoff's Brother Peter To Plead Guilty, Forfeits $143 Billion, Will Serve 10 Years. JPMorgan Chase CEO Gets Warm Hill Welcome From Senators Flooded With Millions in Wall St. Donations. This is a rush transcript.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Gets Warm Hill Welcome From Senators Flooded With Millions in Wall St. Donations

Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday for the first time since his bank lost up to $3 billion in a risky speculative bet. Dimon apologized for the loss but failed to explain how the money was actually lost. ‘The Strauss-Kahns’: a tale of sex, secrets and politics - FRANCE. Lloyd Blankfein Courtroom Sketch. Andrew Ross Sorkin Is Out With His List Of Questions For Jamie Dimon.

Obama Empowers Jeffery Immelt as the Ultimate Crony Capitalist. Looking for an internship?

Obama Empowers Jeffery Immelt as the Ultimate Crony Capitalist

If so, Intellectual Takeout has an opportunity for you. We have plenty of work to do as well as ideas to spread, and we need your help to get it done. If you're interested in an internship with Intellectual Takeout, you likely share our passion and you're excited about the possibility of working for a great cause. That said, you might have a few questions about what "... The Association of American Educators (AAE) advances the teaching profession through personal growth, professional development, teacher advocacy and protection, as well as promoting excellence in education so that our members receive the respect, recognition and reward they deserve.

Are you concerned your child isn't getting the education necessary to compete in the global economy or even, perhaps, to carry on the lessons and learning of Western Civilization? An American influx at glamour fest. Goldman commodities crown slips as traders exit. Goldman's Passage to India. Nestled in the diplomatic enclave of the capital city here sits the Leela Palace hotel.

This week, its ninth floor has been home to the board of Goldman Sachs . This is the first time the firm’s directors have gathered in India and one of only a handful of times they have met outside of the United States. This meeting is viewed as a nod to India’s growing importance, both to Goldman and to the American economy. Goldman and other banks are increasingly looking overseas for business to offset a slowdown at home.

Also this week, leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are meeting here for their 2012 summit meeting. Goldman directors are required a key card to enter their meeting area, but hotel staff also let visitors up without one. Goldman board deal: Great for Blankfein, no one else. By Eleanor Bloxham, CEO of The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance Alliance Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein FORTUNE -- Deal making runs deep in the veins of Goldman Sachs -- and they are good at it.

Goldman board deal: Great for Blankfein, no one else

Anyone Left To Beat On Goldman Sachs? Stress-tested banks set to hike dividends. By Ronald D.

Stress-tested banks set to hike dividends

Orol, MarketWatch. Top bank investors earn millions in dividends   Top on the list of the highest dividend earners are Sunil Shah, a director at KCB (Sh134.1 million), James Mwangi, the chief executive of Equity Bank (pictured) with a payout of Sh127.6 million, the family of the Nelson Muguku of Equity Bank (Sh75.1 million) and Gideon Muriuki, the CEO Cooperative Bank (Sh20.1 million).

Top bank investors earn millions in dividends  

They have become the new oligarchs of Kenya’s equity market. . Photo/FILE The super profits announced by Kenya’s banking sector last year have earned individuals with significant shareholding in listed lenders millions of shillings in dividends. Shuttered LPS unit hit with criminal charges. Big Bank CEOs Walk Away With Big Bucks in 2011. Banks may have been the hardest hit this year in the stock market, but the CEOs who run them are doing just fine. According to data from Rochdale Securities analyst Dick Bove, the heads of major banking groups including JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Goldman Sachs (GS) and Bank of America (BAC) are out-earning their employees and shareholders even as shares of bank stocks as a group lost about 26% this year. Bove found that while the 23 financial institutions he follows saw their stock prices and market cap drop by more than 30% and 11%, respectively, bank CEO compensation averaged $7.74 million.

That means the banking heads brought in 50 to 100 times the average worker. Lloyd Blankfein: From Humble Beginnings to CEO of Goldman Sachs. Born in New York City, the man who would one day lead Goldman Sachs sold concessions at Yankee Stadium as a boy. Bankers are the victims of their own inflated pay. Children 'dumped in streets by Greek parents who can't afford them'

Youngsters abandoned as parents struggle4-year-old found clutching note: 'I can't afford her'Country also running out of medicineAspirin stocks low as austerity measures bite By Lee Moran Updated: 16:08 GMT, 16 January 2012. Jamie dimon: Latest News, Videos, Photos. Retired Banker Takes Big Loss on State Parkway Condo - Deal Estate - December 2011.

Finance, not protest is taming the banks - Business Analysis & Features - Business. Analysts predict a volatile market, moderate improvement in stocks for 2012. By Martha C. White.