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Google ordered to remove sex party images of Max Mosley and build ‘censorship machine’ A French court ordered Google to remove links to images of Max Mosley and the sex party he had with five prostitutes.

Google ordered to remove sex party images of Max Mosley and build ‘censorship machine’

Mosley is the former chief of Formula One racing. Five years ago he organized a private soiree that UK Tabloid News of the World exposed and dubbed a “sick Nazy orgy.” The party reportedly involved sado-masochism and some sort of Nazi role-play, and the press had an absolute field day. Mosley retaliated by suing News of the World, calling the expose a “gross and indefensible intrusion.” He ended up winning £60,000 ($96,534) because the judge ruled his activities did not, in fact, involve Nazi role-play. Not wanting to stop his winning streak, Mosley filed suits against Google in Germany and France over search results linking to the incriminating photos, originally published in News of the World. “This is a troubling ruling with serious consequences for free expression and we will appeal it,” said Google’s Associate General counsel Daphne Keller in a statement.

Google to Build Giant ’Censorship Machine’? A French court ruled Wednesday that Google must rid its search results of nine images of an orgy involving former Formula One chief Max Mosley.

Google to Build Giant ’Censorship Machine’?

Google’s associate general counsel, Daphne Keller, said the ruling amounted to asking the search giant to build a "censorship machine" and that the company would appeal. In 2008, the now-defunct News of the World newspaper published a story alleging that Mosley participated in a sex session with prostitutes. It also posted a video on its website that purported to show Mosley during the session. Mosley has acknowledged his involvement but said the British tabloid grossly violated his privacy. He has since taken legal action in several countries and won suits against the paper in British and French courts. The court ruled that Google must purge nine images from its search results or pay 1,000 euros ($1,300) each time one appears. 'Two-faced' Google, in no position to lecture China on freedoms, says Xinhua. Stay out of China if you want, was Xinhua's message to "two-faced" Google yesterday.

'Two-faced' Google, in no position to lecture China on freedoms, says Xinhua

Responding to comments made by the internet giant's chairman Eric Schmidt in Hong Kong earlier this week that the company was in no hurry to return to the mainland unless censorship relaxes, an editorial by the state-run news agency said Google was in no position morally to make such demands. The editorial accused the Mount View, California, company of collaborating with the US government in spying on users' data, citing recent media reports. A Google spokeswoman in Hong Kong said the company had no comment on Xinhua's commentary. The technology firm relocated its Chinese-language search services to Hong Kong from the mainland in 2010 after failed attempts to fight mainland regulations requiring it to censor search results. "China's censorship regime has gotten significantly worse since we left, so something would have to change before we come back," Schmidt told The Wall Street Journal on Sunday. Video: John Kerry Calls Bilderberg Protesters ‘Hoodlums’

DNA is 'Edited' To Filter Undesirable Traits TSA Agents Pat Down 2 & 6 Year Old Children Desperate for Ratings, MSNBC Attacks Alex Jones.

Video: John Kerry Calls Bilderberg Protesters ‘Hoodlums’

Again. John Kerry Testifies As Protesters Raise Bloody Hands Behind Him 9 4 13. The Bilderberg Conspiracy. OMFG Mate!!! Artist Taxi Driver meets Alex Jones & Max Keiser at Bilderberg 2013. Latest Bilderberg Videos. Inside Bilderberg: Clues left in the Grove Hotel reveal another piece to their financial agenda at Conspiracy Theories Forum (MessageID: 2076319)

As the dust had settled from Bilderberg’s global weekender held at The Grove Hotel in Watford, England, some members of the alternative media stayed on site continuing to dig for answers… Investigative journalists from the UK Column, American Free Press and Sovereign Independent accidentally wandered into a presentation suite at the Grove – only discover the remnants of a presentation by Thomson Reuters which Bilderberg organisers had neglected to take down after the event.

Inside Bilderberg: Clues left in the Grove Hotel reveal another piece to their financial agenda at Conspiracy Theories Forum (MessageID: 2076319)

It read “”unleashing the power of our unified platform on financial markets”. Of course this reminds us of a similar international cartel , or syndicate called LIBOR, where bankers successfully gamed global interest rates enabling them to reap easy billions at the expense of the lower classes. Money for nothing. Andrew Gavin Marshall. Global Power Project, Part 2: Identifying the Institutions of Control By: Andrew Gavin Marshall The following is Part 2 of my exclusive research series for Part 1: Exposing the Transnational Capitalist Class The Global Power Project, an investigative series produced by, aims to identify and connect the worldwide institutions and individuals who comprise today’s global power oligarchy.

Andrew Gavin Marshall

Unusual Bilderberg Documents Uncovered at Georgetown University » The Rundown Live. The Rundown Live | Milwaukee’s Alternative Free Press News June, 17 2013Posted/Photographed by:911 Disclosure Blog Documents courtesy of: Georgetown University and US Ambassador George C.

Unusual Bilderberg Documents Uncovered at Georgetown University » The Rundown Live

McGhee Washington D.C. - George Crews McGhee from Waco, Texas was born the son of a banker, he later became a Rhodes Scholar, a successful oilman, and a U.S. Ambassador, among other titles that he held. He passed away in 2005, and left his detailed personal archives to Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Amid NSA Scandal, Orwell Books Rocket Up The Sellers Lists.

Hotel Breaks Discrimination Law on Orders of Bilderberg. Action is violation of 2010 Equality Act Paul Joseph Watson Prison June 1, 2013 The Bilderberg Group ordered a hotel at which journalists from Infowars were set to stay to cover the organization’s secretive confab next week to cancel the reservations in an unprecedented attempt to block freedom of the press.

Hotel Breaks Discrimination Law on Orders of Bilderberg

BilderbergIPS - Independent Press Summary. Bilderberg Group Dominates Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Written by The Informed Aussie Published on Friday, January 4th, 2013 Globalist Report Bilderberg Group, an organisation founded in 1954 by the global elite has once again dominated the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Bilderberg Group Dominates Bloomberg Billionaires Index

So what is the Bilderberg Group? The Bilderberg Group is a secretive organisation who meets on a yearly basis to discuss political and economic issues that pertain to the Globalist Agenda. Many of the members of the Bilderberg Group are derived from both Government and Private organisations. All Bilderberg Group meetings are held in secret, with no official record of who attends, the agenda and what deals have been agreed. Dutch Bilderberg Queen abdicates in favour of her son. Breaking Bilderberg Docs June, 2012. BILDERBERG 2012 NWO Busted - Man who exposed Bilderberg reveals conspiracy secrets to EU.

Workers PAY

Obama Nominates John Kerry as Secretary of State. Sen.

Obama Nominates John Kerry as Secretary of State

John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, arrives to a hearing of the committee in Washington, December 20, 2012. (Photo: Brendan Hoffman / The New York Times) Please support Truthout’s work by making a tax-deductible donation: click here to contribute. Washington - President Barack Obama on Friday nominated Sen. John Kerry for secretary of state in his second term, calling the Vietnam veteran and onetime presidential contender the “perfect choice to guide American diplomacy.”

Kerry’s nomination was all but assured after U.N. Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat known for his gravitas and statesmanship, isn’t likely to face such opposition, and Obama told him Friday that he was “confident the Senate will confirm you quickly.” Kerry’s bigger challenge would come after confirmation, as Clinton’s replacement will inherit a department that’s just been slammed by an independent panel on the deadly Sept. 11 attacks on U.S. posts in Libya. Cynthia P.

Revolving Door .gov

Citizen United. IMF's Christine Lagarde backs more time for Greece. 12 October 2012Last updated at 12:30 ET Christine Lagarde says that leaders in the euro area need to indicate "at which pace they are going to move towards banking and fiscal union" The International Monetary Fund (IMF) head, Christine Lagarde, has backed calls for Greece to have more time to meet the targets of its bailout. She said in a BBC debate held in Tokyo that this might be better than "frontloading heavily", or making Greece pay the most upfront. But the biggest contributor to Greece's bailouts, Germany, rebuffed the idea. "We have to stick to what we announced," Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble replied.

Continue reading the main story The BBC World Debate The BBC World Debate: Rescuing The Global Economy features IMF managing director Christine Lagarde and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble. Ben Bernanke announces new round of currency debasement - Charlotte Libertarian. Neglecting the Poor: Invisible Americans Get the Silent Treatment.

It’s just astonishing to us how long this campaign has gone on with no discussion of what’s happening to poor people. Official Washington continues to see poverty with tunnel vision – “out of sight, out of mind.” And we’re not speaking just of Paul Ryan and his Draconian budget plan or Mitt Romney and their fellow Republicans. Tipping their hats to America’s impoverished while themselves seeking handouts from billionaires and corporations is a bad habit that includes President Obama, who of all people should know better. Remember: for three years in the 1980’s he was a community organizer in Roseland, one of the worst, most poverty-stricken and despair-driven neighborhoods in Chicago. He called it “the best education I ever had.”

Oddly, though, for all his rhetorical skills, Obama hasn’t made a single speech devoted to poverty since he moved into the White House. Five years ago, he was one of the few politicians who would talk about it. Bilderberg: Trilateral Commission’s June 2012 Executive Commission North American Membership List. Irish Questioning Bilderberg Participation by Irish Finance Minister.

Tea Party Favorite Ted Cruz Rakes In Campaign Cash From Pro-Gay Facebook Billionaire. Ted Cruz, Peter Thiel Tea Party-backed Senate candidate Ted Cruz points with pride to the army of small conservative donors supporting him. But his largest longtime contributor is a gay billionaire who supports same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization, campaign finance filings show. Peter Thiel, a German-born hedge fund manager and founder of the online payment system PayPal, gave Cruz $251,000 in 2009 for his aborted run for attorney general. The money represented 19 percent of the total raised for that campaign, which Cruz ended after Attorney General Greg Abbott decided to run for re-election. All Too Predictable: Bilderberg Plan to Force NATO’s Turkey Into Syrian War. (PatrickHenningsen) – Last Friday saw a Turkish combat jet downed in the Mediterranean Sea by Syrian antiaircraft batteries. Syria insists that Turkey’s F-4 Phantom was shot down inside Syrian airspace. It appears to be a Neo-Ottoman baiting exercise by NATO, and for all intents and purposes, it has worked - so far.

Regardless of the facts surrounding this event, the western media machine and political operators will seek to quickly leverage this event in their efforts to move their inevitable Syrian bombardment project forward. To date, NATO’s role for Turkey has been to remain in the shadows, hosting the Syrian National Council, coordinating arms shipments in Syria for foreign fighters, and giving refuge to al-Qaeda rebels across Turkey’s border with Syria. Building The Europe of the Future: Common Development, Not a Debtors Union. This transcript appears in the June 29, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. Common Development, Not a Debtors Union by Helga Zepp-LaRouche [PDF version of this article] Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the national chair of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo), gave this speech to the annual conference of the party in Frankfurt am Main on June 16, 2012. While giving a strategic overview of the global situation, she also presented highlights of the EIR [[special offprint titled "There Is Life After the Euro!

Jack Hunter: When You See the Bilderberg's Meet. Look the Other Way. Bilderberg Plan to Force NATO’s Turkey Into Syrian War. Last Friday saw a Turkish combat jet downed in the Mediterranean Sea by Syrian antiaircraft batteries. Syria insists that Turkey’s F-4 Phantom was shot down inside Syrian airspace. It appears to be a Neo-Ottoman baiting exercise by NATO, and for all intents and purposes, it has worked - so far. Regardless of the facts surrounding this event, the Western media machine and political operators will seek to quickly leverage this event in their efforts to move their inevitable Syrian bombardment project forward. Bilderberg 1966 – The Documents.

#BILDERBERG RESEARCHER SPEAKS #OWS #OO. Kissinger Campaigns for Romney: Did Bilderberg Select the Next Pres? : Wall Street Elites Want To Dump Obama, Go For Confrontation Under Romney. By Webster G. UK Bilderberg participants. Bilderberg Backers Busted. “all participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official capacity…” War on Sovereignty Documented back to 1966 Bilderberg Meeting Documents « A Truth Soldier. Vatic Note: This is for those who would not believe and laughed at “Conspiracy Nuts”.

Relationship with Bilderberg group - a Freedom of Information request to Secretariat General (SG) - Dear Mr Rettman, Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants. Bilderberg - New World Order Globalist. Bilderberg Lacky's: UN Embezzeler Kofi Annan and Murderer Assad. Ith target="_blank">Corruption with target="_blank">Corruption, .

This entry was posted on July 9, 2012 at 9:58 am & is filed under Middle East with tags Bashar al-Assad news, Bilderberg/UN, Corruption, Crimes Against Humanity, kofi annan, syria news. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed You can skip to the end & leave a response. Osborne v Balls: Tale of the tape.

Club Bilderberg - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Subtitulos Español. Italy in Crisis: the rise of ‘Super Mario’ technocracy. Italy remains at the forefront of a growing global power grab: a ‘technocratic revolution’ in which formal democracy is pushed aside for financial interests. The Decline of the Roman Democracy and Rise of the ‘Super Mario’ Technocracy. Bilderberg gathering: Conspiracy theorists join the world's elite - World news, News. The Master Planners Of Regime Change In Syria.

Logan Act Crimes

Politico Smears Bilderberg Opposition. The Bilderberg meeting scheduled to take place from May 31 to June 3 at the Marriot Westfield’s Washington Dulles Hotel and Conference Center (pictured, left) has scarcely attracted any attention in the mainstream media. The only notable exception has been Politico, which has taken interest in the agenda that the attendees will be tackling, most notably the choice for GOP vice presidential nominee. Bilderberg Hacking U.S. Elections. Occupy Bilderberg. The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin (Trine Day) Bilderberg 2012 : » Sources Inside Bilderberg Spill Cabal’s Secret Plans Alex Jones. Identify Bilderberg as the Real “1%” : Bilderberg Member Peter Mandelson Admits Britain Can’t Go On Without Referendum On EU Membership. » Bilderberg Invasion 2012: The Globalist Hubris Leads to Virginia! Alex Jones. Bilderberg Meeting in Virginia to Reveal Whether Financier Elite Backs Obama or Romney; Romney-Netanyahu Axis Gives GOP Upper Hand to Carry out Sinister “White Horse Prophecy”; Support Alexis Tsipras and Syriza Bloc in Greek Elections.

Bilderberg Survey: 1 Out of 33 People Have Heard of Bilderberg Group or 3.33% : EU Plans to Impose National Internet IDs. Bilderberg Demands Internet ID for all EU Citizens. Bilderberg Pushes Mandatory Internet ID for Europe. » Facebook IPO Funds NSA Data Mining Front / Bilderberg Hacks U.S. Elections Alex Jones. The US Report - The US Report - Will Jon Corzine be at Bilderberg meetup in Virginia? Bilderberg meeting: Reports of machine gun nests at site of secretive gathering. THE BILDERBERG FILES. AFP PODCAST: Jim Tucker Live at Bilderberg. Bilderbergers commit a felony? Bilderbergers breaking the Logan Act? Occupy Bilderberg Will Protest Virginia's Wealthy and Powerful Secret Society. Bilderberg Group mystery – international banking & otherworldly interests. What Bilderberg Secrets? Just Ask... Bilderberg 2012: bigger and badder and better than ever. Speaking of the Bilderberg Conference… « unicornpoo. Max Keiser on Bilderberg’s Role in the Financial Crisis. List of attendees of Bilderberg 2012. No member of any secret society should be allowed to hold any position in federal or state government or any university accepting federal or state funds. We do not know allegiance of members of secret groups and socie.

WASHINGTON POST FINALLY BREAKS ‘BILDERBERG’ SILENCE. 5 Unidentified Exclusive Bilderberg 2012 Attendee Photos : Shock!!!! The MSM covering Bilderberg! The Elite Covering themselves. lol. Bilderberg 2012: Alex Talks with Webster Tarpley. Photo: Obama’s Chief Economist Attends Bilderberg Meeting. International Left's Bilderberg Conference Met With Protest. MEDIA SERVICE » Bilderberg Meetings Final List of Participants. Bilderberg Meeting a Wrap, Who Would Trust these People? Bilderberg Conference starts today in Chantilly Virginia (update) Secret Bilderberg Meeting Ends—US Media Totally Blacks Out. Russian Dupes Behind Bilderberger Protests.

Mitt Romney Seen At Bilderberg 2012 — Obama To Be Replaced?? The Bilder Burger is no joke. Bilderberg: The Covert Globalist Government? Secretive Bilderberg Group Meets in Virginia. Bilderberg Exposed For First Time On British TV (Part 4) Breaking Bilderberg Docs. Alex Newman ~ U.S. Bilderberg Attendees Violating Federal Law, Activists Say. Bilderberg Networks Speed Carterization of Obama: Steve Rattner, Roger Altman, Bill Clinton, Daniel Klaidman, Becker and Shane of New York Times Undermine Tenant of White House.

Depopulation by Food while making Profit. Alison Redford and the Tories hit the road. 'Occupy Bilderberg aimed to call attention to super class'