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Facebook Twitter sur Twitter : "Digital Art by Shortcircuit123 >> Please RT #art #illustration... Digital Art by Shortcircuit123. Collection of various quality digital artworks by ShortCircuit123, an artist from the Netherlands.

Digital Art by Shortcircuit123

Visit Shortcircuit123 Michael Dachstein. Digital Art, Paintings & Prints. 101 #Art Hashtags for Artists to Use in Social Media. 101 #Art Hashtags for Artists to Use in. Richard Lazzara - 101 #Art Hashtags for Artists to Use in... Grab Your Coffee And Browse. Jan Baltzell: Light That Moves. Nude Paintings of Leaders Cause Stir in South Africa and Canada. Painting of Zuma Draws Attacks in South Africa.

Corporate Art News

Occupy Wall Street Artists. Home / GALERİ MANÂ. Artist Celebrity. 37,000 Year Old Art Reveals Complex Lives of Early Humans. Anthropologists working in southern France have concluded that a 1.5 metric ton block of engraved limestone constitutes the earliest evidence of wall art.

37,000 Year Old Art Reveals Complex Lives of Early Humans

Their research, reported in the most recent edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows the piece to be approximately 37,000 years old and offers rich evidence of the role art played in the daily lives of Early Aurignacian humans. The research team, comprised of more than a dozen scientists from American and European universities and research institutions, has been excavating at the site of the discovery—Abri Castanet—for the past 15 years.

Made In America

Galleria Lazzara - Houston's newest and most exciting art venue. Damion R. Lazzara. Intuos4. SMUGMUG photo. Supporting the arts is good business. Slideshow MICZEK PHOTOGRAPHYJASON E.

Supporting the arts is good business

MICZEK - MICZEK PHOTOGRAPHYCarlos Evans is an executive vice president at Wells Fargo. MICZEK PHOTOGRAPHYJASON E. Importance of Curators in the Indian Art Industry « Breathe Arts. It was only in 1994 that the term ‘curator’ was first used in India, when art critic and cultural theorist Geeta Kapur was invited to select works from the collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art.

Importance of Curators in the Indian Art Industry « Breathe Arts

This was the start of the curator being seen as a legitimate figure.


‘Road to Mecca’ at American Airlines Theater. FORGET STOCKS AND BONDS: Art Has Been Crushing Equities Over The Last Decade. Sacred Word and Image: Five World Religions exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum. PHOENIX, AZ.- Sacred Word and Image: Five World Religions, an exhibition opening on January 4, 2012 at Phoenix Art Museum, features the written word and painted image as expressed in the cultures of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity throughout the past 1500 years.

Sacred Word and Image: Five World Religions exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum

The exhibition, on view through March 25, 2012, draws from the collections of Phoenix Art Museum and several prominent private collections, and includes a variety of materials used to document mankind’s significant thoughts and beliefs, including everything from paper, palm leaf and vellum, to wood, lacquer, metal and ivory. Commented Dr. Louvre museum still world's most visited - MUSEUMS. Birger Sandzén in Colorado. Denver Post: "This highly accessible exhibition is a must-see for Sandzen admirers, impressionism fans and anyone who enjoys rich, expressive paintings of the Colorado landscape.

Birger Sandzén in Colorado

" "With 66 paintings, watercolors, drawings and original prints, this is the largest Colorado exhibition ever devoted to Birger Sandzen. Richard Lazzara (shankargallery) Sumeru aghora SHANKAR. Life is Better with Art in it.


Tribeca / Downtown - Masters & Pelavin - ART IN A BOX: BENEFIT EVENT. Masters & Pelavin and Art in a Box are pleased to announce our 2011 Benefit Holiday Exhibition & Online Sale to empower children at risk through art.

Tribeca / Downtown - Masters & Pelavin - ART IN A BOX: BENEFIT EVENT

The exhibition will be held on Monday 19 December from six to eight in the evening with a live performance by DJ Goodmusic. The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to select artworks valued between $900 and $1800 by both established and emerging artists for only $100 a piece. This year’s fundraiser offers over 200 pieces including paintings, photographs, drawings, prints and wall mountable sculpture. All proceeds benefit Art in a Box art and education programs for children at risk. Chelsea - Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects - SUPERNATUREAL. MIYAKO YOSHINAGA art prospects is pleased to present SUPERNATUREAL, a group exhibition that includes work by Osamu James Nakagawa, Ingo Günther, Terry Taylor, Yu Yamauchi and the collaborative team Robyn Voshardt & Sven Humphrey.

Chelsea - Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects - SUPERNATUREAL

In Project Room, we feature Landscape 2011; gelatin silver prints by Yojiro Imasaka. The exhibition is on view from December 15, 2011, through January 28, 2012. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm. The gallery will be closed on December 24 and 31, in addition to our regular holidays. Chelsea - Lori Bookstein Fine Art - Anne Tabachnick: Paintings. Scorpions EN - DW-WORLD.DE. The father of film graphics - Imprint. Sotheby's important Russian art evening auction brings £5.6/$8.7 million.

LONDON.- This evening, Sotheby’s Important Russian Art auction which was exceptionally well-attended brought £5,597,000/$8,657,999 (est. £5,755,000-8,415,000).

Sotheby's important Russian art evening auction brings £5.6/$8.7 million

The sale achieved sellthrough rates of 66.7% by lot and 74.6% by value, and established two new artist records for Alexander Golovin and Pavel Kovalevsky. Sotheby's New York announces the sale of the contract that founded Apple Computer Company. NEW YORK, N.Y.- On 13 December 2011 Sotheby’s New York is to offer the founding partnership agreement of the Apple Computer Company – the firm that revolutionized technology, business, personal computing and the world.

Sotheby's New York announces the sale of the contract that founded Apple Computer Company

The 1976 document, which once belonged to Ronald G. Wayne, one of Apple’s founders along with Steven P. Jobs and Stephen G. Wozniak, is the first chapter in the story of one of America’s most important companies. The contract, along with the agreement documenting Ron Wayne’s withdrawal from the company for $800, will be offered as a single lot in the Fine Books and Manuscripts sale and is estimated to fetch $100/150,000 In 1974 Steve Jobs left Reed College and was given a job at Atari by Al Alcorn, the company’s chief engineer. Wozniak had worked on several projects with Jobs by the time he tested his handwritten software for the first time in June 1975 and, in a moment that would become revolutionary, saw letters he had just typed displayed on a screen.

The complete collection of Elizabeth Taylor opens December 3 at Christie's in New York. NEW YORK, N.Y.- Over Thanksgiving weekend, a team of practiced installers convened at Christie’s flagship headquarters in Rockefeller Center to begin construction and installation of one of the most anticipated exhibitions in U.S. auction history: the complete Collection of Elizabeth Taylor. This stunning display of nearly 2,000 individual items from the personal collection of America’s last great film star and fashion icon will open to the public on Saturday, December 3 for an unprecedented ten-day exhibition that runs through December 12.

British Library puts 19th century newspapers online, plans to digitize 40 million pages. LONDON.- The newspaper coverage was troubling: London's huge international showcase was beset by planning problems, local opposition and labor woes — and the transport was a mess. It sounds like the 2012 Olympics, but this was the Great Exhibition of 1851 generating stories of late trains, unscrupulous landlords and dangerous overcrowding. Coverage of the event is found in 4 million pages of newspapers from the 18th and 19th centuries being made available online Tuesday by the British Library, in what head of newspapers Ed King calls "a digital Aladdin's Cave" for researchers. The online archive is a partnership between the library and digital publishing firm Brightsolid, which has been scanning 8,000 pages a day from the library's vast periodical archive for the past year and plans to digitize 40 million pages over the next decade.

"People were saying, 'This isn't good, I can't ride my horse in Hyde Park,'" said King. "We've got 200 years of newspapers locked away," King said. Couture Fashion Week - Fashion Week, Fashion Show Tickets. Is Art Patron Ronald Lauder What's Wrong With America?, Occupy Wall Street Plans Gallery Of Its Own, and More. Major retrospective of art of painter Takao Tanabe opens at Burnaby Art Gallery. BURNABY, B.C.- A sweeping retrospective of artworks on paper by renowned BC painter Takao Tanabe opens at the Burnaby Art Gallery on Friday, November 25th.

Featuring drawings and watercolours dating from the late 1940s to the present day, Chronicles of Form and Space: Works on Paper by Takao Tanabe explores the artist’s long career. Occupy Wall Street Supporter Makes Jay-Z "Scrooge" Sculpture. American sculptor Daniel Edwards, an Occupy Wall Street movement supporter has crafted a sculpture of rapper Jay-Z, with cartoon characters, Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons” and Richie Rich.All three characters are known for their wealth and opulence, while Mr. Burns and Scrooge McDuck are known for their greed.

The sculpture features Jay-Z shirtless with gold chains and a dollar sign. Jay-Z had previously caused controversy with the Occupy Wall Street movement when he made Occupy Wall Street shirts with no plans to contribute to the movement. Collection of 300 drawings made during Rodin's last thirty years on view at the Musée Rodin. Bonhams offers two masterpieces of American landscapes by Russian painter in $14 Million Russian sale.

LONDON.- Two rare works by the celebrated Russian artist Nikolai Roerich are amongst the highlights of the Russian sale, taking place on the 30th November at Bonhams, New Bond Street in London. First individual exhibition in Poland of works by the world famous artist Wolfgang Tillmans. Lucretius. Titus Lucretius Carus (/ˈtaɪtəs lʊˈkriʃəs/; c. 99 BC – c. 55 BC) was a Roman poet and philosopher. Art review: 'Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan' - From London — — In the second room of "Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan," a moving and unprecedented exhibition at the National Gallery, what some regard as the most beautiful portrait in the long history of European art draws a viewer in close.

Vatican to take legal action over Benetton pope-kissing ad - ITALY. Benetton ads draw criticism from White House, Vatican. An advertising campaign that depicts U.S. President Barack Obama kissing two male world leaders on the mouth drew a critical response from the White House on Thursday. Auctions > Modern & Post-War British Art - Catalogue. Auctions > Photographies - Catalogue. First ever overview of painted partying in the Golden Age at the Frans Hals Museum. HAARLEM.- This winter it is party time in the Frans Hals Museum.

Martin Lawrence Gallery marks 120th anniversary of Erté with retrospective exhibition. NEW YORK, NY. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao shows Georg Baselitz' "Mrs. Lenin and the Nightingale" After the sell-off – what happens to EMI Classics? How social guilt can change our media consumption habits — or just make us lie about them. Unpopular choice for Biennale president withdraws. Videos. Historians in Body Armor - NPS Staffers Document Ancient Towers in Afghanistan. United through a Berlin Wall artwork - Berlin's 10 Hottest Fall Art Shows. Irascibility Pays Off as Clyfford Still Leads Sotheby's to a White-Hot $316 Million Postwar Art Sale. How a Calligraphy Pen Rewrote Steve Jobs' Life. South Africa artifacts indicate a 100,000-year-old art studio - How small galleries can make a hit on the global stage.

Support your local Taos artists - The Taos News: Blogs. Sketch-leaves for Elgar's unfinished masterpiece at Bonhams. Forgotten Jewish Dada-ists Get Their Due.