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Portfolio Richard Lazzara (Shankar Gallery) 118 consciousness reaping. 119 only to appear again. DSC_0015. DSC_0016. DSC_0018. DSC_0019. DSC_0020. DSC_0021. DSC_0022. Investing In Art or Gold: The Best Options During Economic Instability « Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog. Ever heard the saying ”A butterfly flapping its wings in Africa can cause a hurricane in America”?

Investing In Art or Gold: The Best Options During Economic Instability « Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog

This saying implies that a small event can trigger a bigger reaction. Today’s global economic crisis (GEC) which has hit hardest most developed countries, and whose economic experts are trying hard to rectify it, are results of the sub-prime financial debacle and the near collapse of the United States of America automotive industry. The governments of most affected countries managed to quickly and decisively avert an immediate global economic meltdown, by using stop-gap measures of huge financial bail-outs to avert an economic slow-down. But this was at the cost of the real effects of the GEC being felt in the near future. In essence, these governments took over the financial responsibilities of temporary funding economic growth.

These symptoms are just the beginning of what is still come, and that is inflation. Michael Kanyuchi DSCN2407. Мои твиты. @shankargallery. Tips for Searching Twitalyzer To get the most from Twitalyzer's search functionality consider the following: You can prefix your search with "@" to indicate a Twitter user You can prefix your search with "#" to indicate a Twitter hashtag Additionally, if you want to dig more deeply into our data, please use our Explore Report .


Subscribe to Twitalyzer and Track Multiple Accounts Subscribe to Twitalyzer today and you can track thousands of individual Twitter accounts! Automatic account processing on a daily (or hourly) basis Two dozen reports to help you understand your use of Twitter Full data export for all reports and many other ways to share And much, much more! Boulder Magazine Events Online - Daily Events Calendar - Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery 40th Birthday Ribbon Cutting and Exhibit Opening. Richard Lazzara. NEW IDEAS ABOUT ART by richard lazzara.

Museums’ Brave New Turf - After Hours. Artists sue Christie's and Sotheby's for 'resale royalties' What do New York painter Chuck Close, L.A. artist Laddie John Dill and the estate of L.A. sculptor Robert Graham have in common?

Artists sue Christie's and Sotheby's for 'resale royalties'

They are lead plaintiffs in a pair of class-action lawsuits filed Tuesday against the New York operations of Sotheby's and Christie's, alleging that the auction houses violated the California Resale Royalty Act. The 1977 California statute, a rare attempt in the U.S. to provide visual artists with a financial cut of appreciating artworks they made but no longer own, grants artists 5% of the proceeds from the resale of their artwork under certain conditions.

One is that the seller lives in California or the sale occurs in California. The law applies only to "fine art" -- defined as "an original painting, sculpture, or drawing, or an original work of art in glass. " Editioned photographs and prints are not included. Eric M. Artists vs. Auction Houses: Litigating the California Resale Royalty Law - CultureGrrl. First page of California Arts Council’s pamphlet on the Resale Royalty Act Let me say this for the record (and then prepare to dodge the brickbats): I’m in favor of resale royalties for artists.

Artists vs. Auction Houses: Litigating the California Resale Royalty Law - CultureGrrl

The fact that California’s Resale Royalty Act is “little known” (as the Wall Street Journal‘s Kelly Crow describes it in her article today) is no excuse for ignoring it. This law is anomalous in the U.S., but not in Europe. It is surely well known to Sotheby’s and Christie’s legal counsel. The two auction houses have just been sued in U.S. The full text of their class-action complaint against Sotheby’s is here. So what does the 1976 California law actually say? Shankargallery on HuffingtonPost. Carolina May 2011 by Richard Lazzara.

Red Leaf Day. Red Leaf Day. Painting - Praemium Imperiale. Is ArtPrize 'corrupting'? Philadelphia columnist argues against art competitions. GRAND RAPIDS -- ArtPrize is "modestly named but extravagantly funded," according to Edward Sozanski, a contributing art critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Is ArtPrize 'corrupting'? Philadelphia columnist argues against art competitions

Writing in Sunday's Inquirer, he voices general disapproval with art competitions in general, using words such as "corrupting" and "odious. " "This sudden efflorescence of art competitions might strike some artists as ironic because fine art has never been held in particularly high regard in this country. These prizes don't change that; on the surface, they seem to be more about marketing, commercialism, and, in Grand Rapids, entertainment and civic boosterism," he writes. "The Michigan ArtPrize is different from most other competitions in that the winner -- this year a Brooklyn realist painter, Ran Ortner -- is chosen by public vote. The sponsor, Amway heir Rick DeVos, might have borrowed the concept from sports all-star balloting or reality television. " How Can I Set Up a Home Recording Studio on the Cheap?

Also, keep in mind that not everyone needs an audio interface. if you are only recording one track at a time or are recording more than one track but are fine with mixing it as you record you can use a much cheaper and oodles simpler analog mixing board/mixer. i struggled for over a year with a USB audio interface box i bought for home recording and it was ALWAYS a hassle - either really high latency, dropped sections, or it would take 15-20 minutes of fiddling with system prefs and settings in software to get it to work right. i finally went to my local music store and picked up a behringer analog mixer for $49 which has 8-Inputs (2 mic, 2 stereo, 1 stereo tape/CD), builtin EQ, effects send/receive, and the mic jacks have phantom power and the line inputs work great for electric instruments, a headphone out and I use an RCA-to-mini-1/8th-stereo plug to connect directly into the mic jack on my mac mini.

How Can I Set Up a Home Recording Studio on the Cheap?

It's simple, always works, and has real knobs and buttons.


@shankargallery. Blue Crab Festival,SC. Richard Lazzara (shankargallery) Richard Lazzara. Richard Lazzara. DURAND LINE. The SmugMug Blog. An intractable problem solved by a bold stroke.