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Prevent-your-heart (GIF Image) Keeping-your-heart-healthy-with-shanikrupa-heart-care (GIF Image) TAKE SECOND OPINION FOR HEART DISEASE. Tips For Preventing Heart Disease. Complete non 0-perative_solution_for_heart_disease. Heart attack prevention in Maharashtra. Prevention and treatment of heart disease. If you are suffering from chest pain(angina) don’t get afraid of any surgery.

Now the new inventions and researches has been done and the science is more advanced now a days. The modern sanjivani for heart patients is the non-invasive therapy for heart disease. Arterial clearance therapy & EECP therapy are the best non-surgical procedure which AVOID BYPASS SURGERY IN INDIA, with these treatments you HEART ATTACK PREVENTION IN MAHARASHTRA should be done. One of our patient experience ANGINA, BREATHLESSNESS & SWEATING 6 months back, his family members went him to multi-speciality hospital there they do all the emergency medicines and all investigation is done; after all reports came the doctors conclude that he has a critical heart blockages and his heart is too weak, so immediate BYPASS surgery is needed. Otherwise he could not survive; but one of his son came to know about the SHANIKRUPA HEARTCARE CENTRE and they brought the patient to our clinic for second opinion.

Heart disease prevention in pune with shanikrupa. Shanikrupa heartcare: Celebrating the Elegance of WOMANHOOD! She do her each and every responsibilities genuinely; now its our turn to do something for her which makes her healthy and more strong to stand behind your every success.

shanikrupa heartcare: Celebrating the Elegance of WOMANHOOD!

Let’s celebrate WOMEN’S DAY by Protect Her HEART before ATTACK… On 8th MARCH every year International Women’s Day is celebrated every year, recognizing and appreciating woman’s economic, political and social achievements over the decades. Women’s day was first observed in United States in 1909 and United Nations officially Declared international women’s day celebration on 8th march in 1977. Shanikrupaheartcare. Arterial Clearance Therapy in India.

Recently one person was admitted to a nursing home at Pune, due to sever CHEST PAIN.

He had an earlier heart attack in 2015 and was under treatment. Doctor suggest angiography & then adviced CABG. That evening, he was brought home as doctor suggested his heart is weak, due to pumping loss bypass could be done only after 10-15 days. Meanwhile a new treatment known as “ENHANCED EXTERNAL COUNTER PULSATION” EECP TREATMENT IN PUNE has been introduced into the Indian Medical scenario which is approved by US FDA and successfully opened in many country. Shanikrupa heartcare: PREVENT YOUR HEART. Heart Blockage Treatment Without Surgery. Modern sanjeevani for heart patients – Shanikrupa Heart Care – Medium. When it comes to heart disease treatment without surgery the SHANIKRUPA HEARTCARE’s team is here to give you a proper knowledge & treatment for the heart disease.

Modern sanjeevani for heart patients – Shanikrupa Heart Care – Medium

In our centre you get EECP THERAPY IN PUNE, ARTERIAL CLEARANCE THERAPY IN PUNE & CHELATION THERAPY IN PUNE under one roof only and don’t need any hospital admissions also. EECP THERAPY :EECP is Enhanced External Counter Pulsation & it is completely non-invasive mechanical procedure which reduces the symptoms of angina by increasing blood flow to the heart and other parts of the body also. It is an FDA approved alternative treatment to bypass surgery. The treatment is usually given for an hour each day. Recent medical research has demon started that many illness are caused by an excessive flux of oxidising free radicals in the body ; the free radicals in the molecules is in very active chemical state which causes damage to cells of the heart.

Chelation therapy for heart disease in pune is effective in removing these free radicals from the body &strenghthening the immune system. Chelation therapy removes the causes & illness from the body. Its beneficial are felt over period of times as the repeated infusion of chelation therapy removes the damaging heavy metals and restore the efficacy of immune system allowing the body to return to healthy state.

Arterial clearance therapy. Eecp therapy in pune. For the proper blood circulations to every part of the body, the blood supply to the heart muscle is necessary.

To provide 5 liters blood to the body for 1-minute heart itself want 800ml blood. The heart is supplied by three major arteries & other small arteries & capillaries.These major arteries if blocked & fails to the proper blood supply to the heart, chest pain is started & this kind of chest pain called as angina. The angina pain start at midsternal point jaw, neck & left hand (left side of the chest) Are you suffer from the angina pain?

Don’t worry about the anginal pain… Shanikrupa Heart Care center prevent your heart from a heart attack or reverse your heart blockage & heart disease by arterial clearance therapy in Pune. Arterial clearance therapy means to clear the arteries because of the age, Diabetes, blood pressure or any psychological stress the patient causes the heart diseases. Get best Arterial Clearance The… Heart Disease Prevention in Pune. How many of you know the chelation therapy?

These are fact that many of you not even heard about this phrase till now & so many of the people are completely aware about the miraculous and wonderful service chelation therapy in india. Heart Disease Prevention and Treatment. Now days heart attack is very common among the INDIAN peoples & if you want to secure your heart from dangerous & killing virus that is heart attack then you have to become very conscious about your health, diet habbits & lifestyle.

We are happy to inform you that we not only cure the heart disease but also prevent heart disease in india. If you want to check that I’m fit It or not? Then you have to do some blood test, ECG , 2D ECHO & angiography but angiography is very costly & surgical procedure. We have non surgical cardiac diagnosis is 3DCCG ( 3 DIMENTIONAL CARDIOVASCULAR CARTOGRAPHY) which cost 2000/- only & takes 20 min to complete. Live healthy life with chelation therapy! - ShanikrupaHeartcare - Quora. Q: What is chelation therapy?

Live healthy life with chelation therapy! - ShanikrupaHeartcare - Quora

Ans: Chelation means to grab or to bind. Chelation therapy is the chemical process in which we inject into the bloodstream to remove the heavy metals and/or minerals from the body which causes the blockage of the artery. U HAVE DIABETES? CHECK UP FOR HEART DISEASE..: U HAVE DIABETES? CHECK UP FOR HEART DISEASE.. If you have diabetes you are 2-3 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than people without diabetes.


But now don’t worry about the diabetes & heart disease, Shanikrupa Heartcare Centre is here to control yours blood sugar level & heart disease also. Chelation therapy, diet, lifestyle management & exercise help you to control diabetes & its risk. First let you know the details about DIABETES. Diabetes is a group of metabolic disease in which person has high blood glucose level (BSL); either because insulin production is inadequate or because the body cells do not respond properly to insulin or both. In 2013 it was estimated that over 382 million people throughout the world had diabetes. Type 1 diabetes: It occurs when your body’s pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin. Type 2 diabetes: it occurs when the pancreas either doesn’t produce enough insulin or your body’s cells ignore the insulin. Visit your doctor as soon as possible if you experience the below symptoms of diabetes:

Arterial clearance therapy in India. If you asked you anyone about the heart disease treatment then many of them will quickly reply angiography / bypass; but are they non-invasive? Safe? EECP Treatment in Pune. Treatments There are a large, increasing number of patients who have persistent anginal symptoms, who have exhausted the standard treatments for revascularization and remain severely restricted. Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) may stimulate the openings or formation of collaterals (small branches of blood vessels) to create a natural bypass around narrowed or blocked arteries. Chelation Therapy Pune, India. ShaniKrupa Heartcare Centre. Treatments Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT), which is a non-surgical treatment to prevent and reverse heart diseases and many other vascular diseases. Arterial Clearance Therapy generally includes Chelation Therapy(CT), Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Management & avoidance of tobacco and other health-damaging habits.

We also offers EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) which is effective non-invasive treatment options for coronary artery disease, including coronary arterial / artery blockage, artery calcification, atherosclerosis, etc. ACT (Arterial Clearance Therapy) has been proven to increase blood flow throughout the body. ACT not only works towards clearing the main arteries, but also improves blood-flow to smaller capillarie(collateral circulation) It reverses atherosclerosis and can prevent heart attacks in many patients. ACT is about 90% successful i.e. 90 out of 100 patients treated with ACT improve. Decrease the chest pain, Breathlessness / Discover angina. Chelation Therapy in Pune, India. Chelation Therapy in Pune, India. ShaniKrupa Heartcare Centre. Chelation therapy in pune,india. ShaniKrupa Heartcare Centre.