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Solid Wood Flooring. Solid Wood Flooring. All you need to know about refinishing your solid oak flooring. 18mm x 4mm x 150mm Brushed Fumed White washed Engineered Oak Wood Flooring - Wood Flooring and Oak Flooring Specialists & Suppliers. Solid Hand Scraped Oak Flooring Archives - Wood Flooring and Oak Flooring Specialists & Suppliers. How to protect hardwood floors from water? 5 Benefits of Engineered Oak Flooring for Your Home! - NexusFlooring. What to Do with Furniture When Getting New Floors? 4 Ways to Protect Your Floors Over the Holidays. Best Wooden Flooring - Choose the Right Wooden Floor for Your Dream House. How to choose an interior design style? 20 x 5 x 190 Engineered Brushed Walnut Oak - Nexus Flooring. How to choose & include a color scheme in your home? Choosing the right color schemes for your interiors can be a rather tricky task.

How to choose & include a color scheme in your home?

They can not only make or break your living spaces but can also make the rooms look bigger or smaller. Gone are the days when all the rooms were meant to look similar or even painted in the same color shades. These days, people are inventing different color palettes, to make their homes look colorful and vibrant. Now the pertinent question is, how do you choose the perfect color scheme for your home? These might be some of the oldest tricks in the book, but they are nevertheless worth your every penny. Patterns can help you decide.

How to make an old house look new? 21 August 2019 0 67 Old homes have their own charm, but giving an old home a new feel is the biggest challenge people face at times.

How to make an old house look new?

When you are on a budget, and there is a lot to achieve, it’s time to work your own magic to make an old house look new. Here are some tips which can help you make an old home look new. Replace the flooring with a flooring option of your choice: Changing your floors can be one of the biggest feel-good factors for an old home. 4 Ways to Protect Your Floors Over the Holidays. 25 June 2019 0 87 The holiday season is the time to make merry and spread a wave of cheerfulness.

4 Ways to Protect Your Floors Over the Holidays

However, given the high levels of activity during this season, the snow and the wet weather can make your solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring take a beating. In order to keep the festivities alive, as well as keep your floors intact, it is very important to ensure that everything is taken care of beforehand. Here are the top 4 ways to protect your hardwood floors over the holidays.

Keep the festivities alive with festive rugs and doormats: If you become a nagging grinch over the festive season, you might end up spoiling everyone’s mood. Can wood flooring keep a house cooler during summer? Summers can be a little too hot, sapping your house of the energy and causing it to heat up immensely.

Can wood flooring keep a house cooler during summer?

The flooring of your house plays an important role in keeping it cool during summers and warm during winters. But the fact worth considering is, which type of wood can come to your rescue when the summers are at their peak, and everything is beginning to heat up beyond control? Wooden flooring is not adept at keeping your homes cool during the summer season. Simply put, solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring will not really aid your energy bills. However, wood is a good heat retainer, it will be an excellent choice for flooring in the winter seasons. Can Hardwood Flooring Make My Space Look Larger. Why One Should Opt For Engineered Oak Flooring? 08 April 2019 0 67 Engineered Oak flooring is the best option for anyone who is seeking for beautiful as well as the easy maintenance oak flooring.

Why One Should Opt For Engineered Oak Flooring?

The wooden flooring is manufactured from timber and wood is the most preferable flooring due to its ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage, environmental profile and restorability. As oak tree takes decades and decades to grow, it is the hardest and the most popular flooring options you can choose. Not just it’s the strongest, oak looks great because it comes in a huge variety of shades. Hardwood installations on your mind? Call in the experts instead of going the DIY route. Choosing Wood Flooring In Your Nursery / Child's Room - Mummy's Diary.

When we found out we were expecting our first child one of the first things that sprung to my mind was the excitement of decorating the nursery.

Choosing Wood Flooring In Your Nursery / Child's Room - Mummy's Diary

Choosing wooden floor in a nursery never really occurred to me. The house we moved into already had carpet and it was still in a very good condition so we didn’t see any need to replace it. We did however replace the living room carpet immediately as it was blue! We opted for a lovely cream colour carpet and 5 years on from having it installed, it is no longer there. Best kitchen floor options. Will My Dog Ruin My Hardwood Floor? 25 October 2018 0 66 Pets and hardwood flooring don’t go together; this statement might be true in some cases, especially when there are pet accidents happening at home on a regular basis.

Will My Dog Ruin My Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood flooring is resistant to pet urine, scratch marks and other accidents, but only to a certain limit. If exposed for a long time, pet urine might just be the end of your hardwood flooring. With pets, there are a lot of things to be kept in mind, especially if you have hardwood flooring. The million dollar question is, can pets and hardwood flooring coexist, considering various issues like scratches, urine etc.? When you own a furry friend, chances are your floors will get scratched; there will be urine accidents, and your dog might be responsible for these accidents. Oak flooring in a restaurant. 08 October 2018 0 66 Oak flooring has rapidly become a preferred choice for restaurant owners.

Oak flooring in a restaurant

Oak flooring has been known to cater to all types of ambiance, irrespective of the type of cuisine, and food type being served in the restaurant. As is the case with any type of flooring, at the time of selecting the flooring, it’s important to keep in mind the durability, finishing and the method of cleaning the wooden flooring. How to keep the hardwood floor looking great? – Irsan Mehar. Installing hardwood flooring is one job done right; however, keeping it in the best possible condition is the second most important thing to consider as a part of the installation process.

How to keep the hardwood floor looking great? – Irsan Mehar

While maintenance of your hardwood flooring ( might not need to be as detailed and cumbersome as compared to a carpeted flooring, but it can’t be overlooked either. In order to keep the flooring clean, and as good as new, follow the following points and see the way your hardwood flooring will remain looking gorgeous throughout: Prevention is better than cure: The best way to keep your flooring looking fresh, clean and debris free is to keep vacuuming it on regular intervals. You can even use a wet cloth to wipe away the day to day debris and dirt which might collect. These were some of the points which can be followed to keep your home’s hardwood flooring looking the best at all times. How to keep the hardwood floor looking great? – Irsan Mehar. Will The Color of Oak Flooring Change Over Time? – Irsan Mehar.

Installing hardwood flooring comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Will The Color of Oak Flooring Change Over Time? – Irsan Mehar

While the pros are a lot, one can’t negate the cons completely. Every type of hardwood flooring will change color over a period of time. Most types of hardwood flooring change color, especially when they have been in contact with direct sunlight. Ideally, the most noticeable changes in oak flooring happen in the first few months post installation of the Oak flooring. Oak flooring changes color, but the change is rather subtle and not that prominent. So we have established the fact that Oak flooring will change color over a period of time.

Oak flooring in a commercial environment —Nexusflooring. Flooring for a commercial space has to be chosen with utmost care and precision. Since commercial places have a high foot fall, the right type of flooring needs to be chosen. Oak is a preferred choice for many commercial space owners, simply because it is a durable option, and looks great as a flooring option. Since footfall is a major concern in a commercial space, oak flooring becomes the perfect choice in such a setting. It can withstand increased foot traffic, and can also withstand regular wear and tear. Considering its hard wearing nature, it has become a natural choice for people who want to look for flooring options within offices, schools and other commercial spaces. 10 things to never do to your hardwood flooring — Nexusflooring. Hardwood floorings can make or break a house’s interiors. Simply put, if they are maintained properly, they can take your home interiors to an all new level; if not, then you are in for some rude surprises.

Hardwood floorings are classy and sophisticated; however, it is important to take adequate care of them, so that they exude charm and look spiffy always. When one talks about maintenance, it is rather quite important to be on top of everything. Nevertheless, what are the things one should never do to a hard wood floor? Still scratching your head, wondering what shouldn’t be in the to-do list?

1. 2. How to protect hardwood flooring during a move? - Nexus Flooring. The biggest nightmare is to move your furniture from one house to another. During the move, it’s quite taxing to ensure everything happens smoothly without any scratches. Imagine a situation wherein you are trying to heave your dressing table, and your room’s hardwood flooring gets tainted by a giant gouge.

Sounds like a true example of a nightmare, right? When one ends up spending a lot of time, money and effort in their hardwood floorings, everyone needs to be very precise while moving furniture through and through. Hardwood Flooring Adds Value to Your Home – Irsan Mehar. Your home is your haven; considering the amount of investment that goes into making the house a home is enormous. Fort his very reason, it is important to use nothing but the best for your home. Hardwood Flooring for the Health of Your Family - Nexus Flooring. 18 July 2018 0 43 Your health and well-being are of primary importance, as a homeowner, when it actually comes to home renovations and redesigning. You would always want to keep your home from harmful products like asbestos and other carcinogenic materials. How to Maintain Laminated Flooring - Nexus Flooring. 16 June 2018 0 14 Even the best of laminated floorings may turn fragile due to the lack of proper maintenance and care. Thankfully, the task of maintaining laminated flooring is quite easy and these tips will assist you in the maintenance of these floors.

Clean the stains Immediately clean the stubborn stains of nail polish, mud and grease or any other liquid that gets spilled on the floor. Introducing Oiled Solid Oak Flooring - Designer Solid Wood Flooring. 08 May 2018 0 15. Why Spring is the Best Time to Replace Your Flooring - Nexus Flooring. 02 May 2018 0 8 Spring is just around the corner and the season is just ripe for changes.

What is Engineered Wooden Flooring: Its Importance and Detailed Analysis. 26 March 2018 0 60. Engineered Oak Flooring - Flat 60% OFF on Engineered Wood Flooring. Cheapest & #1 Engineered Oak Flooring in the UK on Sale at 60% Off this 2018. Solid Oak Flooring - Flat 60% off on Solid Wood Flooring in UK. Engineered Oak Flooring - Flat 60% OFF on Engineered Wood Flooring.