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Applications Archives - The FanMan Show. Google has offered a new message app which has a built-in Google Assistant and some unique built-in features for the ease of Google subscribers. This app is named as Google Allo. The Google Allo works like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype. It has many newer features which are incredible to use. Here we are describing the use of Google Allo and all its features with details. Installation of Google Allo App: This app is available for iOS and Android devices but not available for Windows and tablets. Most of the features of Google Allo app are same as the features of WhatsApp but it uses a phone number to be installed.

iOS users can download this app from App Store and Android users can download it from Play Store. After your allowance, the app starts to verify your phone number. At the time of launching this app will show you three messages: Send a messageStart a group chatMeet your Google Assistant Sending Messages using Google Allo: Group Chat using Google Allo App: What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization - The FanMan Show. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of following the guidelines of the search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo) for improving the visibility of a specific website or a web page in the organic (earned, natural, unpaid,) SERP (Search Engine Result Page) through qualitative and quantitative traffic.

The more visibility of the website in search engines brings the more users to that particular website and that user can also be converted into customers. More than 94% people come towards a website through search engines top ten results. Video Explained by Matt cutts 10. Telecommunication Companies in Pakistan, their Calls SMS and Internet Packages Comparison - The FanMan Show. Calls, SMS and Internet Packages Comparison of Mobilink, Warid Ufone, Telenor, ZongTheFanManShow.Com is providing you the best materials about all the telecom sector related things. This comparison will make you able to know about the growth of individual service provider. National Assembly of Pakistan approved “The Ordinance of Telecommunication” in 1994 which became the basic cause of the creation of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

It does not mean that Pakistan started work on the telecom sector in 1994 actually the basic action plans were started since 1962 by Gen. Ayub Khan. After the year of 2000, a revolution of telecom sector came in the country which created a tough competition among service providers. Now, it is become necessary to provide a comprehensive comparison to select the best one. Comparison of Lowest Call Rates: Comparison of Lowest Prepaid On-Net Call Rates: Comparison of Prepaid lowest Off-Net Call Charges: Postpaid Lowest On-Net Call Rates: How to Increase Google AdSense CPC - AdSense Heat Map - The FanMan Show. When someone thinks to increase Google AdSense CPC, the very first question is where to place the advertisements? Here, I’ll point out some specific ideas and guidelines about Google AdSense HeatMap. After reading the whole tutorial you’ll be able to paste the advertisements at best places in your blog.

Bloggers can get high earnings by placing advertisements on their blogs. This is only possible when the bloggers know where to place Google AdSense Advertisements. If you read the Google Tutorials for AdSense Placement, it will suggest you keep your ads above the fold of your content which increases CPC. You can get more traffic for your blog if you place ads with some tricks because placing the ads is complicated then the contents of the blog.

Illustration of AdSense HeatMap: When you have to paste adverts in your blog, you should keep some questions in your mind: For what purpose visitors are visiting your blog? Guidelines for Ads Placement: How to Increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) in Google AdSense? - The FanMan Show. Whenever I sit around the internet marketing gathering, people are always curious about their website CTR which compelled me to write few lines about what is Click Through Rate and how many ways it can be increased, in order to maximize the earning through AdSense? Because CTR has its own identity in the AdSense market, your advertiser will stop on such grounds if he is not receiving the reasonable clicks. So let’s find out all the myths about CTR to understand it on the very deep level. “CTR simply stands for Click Throgh Rate” it is calculated as the Total Number of Clicks received by the website visitors for one hundred impressions or exposures.

If a blogger ultimately place one single AdSense unit on his single webpage and it is viewed by one hundred times and during these one hundred impressions he receives two clicks then that website or a webpage has 2% Click Through Rate (CTR). If it receives 3 clicks then his webpage has 3% CTR. The CTR Formula is: What is the Best CTR? Maximum Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page Updated - The FanMan Show. Find Maximum Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Webpage.

Also answers for how many ad units can be created in Google AdSense and AdSense ads per page are allowed? Today, we’ll go through the maximum allowed AdSense Ad units on a web page as we know that where AdSense is the high paying network, there, it also has some limitations to follow strictly in order to run AdSense on your page smoothly. If you are violating their policies and terms and conditions, they can permanently disable or block your account, even in some extraordinary cases, they can also block your domain. Find the Complete Step by Step Guide for Google AdSense for beginners and Advanced users here In our previous article, we have learned that how to get approved for a Google AdSense Account? And we have also discussed AdSense as the finest high-paying regarding ad network. So, the vital part remains in abiding the TOS policies and the Programmed Guidelines to avoid a permanent ban to your AdSense account. Types of Google AdSense.

Do Not Let Your AdSense Account Banned? AdSense TOS Tips For Beginners - The FanMan Show. Know the exact reasons to Avoid getting AdSense Account banned from Google AdSense also find a complete guide of Google TOS to run your Adsense smoothly. Are you banned from Adsense and trying to create a new account? Then wait! Read the following article before you create a new Google AdSense Account. My foremost suggestion to all my Fanman is that do not let your Google AdSense account banned. As earlier in the introductory post and a complete guide of Everything You Need to Know About Google AdSense? I have discussed that where AdSense is the highest paying contextual ad network, there it has also some limitations and terms and conditions to proper use it.

Because AdSense has really very strict policies and TOS. I would suggest that once Google AdSense account approved for your website or blog then you must be careful about getting AdSense account not banned. So, its been seen that people not well aware of AdSense Terms and condition, they get their AdSense account banned. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How to Get Approved for Google AdSense Account? - The FanMan Show. Today the Fanman Show is going to reveal the myth about the New and latest Google AdSense Account Approval Process- 2017.

The article is all about the new changes supporting and unsporting the new and the old publishers. In our previous article we have learned about how to create a Google AdSense Account? , I am not going into detail about the AdSense specifications about contextual advertising network. But now, there is good and supporting news for new bloggers and publishers that AdSense has reviewed its policies, in order to facilitate the new comers. Be double assured about your website compatibility with the AdSense.Go for a Sign up of an AdSense accountLogin to your AdSense accountGet the AdSense code and place into your website where ever you want to display Once you add the code on your blog, that will be showing blank ads. So let The fanman Show you about how to create first adsense ad unit?

Create a Fresh ad unit in Google AdSense Step 3: Click on “New Ad Unit” Final Advice: How to Create an AdSense Account Step By Step Guide? - The FanMan Show. If you have recently started blogging then you might have obviously heard about the Google AdSense if not then you should know that it’s a contextual advertisement program where you can display your target ads on your website and whenever a user or visitor come through these ads and performs a click or scroll a page and see the ads, the impression is counted and you earn money. In my earlier post on Why to Choose Google AdSense for Making Money? , I have also told you about various Google AdSense alternatives but no doubt activating Google AdSense on your website is the best way to displaying ads for visitors.

Today The Fan man Show is going to guide you with step by step process of how to create a Google AdSense account for your website / blog. So here we started: Pre-Requisites for Applying Google AdSense There some certain requirement to meet up before applying to the Google AdSense. Website: you should have a website or blog on blogger or WordPress. AdSense account Approval Process. Do Not Let Your AdSense Account Banned? AdSense TOS Tips For Beginners. Home Page - The FanMan Show. Home Page - The FanMan Show.