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Shamir Ramjan (shamir) Galerie de -shr- Untitled. Groupes. Untitled. Rechercher un groupe. Untitled. Rechercher une personne. Classeurs de -shr- Albums photos de -shr- Favoris de -shr- Archives de -shr- -shr- expos. Untitled. Aide. Aide. Le forum d'aide. Outils de chargement et de partage. Please note: Flickr is not responsible for the distribution or performance of these 3rd party applications. jUploadr for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows Another Flickr member, scohen, wrote an upload application, which he describes as: "jUploadr is a cross platform Flickr uploader.

Outils de chargement et de partage

Currently it runs on Windows Linux and OS X. It allows you to set all properties of a photo before you upload it to Flickr. It also supports batch editing, so you can make short work of uploading a bunch of files. " Rechercher. Untitled. Services Flickr. Flickr provides a number of data feeds in a variety of formats.

Services Flickr

While feeds are linked to throughout the site, some can be further customised with additional parameters, documented below. All Flickr feeds can be requested in a number of formats using a format parameter. Explorer ! Vos Meilleurs Clichés 2009. App Garden. Services Flickr. Découvrez le contenu intéressant dans Flickr. Interestingness!

Découvrez le contenu intéressant dans Flickr

Besides being a five syllable word suitable for tongue twisters, it is also an amazing new Flickr Feature. There are lots of elements that make something 'interesting' (or not) on Flickr. Explorez les photos intéressantes des 7 derniers jours dans Flic. Explorez depuis décembre 2009. Explorer les photos sur une carte. Paris" Comportant le tag paris.

Comportant le tag paris. Comportant le tag paris. Comportant le tag paris. Comportant le tag paris. Leweb09" Recherche d'appareil photo. These graphs show the number of Flickr members who have uploaded at least one photo or video with a particular camera on a given day over the last year.

Recherche d'appareil photo

The graphs are "normalized", which is a fancy way of saying that they automatically correct for the fact that more people join Flickr each day: the graph moving up or down indicates a change in the camera's popularity relative to all other cameras used by Flickr members. The graphs are only accurate to the extent that we can automatically detect the camera used to take the photo or shoot the video (about 2/3rds of the time). That is not usually possible with cameraphones, therefore they are under-represented. Flickr Blog. Toutes les photos et vidéos. Tags populaires. Explorez les vidéos ! Explorez des galeries.

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If you click it, you'll go home Sign In Explore / Galleries. Explorez Analog. Horloge. Lieux. The Places project is our way of saying thank you to all our members who’ve taken the time to put their gorgeous photos and video on the map.


Browse the whole globe, from your hometown to your favorite place, or places you’ve never even heard of... Find a place Find out more about maps on Flickr in our FAQ. The Commons. Creative Commons. Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license.

Creative Commons

Here are some recently added bits and pieces: Attribution License » 58,276,835 photos (See more) Attribution-NoDerivs License » 16,578,413 photos (See more) Flickr Code.

  1. shamir Dec 11 2009
    (build & thinking abt flickr sitemap)
  2. Francois May 25 2009
    Hi Shamir, welcome to pearltrees. I have been impressed by your website. Here you can make map of your web and embed them on your website in order to offer some web tours to your visitors. See you soon. F