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The Top 5 Social Media Managing Tools. Let’s be honest: managing social media accounts can be overwhelming.

The Top 5 Social Media Managing Tools

Tweeting, Facebooking, checking in on Foursquare, questioning on Quora, updating your LinkedIn, pinning on Pinterest, admiring your Klout is exhausting. Logging in to so many disconnected social media accounts can be a daunting and inefficient. What you need is a dashboard - a place to consume your daily intake of social media in one healthy dose. As such, here are the top 5 social media aggregation sites and dashboards, including highlights and breakdowns of what each site or app does: 1. 5 Trends Affecting How We Connect Through Social Media. Yuli Ziv is the founder & CEO of Style Coalition, a network of independent online publishers in the fashion and lifestyle vertical, based in NYC.

5 Trends Affecting How We Connect Through Social Media

She blogs on social media, entrepreneurship and tech at Follow her on Twitter @yuliz. How A 13 Year Old Gained 16,000 Fans In 96 Hours. Logan Ludwig is 13 years old. Like other kids, he likes to play Guitar Hero and hang out with his friends on Facebook. 58 days ago he found out that his grandfather, a decorated police officer of 19 years, was dying of stage 4 lung cancer. Because of a loophole, his employer, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, had denied him benefits and cut his pension from $3000/month to $700/month.

Officer Ludwig was forced to sell his home, declare bankruptcy, and live in the basement of one of his son’s homes. Logan was broken-hearted for his grandad and fishing buddy. He made a Facebook page for Officer Ludwig, which spread like wildfire among his extended family, fellow police officers, cancer survivors, and even Metro employees. He did so without any need of programming skills– no custom tabs, FBML/HMTL tricks, or Facebook application development. Once you choose the name, you can’t change it. Creating a fake account is technically against the Facebook terms of service. Summary. 4 Steps for Managing Social Media Attention. Soren Gordhamer is the organizer of the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, which brings together staff from Google, Facebook, and Twitter with others to explore living wisely in our modern age. Mashable readers can use code ‘Mashable‘ for a discount when registering. There have never been more things that call out for our attention: We have tweets to read, Facebook statuses to check, and now Google Buzz updates — not to mention text messages, e-mails, and cell phone calls.

And the amount of data is growing each day. Recent reports estimate that the average American consumes 34 GB worth of content a day, including 100,000 words of information. While this access to information has numerous benefits, learning to live and work skillfully amidst an active social media lifestyle is an art in itself — one that will be increasingly challenging in the years ahead. How to Get the Social-Media Generation Behind Your Cause - Adver.

HOW TO: Better Serve the Social Media Customer. Maria Ogneva is the Director of Social Media at Attensity, a social media engagement and voice-of-customer platform that helps the social enterprise serve and collaborate with the social customer.

HOW TO: Better Serve the Social Media Customer

You can follow her on Twitter at @themaria or @attensity360, or find her musings on her personal blog and her company's blog. When it comes to social media for business, there's no one-size-fits-all strategy. But to ensure results, you must align it with your overall business objectives and avoid falling for "shiny new objects" simply because they are trendy or hyped. 5 Social Media Trends to Watch Right Now. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

5 Social Media Trends to Watch Right Now

With social media itself an exponentially growing trend that's here to stay, many companies both small and large are keeping tabs on new social technologies as they emerge. With new sites, services, apps and practices that help businesses connect more directly with customers coming online at a rapid pace, it's often helpful to zoom out a bit and keep an eye on upcoming trends on the cusp or just over the horizon. Whether or not particular individual services succeed, the following trends are likely to stick around in the near-term future. Some may not be immediately relevant to your company or industry, but being aware of oncoming movements in the social media landscape can help keep you and your business out ahead of the curve when a new trend holds promise for your organization's growth. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Identity. There’s an implicit pressure on social media enthusiasts to be connected in more than one way.

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Identity

It’s not enough to have a Facebook page, you need a Twitter account as well. What do you mean you’re not on LinkedIn? Well, at least you have a blog on Wordpress or Tumblr, right? There is no requirement to spread your digital self thin, but many of us are still juggling more than one online profile (I’m currently balancing at least five). Each of these profiles offers us a chance to connect with new communities in different ways, but each network needs to be managed and updated.