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I am Shalini, work at Consagous Pvt Ltd , Indore , expert in areas of Content Marketing, SEO,ORM and SMM and I love to blogging SEO, Brand Awareness, and keep journey ahead also .

Automotive Information Technology Solution - Consagous. Aerospace & Defence IT Services - Consagous. Aerospace & defence New instant bounded financing… Consagous can direct your transition to the current, on demand world.

Aerospace & Defence IT Services - Consagous

We set forth skill, upcoming technologies, and creative business models…to help you collaborate in real time with partners, retort to unforeseen events, and focus on the core competencies. Delve Consagous solutions for aerospace and defense. Consagous as Product lifecycle management solution Consagous provide and deliver better products and keep on maintaining ephemeral through product lifecycle management solution Lessen costs and improve product quality while going to market sooner. Consagous as Aerospace-service lifecycle management Increase aircraft feasability. Lessen action and sustain costs. Enterprise Resource Planning. Answer to question like is your company as productive as it should be?

Enterprise Resource Planning

Are your business processes efficient and collaborative? Can people from different departments easily access secret information across the enterprise? This all question is answered by … An ERP solution from Consagous provides a way, based on improve process, integrating your data for a single view of customer information, inventory levels, shipping details and more. Cut down on the paperwork. Automate processes and work together of team member. Build the foundation for an effective, organization-wide business driven security approach. Affordable IT Security Solutions - Consagous. Organizations often define IT security almost entirely as protection against the most publicized threats of the day.

Affordable IT Security Solutions - Consagous

This protection is usually accomplished with an array of soloed security tools. But what happens when a new type of threat comes tomorrow? These tools aren’t integrated, so they can’t work together to protect against highly sophisticated and organized attacks. They can even hinder effective operations and impact the business’s ability to drive innovation by creating complexity and redundancy. Frequently, they can’t provide appropriate metrics to help managers truly understand the benefits to the business. A more comprehensive approach to enterprise security Build the foundation for an effective, organization-wide business driven security approach.

IT Solutions for Finance Industry - Consagous. With its analytical expertise and pan-organizational view, the finance function is uniquely positioned to assess the wide variety of risks that can compromise performance.Read the report: Orchestrating risk-adjusted performance management: Identify and address risk events better and faster What we offer Business consulting Finance TransformationFinance operations improvementFinance strategyBusiness performance managementBusiness risk managementFinance enterprise applicationsAll financial management reports Related offerings Strategy & change consultants partner with company leaders to strategize, transform and hone their business capabilities.Human capital management helps organization leverage the talent of their workforce to create true marketplace differentiation.Finance and administration outsourcing can help drive quantum improvements with our expertise, technologies and processes.Application services global delivery to address the full continuum of the application life cycle.

IT Solutions for Finance Industry - Consagous

IT Solutions to the Global Insurance Industry - Consagous. IT Solutions for Government Agencies - Consagous. IT Solutions for Financial Markets - Consagous. Why Consagous for financial markets We offer progressive solutions for financial markets.

IT Solutions for Financial Markets - Consagous

We deliver the scalability, extreme availability and flexibility for the expanding volumes of the world’s largest trading floors. What we offerEnterprise transformation Support strategic goals with component-based transformation. E-Business Solutions for the Electronics Industry - Consagous. Preserving an ambitious edge In this erratic world requires newfangled layout.

E-Business Solutions for the Electronics Industry - Consagous

Consagous offers mixed and end-to-end e-business solutions for the Electronics industry to make . Our industry expertise and comprehensive solutions can help you gain increased market visibility and drive costs out of the value chain. RFID Solution For Chemical And Petroleum - Consagous. Globalization.

RFID Solution For Chemical And Petroleum - Consagous

Consolidation. Security The marketplace is changing. How will you keep up? In our commitment to the chemicals and petroleum industries, IBM offers industry-specific solutions to help you improve asset utilization. Consagous Technologies. RFID Solution For Chemical And Petroleum - Consagous. Phone Gap Application Development - Consagous. Professional Android Application Development - Consagous. iOS Application Development Services - Consagous. MS System Application Development - Consagous. Chat/IM Software Development: The Chat/IM software is used to communicate with the customers through an instant messenger to answer their queries instantly.

MS System Application Development - Consagous

One can also converse through IM with multiple users thus saving a lot of time and also solving questions of several customers. Consagous will help you to develop your IM application with many optional features that suits your business or organization needs at an affordable cost thus resulting in profits at every stage. Network Programming TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SHTTP, SSL, LDAP, Active Directory: Over a period of time, Consagous has built expertise in network programming involving TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP and Socket Programming. TCP/IP is a basic communication protocol used to send and receive files and messages over IP in a private network. The protocols related to TCP/IP include the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) which is used instead of TCP for special purposes. Quality Assurance & Testing Services - Consagous. Toolbar Solutions & Services - Consagous.

Custom Software Applications Development - Consagous. Cake PHP Design & Development Services - Consagous. Zend Framework Design & Development Services - Consagous. Symfony Design & Development Services - Consagous. PHP Website Design & Development Services - Consagous. DotNetNuke Web Design & Development Services - Consagous. Windows Application Development Services - Consagous. The technology world is moving at a very fast pace.

Windows Application Development Services - Consagous

The Microsoft’s new Windows operating system has brought an immense assurance in terms of better quality products and superior output in terms of services and applications. Consagous renders Windows Application Development Services, Application Migration Services from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and Windows Phone App Development based on the specific needs of the clients using cutting-edge technologies. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we offer end-to-end Windows Development Services that leverages the best use of this platform to deliver the innovative and unique solution to our clients. Asp.Net Web & Desktop Application Development - Consagous. Hire UX/UI Designers - Consagous.

Hire Node.js Developers - Consagous. Hire Zend Developers - Consagous. Hire Codeigniter Developers - Consagous. Hire Dot Net Developers - Consagous. Hire Java Developers - Consagous. Hire Laravel Developers - Consagous. Hire Php Developers - Consagous. Hire Web Developers - Consagous. Hire HTML5 Developers - Consagous. Hire Drupal developers - Consagous. Hire Joomla Developers - Consagous. Hire Magento Developers - Consagous. Hire Wordpress Developers - Consagous. Hire Open Source Developers - Consagous. Hire Android App Developers - Consagous. Hire iPad App Developers -Consagous. Hire iPhone App Developers - Consagous. Hire App Developers - Consagous.

8 Magento Blogs that will Improve your eCommerce Understanding. eCommerce is complicated – we all know that; and sometimes we all make it more complicated than it needs to be (but that’s a topic for another day!).

8 Magento Blogs that will Improve your eCommerce Understanding

Magento is fairly straightforward in the main – but like all full featured platforms – it can get overwhelming. So the question is where do you turn when you get stuck? To help with those moments, we present a round-up of the biggest and best Magento blogs and resources out there. DLTR is written by Damodar Bashyal, a certified Magento developer, and shows posts with practical solutions to problems submitted by the mainly technical audience. This is a blog for techies but It’s worth having a look – and having it in your list of resources – you never know, you might be able to show your development team how that change you need should be done! 2.Magento blog Magento host a Blog/Wiki/Forum resource to help the community to share information. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. CUSTOM SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS YOUR ORGANIZATIONAL GLOVES. Let us begin with understanding what Custom Software Development is; it is the designing of software applications that are specially developed for some specific organization or other user.

As such, it can be contrasted with the use of software packages developed for the mass market, such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, or existing free software. Multinational corporations mostly make use of custom software for a wide range of departments or functions like inventory management, customer management, content management and sometimes just to fill gaps in the existing software. If you are looking at streamlining your operations and enhancing intra-organizational efficiency especially in regards to small medium enterprises (SMEs), then, getting a custom software is the best choice for you.

Let us look at the many advantages of Custom Software Solutions – A. B. C. D. Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017. Consagous, being a frontrunner in the field of Mobile App Development considers it significant to keep abreast of all market trends and innovations in the said area. Some of them are at a nascent stage, while others are sweeping the app stores through millions of downloads. Here are few news making drifts we need to watch out for: 1. App Streaming not downloading The future of mobile app development lies in streaming, not the current, cumbersome system of app stores and downloads. 2. An example of enterprise mobile apps is Evernote, through which your teams can collaborate on projects from their mobile devices. 3.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the market for wearable devices is going to experience a composite annual growth rate of 20.3 %, leading to 213.6 million units shipped in 2020. 4. Around 80 Internet of Things (IoT) – related acquisitions were made across the globe in 2015. 5. 6. 7. Source: DigitalDoughnut, Adtmag, Dzone.

The indispensability of Mobile Applications for E-commerce. Consagous Technologies explains the necessity of mobile apps for the e-commerce market of today In January 2017, India’s smartphone user base crossed 300 million opening umpteen opportunities for everyone within and outside the industry. It is a worldwide trend where the smartphone penetration is increasing across the world with more people glued to the screens in their hands. And the e-commerce industry has not had a better time than today. Millions of brands are entering in new and emerging markets, international expansions are taking place increasingly and e-retail is the order of the day. In this scenario where a customer has limitless options to make his/her purchase or avail all kinds of services, how do you get them to stick with you or make a repeat purchase?

THE ROAD AHEAD OF IOT DEVICES FOR E-COMMERCE. Sit back and imagine afuture where everyday objects are able to identify themselves to other devices thanks to their internet connection. Consagous Technologies digs further into the Internet of Things from the pov of e-commerce. Everyday ‘objects’ are basically turning intelligent and becoming capable of communicating with other objects and this is what forms the basis of Internet of Things (IoT).The principal communication method in use today is RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology including wireless and QR codes technologies.

This communication between of & between physical objects, using integrated sensors and other devices, collects and transmits information. The information collected is then analyzed to optimize products, services and procedures which in turn saves time and money, even lives.