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The Sonnets by William Shakespeare on Vimeo. Shakespeare in Middle School. Shakespeare. The Color of Sin. The Color of Sin / The Color of Skin: Ancient Color Blindness and the Philosophical Origins of Modern Racism Nicholas F.

The Color of Sin

Gier Professor Emeritus of Philosophy University of Idaho Published in Journal of Religious Thought 46:1 (Summer-Fall, 1989), pp. 42-52. Note: Journal pagination marked in this text For a critique of a book that may contradict my thesis, please see the review of Benjamin Isaac's The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity (Princeton University Press, 2004) in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion 74:3 (September, 2006), pp. 806-808. I am black and beautiful, O daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon. --The Song of Solomon, 1:5-6 (trans. from the Greek LXX) The true Moses marries a Blackamoor; Christ, his church. To regard the skin, but the soul.

--Bishop Joseph Hall, Occasional Meditations, 1630 We are whiter in our souls than the whitest of you. --The Black Queen of Meroe in the Alexander Romance (p. 45) (p. 46) H. Shakespeare Uncovered. SHAKESPEARE! Shakespeare Uncovered. Internet Shakespeare Editions. Culture - How Shakespeare influences the way we speak now. If you missed Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, you can be sure he’d have had a zinger of a putdown to sling your way.

Culture - How Shakespeare influences the way we speak now

Or better yet, a whole string of them. “Thou art a boil, a plague sore, an embossed carbuncle in my corrupted blood" might just do it, borrowed from King Lear railing against his daughter, Goneril. Or perhaps he’d settle for more aloof damnation, along the lines of Orlando’s insult to Jaques in As You Like It: “I do desire we may be better strangers.” That isn’t a wish likely to be granted to Shakespeare any time soon. Yes, his 450th birthday has been and gone already, but it’s worth noting that all over the world, people paused to acknowledge it in the first place. Of course, fellow artists readily draw on him for paintings, operas and ballets. And what of Shakespeare's other plays? Famous phrases These catchy titles barely gesture to Shakespeare's influence on the minutiae of our lives. Allow yourself to “gossip” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and you’re quoting him.


TEDxAldeburgh - Akala - Hip-Hop & Shakespeare? Barnes & Noble Shakespeare - Understanding Shakespeare's Language - Barnes & Noble. It is silly to pretend that it is easy to read Shakespeare.

Barnes & Noble Shakespeare - Understanding Shakespeare's Language - Barnes & Noble

Reading Shakespeare isn’t like picking up a copy of USA Today or The New Yorker, or even F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby or Toni Morrison’s Beloved. It is hard work, because the language is often unfamiliar to us and because it is more concentrated than we are used to. In the theater it is usually a bit easier. Actors can clarify meanings with gestures and actions, allowing us to get the general sense of what is going on, if not every nuance of the language that is spoken.

Even experienced readers and playgoers need help. From the very beginning, then, it was obvious that the plays both deserve and demand not only careful reading but continued re-reading—and that not to read Shakespeare with all the attention a reader can bring to bear on the language is almost to guarantee that a reader will not “understand him” and remain among those who “do not like him.” Why doesn’t Shakespeare just say what he means? M. George T. The music of Shakespeare is food for thought. "It suggests that literature is not just some stylish add-on but is important to encourage more lateral thinking and learning.

The music of Shakespeare is food for thought

"The study and the enjoyment of classical literature should become important again and not just a specialist activity. " Prof Davis, whose book on his research, Shakespeare Thinking, is to be published next month, believes children should be encouraged to read more classic literature to help them with their studies. An official report by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority last year stated that schools were focusing too much on short stories and narrowing pupils' experience of fiction written before 1900. Prof Davis also claims that it could provide a useful tool for developing treatments for elderly patients that will keep their minds agile. He said: "We have an outreach programme where students read to elderly people and we have noticed powerful effects of literature in them.

Embracing Shakespearean Conversation in A Digital Age. MIT - Complete Works. Action Bill - A LEGO Stop Motion Short Film. Shakespeare is everywhere: Christopher Gaze at TEDxVancouver.