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Shahriar Kabir

I am a Certified Web & Android App Developer and Designer with extensive knowledge on various Database Administration & Designing. As a web designer and developer, my objective is to make a positive impact on clients, co-workers, and the Internet using my skills and experience to develop and design compelling and attractive web and mobile applications. I enjoy working on projects that involve a mix of web and graphic design, web development, mobile app development and designing, database management and programming. In addition, I offer expert search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) is a programming system in which a metadata descriptor is utilized to unite item code to a relational database.

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)

Article code is composed in item arranged programming (OOP) languages, for example, Java or C++. ORM changes over information between sort frameworks that are not able to exist together inside social databases and OOP languages. Here's a rundown of ten reasons why you ought to consider an ORM tool. Presently not all ORMs are made equivalent, but rather these are key components that a top of the line ORM will handle for you. Encourages actualizing the Domain Model example (Thanks Udi). Gigantic decrease in code. Changes to the item model are made in one spot. Drupal - An Open Source CMS. Drupal is a distributed platform made by a dynamic group and overflowing with potential.

Drupal - An Open Source CMS

Use as-is or snap in any of a huge number of free designs and modules for fast site assembly. Designers cherish the all around archived APIs of Drupal. Shahriar Kabir - Information Technology Blog. Brackets is a cutting edge, open source text editor that comprehends web design.

Shahriar Kabir - Information Technology Blog

With centered visual tools and preprocessor bolster, Brackets is a cutting edge content tool that makes it simple to outline in the program. Attempt Creative Cloud Extract (review) for Brackets for a simple approach to get clean, negligible CSS straight from a PSD with no produced code. Brackets is a lightweight, yet effective, present day word processor. They have mixed visual tools into the editor so you get the perfect measure of help when you need it. With new components and augmentations discharged each 3-4 weeks, it's similar to getting displays throughout the entire year. The Extract for Brackets (Preview) expansion gives you a chance to haul out configuration data from a PSD including hues, textual styles, slopes, and estimation data as clean, insignificant CSS by means of relevant code indications. Shahriar Kabir - Information Technology Blog. Google is making a Wi-Fi router as a component of its desire to give better Internet associations that make it less demanding for individuals to get to its computerized administrations and see a greater amount of its web publicizing.

Shahriar Kabir - Information Technology Blog

Google has named it as OnHub and concentrating on this neglected part of technology. It will be more secure and simpler to use than other since quite a while ago settled options made by the Arris Group, Netgear, Apple and other equipment specialists. Google collaborated with systems administration gadget creator TP-Link to construct OnHub. OnHub additionally will adjust to the developing needs of its proprietors on the grounds that its product will be consistently upgraded to open new elements, as indicated by Trond Wuellner, a Google Inc. item administrator.

The idea is like the programmed programming updates the organization makes to its Chrome program and PCs running on its Chrome working framework. Google Chrome – Download. Chrome is a quick, basic and secure web browser, created for the cutting edge web.

Google Chrome – Download

Seek and explore from the same box. Look over results and proposals that show up as you write, including your late pursuits and went by sites, so you can get to what you need in a snap. Tired of rounding out web frames with the same data over a long period of time? Shahriar Kabir: Brief Overview. Shahriar Kabir: Promising Freelancing Platform. Numerous organizations have confronted difficulties with outsourcing programming advancement, for example, hopeful capabilities, group flow, and primary concern financials.

Shahriar Kabir: Promising Freelancing Platform

Toptal's one of a kind answer for procuring tip top self-employed entities addresses these concerns.In addition, the following are some of the features which will induce you to be a part of Totpal. Flexibility of hours - Working from home or from a remote working environment as a consultant permits you to direct your own hours and work now and again most helpful to you. Building a benefit - Owning and working a fruitful independent business permits you to make an advantage than may be saleable not far off. Shahriar Kabir: Elance XML Questions & Answers. Shahriar Kabir: Elance SEO Questions & Answers.

Shahriar Kabir: Go Programming Language. Shahriar Kabir: Killer Blogspot SEO Tip – Guaranteed Result. Blogspot is a platform preferred by most bloggers as it is absolutely free.

Shahriar Kabir: Killer Blogspot SEO Tip – Guaranteed Result

More and more blogs are hosted in the blogspot subdomain as it is absolutely free and user friendly as you do not have to be a programmer to set up your blog. Like all other websites, blogspot blogs needs search engine optimization. As a result, today, I’m going to share a killer tip which will not only boost your search engine presence but also enhance your desired targeted traffic from a specific country.

Without any further delay let’s get down to business. Shahriar Kabir: CodeTyphon: Pascal Visual Programming Studio. CodeTyphon is the Free "Pascal Visual Programming Studio", for Cross-Platform Native Development, with Multi-OS, Multi-CPU, Multi-Platform and Cross-Build abilities.

Shahriar Kabir: CodeTyphon: Pascal Visual Programming Studio

It's a Free and Open-Source, "Tera" Programming Studio, which offers you the ability to build any kind of application, Commercial or Non-Commercial without any restrictions. CodeTyphon has Typhon V-IDE (Visual Integrated Development Environment) + FreePascal compiler + Tools + Free Components packages + Free Libraries+ tons of samples and all these are Free and Open-Source. Shahriar Kabir: Elance JAVA Questions & Answers. It has been a major issue, now a days, to avail a good score in different freelancing sites exams regarding different skill sets.

Shahriar Kabir: Elance JAVA Questions & Answers

The excellent feedback of my last post regarding exam preparation has induced me to come up with this one regarding Java skill test solution for Elance. Hope the feedback won't be any different from the previous post on SEO Questions & Answers | 100% Guaranteed Good Score! Your support and feedback will be highly appreciated! If the answers helps you then please leave a positive comment so that someone else is also helped through your comment. Look forward to your feedback. Question No. 1 You have the following method, which throws an unchecked exception public boolean testArg(Integer n) throws IllegalArgumentException { if (n == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException(); /* ... */ } Is this throw specification correct? No, you never specify exceptions in Java. Shahriar Kabir: Waterfox - The Fastest 64-Bit Browser Till Date! Shahriar Kabir: Some Programming Languages . . . Software firm needs coders more than anything else.

Shahriar Kabir: Some Programming Languages . . .

Keeping that in mind tech firms do the heft of the hiring, and the demand for software engineers is increasing significantly. From composing essential HTML to building complex rationale into versatile applications, the capacity to shrewdly specialty lines of code keeps on being a standout amongst the most sought after — and regularly, well-paying — expertise sets one can have. Here are some programming languages that might interest you. NoSQL databases may be getting all the consideration starting of late, yet more conventional, organized databases are as yet going solid. In this way, SQL, the programming language for questioning, controlling and managing relational databases is sought after. Shahriar Kabir: IT Project Management: A Brief Description. Dealing with an IT project is not an easy task as it’s neither simple nor pretty. Since better IT project management is hard to execute, I came up with this article on comprehending IT project management.

Customary project management, as it's utilized as a part of development or assembling, manages strong, unmistakable components. Information technology is particularly dangerous in light of the fact that it's continually moving, changing, adjusting and testing business as we probably are aware of it. IT project administration is further entangled by moving business needs and requesting partners. What is actually meant by an information technology project? An IT project is any information technology that has an assigned begin and end date, regularly with particular turning points and objectives to be met amid the improvement cycle. All IT projects are curbed by three elements: time, expense and scope.

All projects, IT or something else, travel through five stages in the task administration. Shahriar Kabir: Elance Academic Writing Questions & Answers. If the answers helps you then please leave a positive comment so that someone else is also helped through your comment. Look forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance. Question No. 1. Shahriar Kabir: Download Windows 10. According to Microsoft, “Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you already have.” From what I have seen so far, Windows 10 is a seriously huge improvement over the disastrous Windows 8. The following are certain features which is worth mentioning. Scribbling Touchscreens were both a condemnation and a gift for Windows 8.

Shahriar Kabir: Elance CSS3 Questions & Answers. If the answers helps you then please leave a positive comment so that someone else is also helped through your comment. Look forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance. Question No. 1. Shahriar Kabir: Swift - A Modern Programming Language. Shahriar Kabir: Increase Your Blog Traffic. Presenting your new post's connection in significant web indexes is the as a matter of first importance obligation directly subsequent to distributed new substance on your web journal. Shahriar Kabir: Recent Mobile Games. With such a variety of versatile games being released consistently, discovering the ones that merit downloading can be overwhelming. Indeed, you could simply stick to the top-earning diagrams, however you'd pass up a major opportunity for some awesome stuff on the off chance that you didn't burrow more profound. As opposed to have you do the burrowing, however, I'm more than glad to handle the scoop.

Shahriar Kabir: PhpStorm – An Intelligent PHP IDE. Appreciate beneficial PHP and web advancement with PhpStorm. Exploit profound code understanding, first class coding help, and backing for every significant device and structures. PhpStorm's shrewd code supervisor gives astounding backing to PHP (counting the most recent dialect forms and structures), HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Sass, Less, CoffeeScript, and numerous different languages. Shahriar Kabir: Debug PHP Using Firebug and FirePHP. Shahriar Kabir: Ghostlab - Essential Web Development Tool. Your site is being seen on different browsers and gadgets of all structures and sizes. To verify that you achieve anybody surfing your site in any case, make responsive testing a breeze with Ghostlab. It will synchronously perform all tests you perform on one program on any number of associated gadgets. This spares you time, as well as fun.

Ghostlab Team has fabricated the world's most intense dev instruments into Ghostlab and even changed them a bit. This implies you not just get the opportunity to examine the DOM on any joined gadget remotely, yet you can likewise roll out live improvements to the DOM and its style. Whatever your setup, Ghostlab fits in unobtrusively and helps basic assignments like gathering code naturally. Shahriar Kabir: Free Icon Maker. Free Icon Maker is an intense tool that helps designers and developers to make, customize and download symbol sets for free. Shahriar Kabir: MachForm - Stunning HTML And PHP Web Form Builder. MachForm helps you make proficient evaluation form with greatest similarity. Lives up to expectations awesome on desktop PCs or portable/touch gadgets (iPhone, iPad, Android gadgets). Building structures has never been this good times.