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The Shadow Group of Companies is a full service, privately owned Transportation Group that has been offering logistics and transportation solutions throughout Canada and the USA since 1968.

Untitled — Shadow line Group can arrange placement of... How GPS tracking enhances line-haul transportation. GPS technology is commonly known as a simple navigational tool for drivers.

How GPS tracking enhances line-haul transportation

In Canada’s transportation industry, the advancements in GPS technology have transformed line-haul transportation logistics today. The role of GPS technology in line-haul transportation is to provide fleet managers with the ability to easily monitor vehicles, routes, idle times, and reporting. 3 Pros and Cons of Cross Country Transportation Explained. Every day, hundreds and thousands of shipping containers move through highways, cities, and towns.

3 Pros and Cons of Cross Country Transportation Explained

Container transportation is one of the most reliable and secure ways to transport goods and belongings across the country. Like any mode of transport, containers come with advantages and disadvantages. When choosing containers as a cross-country transportation method, it’s important to know what to expect, the pros and cons, and any limitations to verify that you’re receiving quality service. The pros of cross-country container transport Convenience.

Line Haul Transportation. Container Drayage Services. We have operations staff in each of our terminals that are dedicated to the local container drayage market.

Container Drayage Services

Whether you have a container moving in or out of one of the Vancouver ports or one of the rail depots across the prairies, we have experienced staff that are familiar with all of the intricacies of each of these scenarios. We have our own inventory of chassis at each depot to facilitate any and all of your requirements. Our operational teams in each terminal location have extensive experience in supply chain management and the logistics involved in both intermodal and ocean port container drayage. Our teams consist of exceptionally trained and knowledgeable individuals who are passionate in what they do and are dedicated to making your transportation a flawless and stress free experience. Our team will take on all the requirements from start to finish, from tracking and tracing, monitoring ERD and LFD cut off dates, rail billing and reservations.

Get Professional Goods Transloading Services. Transloading is the transferring of goods from one mode of transportation to another.

Get Professional Goods Transloading Services

This most commonly occurs when containers arrive at a port and need to be delivered to points elsewhere. Destuffing a container and placing the goods onto a trailer is ultimately more cost effective for long distance delivery points. Dry Bulk Trucking Services. Goods Transloading Services. Pin on container services. Shadow Lines Group - Best Transporting Services. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Shadow Lines Group - Best Transporting Services' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1864572'></script><p> From <a href=' For

Shadow Lines Group - Best Transporting Services

Logistics & Transportation Services.