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Acupuncture Points Database - Locations, Functions and Clinical Usage. 547928_315076591903694_250949118316442_709239_1104050918_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 574 pixels) Chinese Acupuncture Meridian Pathways and Point Locations. Chinese Acupuncture Point Locations Point Locations for the twelve main acupuncture meridians and the extraordinary meridians: conception vessel & governing vessel.

Chinese Acupuncture Meridian Pathways and Point Locations

Lung Meridian (LU) The Hand Greater Yin (Tai Yin) of the Lung has 11 points The lung channel of the Hand Taiyin originates from the lateral aspect of the chest near the arm pit . It then travels along the anterior-medial aspect of the upper arm, passing the cubital region and arrives at the radial side of the wrist containing the radial artery for pulse palpation. Passing the thenar eminence, it travels along the radial border of the palm ending at the medial side of the tip of the thumb.

Large Intestine (LI) The Hand Bright Yang (Yang MIng) of the Large Intestine 20 points The large intestine channel of the Hang-Yangming starts from the tip of the index finger. Stomach Meridian (ST) The Foot Bright Yang (Yang MIng) of the Stomach 45 points TCM Clinic Aid APP Product Features: Search our relational database for: 1. The C hinese Medicine Sampler - Table of Contents in Full. Acupuncture Meridians Pathways of Chi Energy. Acupuncture meridians are called many names.

Acupuncture Meridians Pathways of Chi Energy

These names includes Chinese meridians, energy meridians, and Chi meridians, just to name a few. These meridians carry the life force that vitalizes all life forms and allows them to flourish and grow. Different cultures call this life force by different names: Chi, subtle energy, Spirit, Prana and vital energy to name just a few. Similar to electricity, this energy is invisible to the human eye. However, experienced Chinese doctors can feel and trace these pathways of energy with their hands. Think of these acupuncture meridians as streams or rivers flowing with energy. Acupuncture Meridians Chart Sometimes, however, the flow of energy is disrupted.

This is where Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) comes in. Acupuncture meridians can be found throughout the body. There are 12 primary acupuncture meridians. Each Chinese meridian has a time period where its particular energy is strongest. 1. 1. The Meridians (or Channels ) in Chinese Medicine Theory. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the meridians - or channels carry and distribute qi and blood to all parts of the body, connect the organs, limbs and joints.

The Meridians (or Channels ) in Chinese Medicine Theory

When this flow of vital energy is disrupted, disease and poor health follow. Acupuncture evolved as a way of keeping channels open and energy flowing. Meridians, or channels, can be classified into two groups: primary and secondary. Primary meridians are those that pass through internal organs, while the secondary meridians do not. There are twelve pairs of primary meridians flowing in a never-ending circle. Our qi begins its flow in the lungs, then travels to the large intestine. For a healthy person, the qi travels smoothly through each of the organs at a specific time of the day: Read AlsoThe Eight Secondary Meridians. Google Image Result for.