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Trapped in the Turnstile. A New Image of Female Authenticity. Will Women Ever Have the Freedom to Be Ugly? Living With Contradiction: Beauty Work and Feminism. When I read Emily Hauser’s critical, searching post last week about beauty work she does that she feels is antifeminist, I got all jazz-hands—even more so after reading everyone’s comments and seeing the complexity therein.

Living With Contradiction: Beauty Work and Feminism

Since my focus at The Beheld (the blog that brought me to Feministe’s attention) is examining beauty work from a feminist perspective, I couldn’t resist a comment here of my own. Pit-shaving and the patriarchy? Bring it! The Complete Glossary of Hipster Hallmarks. The Complete Glossary of Hipster Hallmarks by Matthew J.X.

The Complete Glossary of Hipster Hallmarks

Malady. Daylight Saving Time Is Terrible: Here's a Simple Plan to Fix It - Allison Schrager. This item has been corrected. Daylight saving time in the US ends Nov. 3, part of the an annual ritual where Americans (who don’t live in Arizona or Hawaii) and residents of 78 other countries including Canada (but not Saskatchewan), most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand turn their clocks back one hour. It’s a controversial practice that became the official standard in America in 1966 and adjusted throughout the 1970s with the intent of conserving energy.. The fall time change feels particularly hard because we lose another hour of evening daylight, just as the days grow shorter.

It also creates confusion because countries that observe daylight saving change their clocks on different days. It would seem to be more efficient to do away with the practice altogether. The World's Most Terrible Alarm Clock And Other Intentionally Uncomfortable And Hilarious Objects. When Lydia Cambron was tasked with interpreting the word ‘ruffle’ for a group show at Portland’s White Box Gallery this summer, she started thinking about daily disruptions.

The World's Most Terrible Alarm Clock And Other Intentionally Uncomfortable And Hilarious Objects

Outside of the tech world, disruptions usually have negative connotations—a flat tire, a stain on a white shirt, a smashed iPhone case. But Cambron, a Portland-based industrial designer, prefers to think of these disruptive ruffles as beneficial. Radical thinkers: Alain Badiou's Ethics - video. LEAKED NORTH KOREAN DOCUMENTARY ‘EXPOSES WESTERN PROPAGANDA’ (AND IT’S SCARY HOW TRUE IT IS)

Sabine is a YouTube user who, during a visit to family living in South Korea in April of this year, was given a DVD by a man and a woman claiming to be North Korean “defectors”, and was asked to translate the film so it could be posted on the internet and reach a wider audience.


Judith Butler Explained with Cats. Following hot on the heels of Foucault Explained with Hipsters, here’s JB’s Gender Trouble explained in Socratic dialogue style.

Judith Butler Explained with Cats

With cats. All page references from Butler, J. (1990 [2008: 1999]). Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. New York; London: Routledge. Got any more ideas for philosophy/sociology/gender theory you’d like to see explained in comic form? The Scan and the Export (Sean Dockray) Sean Dockray The Scan and the Export The scan is an ambivalent image.

The Scan and the Export (Sean Dockray)

It oscillates back and forth: between a physical page and a digital file, between one reader and another, between an economy of objects and an economy of data. Scans are failures in terms of quality, neither as “readable” as the original book nor the inevitable ebook, always containing too much visual information or too little. 'Racism' of early colour photography explored in art exhibition. Can the camera be racist?

'Racism' of early colour photography explored in art exhibition

The question is explored in an exhibition that reflects on how Polaroid built an efficient tool for South Africa's apartheid regime to photograph and police black people. The London-based artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin spent a month in South Africa taking pictures on decades-old film that had been engineered with only white faces in mind. The Taboo of Menstruation. LETTERS FROM JOHNS. Femme Privilege Does Not Exist - Femme Dreamboat. Kristin Lucas > Refresh, 2007. Courtroom drawing by Joe McKay.

Kristin Lucas > Refresh, 2007

Refresh, 2007, courtroom intervention. A Crappy System: Why Separating Men’s And Women’s Bathrooms Is Illogical. In the spring of 2006, there was a crucial -- albeit unexpected, for some -- campus issue floating around my alma mater, Scripps College: Bathrooms.

A Crappy System: Why Separating Men’s And Women’s Bathrooms Is Illogical

Specifically, who could use the bathrooms on campus, and who couldn’t. Considering that Scripps was (and is) a women’s college, you’d think this would be one of those “non-issue” things. A women’s college, with women’s bathrooms. No-brainer, right? Wrong. PRAISE AND DISGUST: The Problem With Being Labeled “Scary Skinny” Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my body.

PRAISE AND DISGUST: The Problem With Being Labeled “Scary Skinny”

What it looks like, how I feel in it, and how other people respond to it or “read” it. This won’t be another sap story about skinny lady adversity, because I’ll be the first to admit, I face little daily repercussions for the way I look in comparison to fat women. I don’t have trouble finding my size at a clothing store, nor do I get glared at when I order a large meal at a restaurant. My type of body is not constantly ridiculed by the media. What's the Big Deal About Naked Photographs? Vigilantes Are Tagging Egypt's Sexual Harassers with Spray Paint. Despite worldwide publicity and campaigning, the approach to actually solving the sexual harassment epidemic in Egypt has sadly been a pretty apathetic one, with police giving less than a gram of shit about the situation, leaving street perverts to grope away until their hands are content. So it's perhaps no surprise that anti-harassment groups in Cairo have gone vigilante, taking what’s left of the law into their own hands and patroling the streets to fight the harassment epidemic themselves.

We first heard about "Be A Man," one of the more radical anti-harassment campaigns, from a story on NPR. Women Are Mad, Men Are Geniuses: 'Heroines' Kate Zambreno’s Heroines is a hard book to read. Every page is a reckoning with the unbearable phallocentrism of Writing as An Institution, and for the reader who’s also a marginalised, struggling writer and/or female, it’s a memory trigger. There’s a thread running through Heroines that memory-work is political. That the literary canon is “a memory campaign that verges on propaganda, that the books remembered are the only ones worth reading.” How to Live Without Irony. Fat, Smart, and Pretty. "Are You a Mulatto?": One Afternoon In the Life of a Mixed-Race Woman. When my parents -- mom, a Czech-American news producer from the South Side of Chicago and dad, an African American news anchor from Harlem -- decided to get married and have kids in the suburbs of Boston, I doubt they wondered, “Will our daughters be approached by strangers on the streets of New York City and asked to explain their racial background?”

Hey, Girls, 'Modesty' Is Bullshit. Is A Photo of a Man About to Die Photojournalism or Tabloid Sleaze? Cut This Monster Out Of Me. By now the news has no doubt spread that early this morning I was admitted to the hospital due to severe morning sickness, a side effect accompanying my first pregnancy. Montreal English has a true je ne sais quoi. EDITORIAL - The New Misogyny. The Body Electric. All Career Women Really Want Is Husbands. Can I Have Fat Pride Without Throwing Thin Women Under The Bus? The Theory Generation. If you studied the liberal arts in an American college anytime after 1980, you were likely exposed to what is universally called Theory.

My Ethnic Blend Makes Me Feel Like A Cultural Spy. Elizabeth Warren and the Politics of Racial Passing. Hack the Cover — by Craig Mod. Anti-Anti-Parasitism.