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MrMMods v1.7 (BetterLight/Grass,etc) Beta 1.1_x FIX - Minecraft Forums. Introducing MrMessiahs Minecraft Mods v1.81, featuring BetterGrass, SimpleMap, SMChat and now BETTERLIGHT (used to be Ambient Occlusion but then I added something) LATEST VERSION - v1.81 - Current status / FAQAnyone getting a patcher error patching bm.class / bi.class You have an outdated patcherWierd triangles with Optimine Patched in wrong order: Optimine, then my mods, always.More FAQs further down New changes: 1.8.1 - Fixed BetterGrass green tint appearing when it shouldnt.

MrMMods v1.7 (BetterLight/Grass,etc) Beta 1.1_x FIX - Minecraft Forums

Updated mmcolors. 1.8 - Added compatibilty for Optiminer. 1.7 - This is a straight rebase of the v1.5 mod code to the Minecraft Beta 1.2 code. 1.5 - Ambient Occlusion is now known as BetterLight, which is basically a complete rewrite of AO but now incorporating light smoothing. HOW TO INSTALL - If you're not comfortable doing any of these steps, best not to play with it, just to be safe. [Auto-Backup] MineSave v0.3 Alpha - Minecraft Forums. INVedit - Minecraft Forums. Quick start Click New if you want to create a completely new inventory.

INVedit - Minecraft Forums

Click Open to open an .inv or .dat file. Now edit your inventory by dragging and dropping items from the item list at the right, moving them around or modifying their count or damage. Save it as and .inv file or save over an existing .dat file to modify the inventory inside. Click the small arrows next to open or save to use the quick-load/save feature: Items are grouped together, you can switch between these groups by clicking on them.

Out of bounds 1) A simple iron pickaxe, which is damaged a little bit.2) A gold shovel with negative damage. Tools and armor with negative damage are useful, because it means they have more durability than they normally have.Setting the damage of blocks to anything but 0 or tools above their maximum doesn't do anything (except destroying the tool with the next use). Delete: Deletes the selected item. Magic Mod for SMP - Official Minecraft Forums. Before you ask, this does not work with Single Player!

Magic Mod for SMP - Official Minecraft Forums

I hope to support it one day (when the real API comes out) but it's not really worth the trouble to support two different versions of the code, especially when notch keeps changing his obfuscation on both, and we've been stuck with just Bukkit lately anyway. Attention Donators: I've started keeping a list of donators on the website, and it will soon be added to the download page which will be replacing the direct zip links.

If you've donated in the past, please send me a PM with your minecraft username, the email you used for paypal, and the amount you donated, so I can check my transaction history to verify the donation. If you've already come up with a rune, you might as well include that so I can add it to my list of things to do after 3.0. Thanks Ctri has been making some amazing videos showcasing both the basics (Runecraft 101) and advanced techniques possible with Runecraft. [Mod] Zan's Mods! (Minimap/Shape Builder) - 1.1_02! - Minecraft Forums. Hmm. . . . .

[Mod] Zan's Mods! (Minimap/Shape Builder) - 1.1_02! - Minecraft Forums

A while ago before the Holloween update Zaneris had PM'ed me with some questions about his mod. I guess he thought I was the best person to ask becuase of OSMS. I'll leave out the parts that are unimportant to my current point which is that eventually said conversation led to me asking him if he would make a mod with a different function. My idea is pretty much the same thing as the MAXI-Stack mod except that it would apply to all items, including tools, and food, and anything else that doesn't normally stack at all. Except that food & tools would be useless when stacked, for balance reasons. Hope this is close to what you wanted me to do Zaneris, Laterz. [Hey0 Plugin] BucketFix (v0.2)Buckets set flowing water/lava - Minecraft Forums. This is a hMod (121+) Plugin that fixes buckets so they set flowing water / lava when used.

[Hey0 Plugin] BucketFix (v0.2)Buckets set flowing water/lava - Minecraft Forums

It's not the most advanced plugin but until buckets are fixed by Notch this will make things work better. Installation: [Auto-Backup] MineSave v0.3 Alpha - Minecraft Forums. Minecraft Mod Central/ Texture Pack List - Minecraft Forums. ‡Beta Mods‡ •Water Shader by Kingbdogz, Kodaichi, Shockah, Flan, and 303 - Realistic looking water with reflections and ripples[Download Mod] •OptiFine by sp614x - Improves game performance and boosts FPS (a MUST HAVE if you have a weak computer) - Fixes all the HD Texture bugs (does everything McPatcher does) - New video options such as mipmapping, clear water, better grass, better fog, etc. [Download Mod] •HD Texture Fix by xau/ Kahr - Allows the easy usage of ANY HD texture pack from the Texture Pack Menu - Fixes the gold, brick, netherrack, and pumpkin bugs for 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, and 256x256 texture packs - Allows for making of custom animating water, lava, fire, and the portal textures for all packs - Makes the compass and watch work - Allows for making of HD Text - Gives an option of using Better Grass - Fixes other bugs caused by higher resolution textures[Download Mod] •The Aether by Kingbdogz, Kodaichi, Shockah, Flan, and 303 •LoafCat and FISHY by LostKingpin •Zeppelin by blakmajik.

[MOD] Mo' Creatures - Version 1.6.6 with Horses - Pegasus - Minecraft Forums. Horses are the first controllable mount in Minecraft.

[MOD] Mo' Creatures - Version 1.6.6 with Horses - Pegasus - Minecraft Forums

You will need to tame them before you can ride them. Once tamed, they won't despawn. There are 44! Different kind of Horses available. Only regular horses, donkeys and zebras spawn in the wild. Horses need a saddle to be ridden. Tamed horses can be bred with the following combinations: The Gofa made this video explaining the breeding chart: This is the formula for the Essence of Undead. When riding and undead horse, mobs will not attack you. To obtain rarer horses, you need a Zebra and the rare essences: Essence of Fire. Essence of Darkness. The Essence of Light is made by combining the other three essences The zebras can be found more frequently on plains biomes.