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Untitled. Why does your company need a Business Intelligence solution? Intelligence is very much required in analyzing essential information and making key decisions.

Why does your company need a Business Intelligence solution?

These decisions could be for a commercial establishment, for implementing government policies, or for developing strategies for any professional activity that includes healthcare, sports and tourism. The concept of analyzing different factors, predicting their outcomes and deciding strategies based on this refers to Business intelligence. Responsive websites vs. Mobile Apps; Why you need both? Several reports indicate that the quantity of mobile phone users have increased worldwide from 4.01 in 2013 to 5.07 billion in 2019.

Responsive websites vs. Mobile Apps; Why you need both?

That is a very wide audience and has encouraged several businesses across the world to develop mobile applications for their promotional campaigns and to define their digital presences. This blog speaks about the importance of having a responsive website to highlight your brand’s name in addition to developing a customized mobile application. The Apt Digital Marketing Solutions for 2019 – SGS Technologie. The world has become one single economy.

The Apt Digital Marketing Solutions for 2019 – SGS Technologie

Organizations and institutions of different industries, and even government departments remain connected in one big market place; which is the internet. There may be several businesses or institutions that provide similar products and services. Hence end-users can afford to be selective and this has raised the level of competition by huge margins. Quality of a product or service, its price and demand may be governing factors but the crucial differentiator for a business’ success these days is its level of digital marketing. Traditional marketing technique such as distributing pamphlets, advertising on newspapers and on television can reach only a very limited audience in the current economy.

Linking software upgrades with the growth of a business. Technology and large scale business operations are interwoven in the current economy.

Linking software upgrades with the growth of a business

You cannot separate one from the other. Every business, enterprise or public organization requires integration of technological tools, software applications and digital presences to progress in this competitive world. And, where there is technology, there is business! Yet a common error most businesses and departments make is that they do not link commercial growth with upgrades in technology. Entrepreneurs, heads of government departments and other institutions often have a misconception about software upgrades and maintenance; ‘An investment has already been made in developing our purchasing such technological tools. Why Does Your Firm Need a Visitor Management System? Every office witnesses a steady stream of visitors each day.

Why Does Your Firm Need a Visitor Management System?

Although this high presence of visitors could indicate that everything is functioning normally and business is doing great, it could also have its drawbacks. Whether it is a private company, government department or an educational institution, the importance of tracking the traffic allows for a better understanding of what is taking place within the organization. The necessity of knowing who is visiting your premises, the times they arrive and leave and for the purpose of the visit is crucial. An appropriate solution for this will be the integration of a visitor management software system to the existing infrastructure of your business or department. By doing so, it maintains security, keeping a digital log of visitors and their details, as well as improves the efficiency of managing the office as compared to traditional methods such as books or registers.

Predicting Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 – SGS Technologie. Digital marketing trends keep changing every year.

Predicting Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 – SGS Technologie

It had been witnessed in 2018 and these changes included the addition of several new features, following consumer preferences and identifying new brand opportunities. The same is predicted for 2019 although SGS Technologie suggests it could be more revolutionary. Being a specialized digital marketing company in Jacksonville, We expect social media trends will continuously to evolve and surprise all businesses in the economy.

It is difficult to estimate the exact number of changes that will be introduced in the social media marketing sector in a year. Yet, we have listed out the most expected trends based on the changes in 2017. · Predictive Data: This refers to identifying what active buyers seek before they even make purchases. . · AI and Chatbots: We will illustrate these concepts with situations rather than define them. . · Voice Search: Alexa and Google Home are now well known to anyone who browses the internet in the United States. Why should I update my website? – SGS Technologie. Let’s think about the topic from your perspective.

Why should I update my website? – SGS Technologie

You run a medium-to-large business somewhere in the United States and already have a website. Perhaps you are the Information Technology lead of a government department with a properly functioning website. Your activities may be running smoothly since the recent past. If there is nothing wrong with your website, then why should you invest on updating it? Perhaps these factors can give you a proper response. · Security: You already understand this reason.

. · Functionality: Imagine driving a Ford vehicle of the 90’on today’s roads? · Relevance: Are the pictures and content on your website relevant to your company’s product or service? Did you get the picture? Now that you have realized the importance of website updates, it is equally necessary that you are aware of the updates that can be made to a functioning website. · Technical Updates: Technical updates include updating the versions of your website’s design, theme and plugins. SGS Technologie - Client Testimonial. Improving Predictive Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence. Technology and advancements in medical science have greatly improved the provision of healthcare.

Improving Predictive Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

But there still remains a lot of room for innovation in predicting health hazards and prevention of ailments before they happen. As it has been said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Addiction to narcotic drugs such as dissociatives and opioids can be extremely fatal and interfere with the ability to heal. Drug Abuse is becoming, or perhaps has already become, an epidemic in the United States. The latest technology trends in healthcare – 2018. You are here The latest technology trends in healthcare – 2018.

The latest technology trends in healthcare – 2018