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What happens to a whale after it dies, as told by puppets.


FOSS 3-6 Modules. Oxygen. Science Games Online. Net guide to elementary science fun and games for kids online.

Science Games Online

NASA Kids' ClubPlay space science games. Explore space with Wall-E and Buzz Lightyear. Effective DetectiveDiscover the secret rule governing a natural phenomenon. The Franklin Institute Edheads - ActivitiesI learned something here! Brain GamesOnline and printable learning games from Neuroscience for Kids. Cyber TigerBuild a virtual tiger habitat from National Geographic. FOSSWeb.comChoose a grade range, then a science concept. Go UndergroundVirtually travel below the surface of Yellowstone, from National Geographic. Great Plant EscapeOlder elementary kids learn about plant science at this colorful site. HubbleSite Fun & GamesChallenging astronomy fun from this page about the Hubble Space Telescope. Science GamesGreat graphics and full-screen shockwave games engage children to learn about cells, the human body, volcanoes, gravity, atoms, vision, sound, matter, earthquakes, and the solar system.

Crystal Science Fair Projects - Tips and Ideas for Crystal Science Fair Projects. Crystals can make interesting and fun science fair projects.

Crystal Science Fair Projects - Tips and Ideas for Crystal Science Fair Projects

The type of project depends on your educational level. Here are some examples of crystal science fair projects and ideas to help launch your own creativity in choosing your own project. Make a Collection Younger investigators may want to make a collection of crystals and work out their own method for grouping the crystals into categories. Common crystals include salt, sugar, snowflakes, and quartz. Make a Model You can build models of crystal lattices. Prevent Crystal Growth Your project can involve ways you might prevent crystals from forming. Grow Crystals Growing crystals is a fun way to explore your interest in chemistry and geology.

If you want a good science fair project, it would be better if you tested some aspect of growing crystals rather than simply growing pretty crystals and explaining the process. Science World Resources. What happens when crude oil spills into the sea? [VIDEO] Science - Botany - Resources for Kids. About Botany Detail explanation of what Botany is, from Botanical Society of America.

Science - Botany - Resources for Kids

Includes areas of specialization. Plants and our Environment Site created by kids, for kids. Learn about plants, photosynthesis, pollination and more. Botany for Kids Projects designed for budding botanists. Botanical Society of America Collection of hundreds of images related to Botany. Plants for Kids Site breaks down into various plants with links to resources on that plant. The Great Plant Escape Solve six different "mysteries" about how plants grow.

Photosynthesis Learn about photosynthesis, leaf and leaf structure and the nature of light. Kindergarden An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors. Fun Facts about Fungi Learn all about Fungi! Flying Turtle Science An introduction to photosynthesis and energy presented in a fun ways kids will understand. Botanists A list of Botanists with articles on Wikipedia. Link Central | School Stuff | Science. Environmental Education Activities & Games. Educational Activities from the Canadian Museum of Nature. Educational Games. Science Museum - Launchpad Online - Launchball. Science Lesson Plans, Science Ideas, & Science Activities.