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Multiplication: 2-digit x 2-digit - no regrouping. Resource-Based Mathematics. Dr Mike's Math Games for Kids. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. Welcome to PALM. Math. - Math, Reading Comprehension, Themes, Lesson Plans, and Printable Worksheets.

Fraction Lesson Plans. The Most Colorful Math of All. The Story of The Young Map Colorer Click on each map to see a bigger version.

The Most Colorful Math of All

But what does this have to do with math? What next? EX Lesson Plan: Finding Pi - A Math Adventure. 1.)Explain that students will be learning about measuring circles and a mysterious number called "pi".

EX Lesson Plan: Finding Pi - A Math Adventure

Define the terms circumference, radius and diameter. Read the book Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi to the class. Card catalog description: When Sir Cumference drinks a potion which turns him into a dragon, his son Radius searches for the magic number known as pi which will restore him to his former shape.) 2.)Divide students into groups of 2-3. Unification Theory: ΣE <=> ΣTi.