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Personal Development

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Self Discipline and Willpower Training Program. A highly effective program for improving your willpower, self discipline and inner strength.

Self Discipline and Willpower Training Program

Willpower and self-discipline are essential tools for success in all areas of life, and are two of the most important skills everyone should possess. Their presence or absence is often the factor that leads to success or to failure, to take action or avoid action. This applies to major goals, and also to simple, everyday tasks. These two skills are indispensable at work and at home, in your private life and in your career. Online: Altoids and tin cases Archives. Mentat Training Plan. Getting really good at mental skills requires lots of practice.

Mentat Training Plan

Just as you can only become a great pianist, sportsman or chess player with dedicated practice, most of the skills on this wiki - such as memory training, mental calculation, and logic - also need practice to get really good at them. So to reach the goal of becoming a better thinker, we need a training plan. That's what this page, currently under construction, is here to provide.

Free Online Course Materials. Mathematical model explains marital breakups. ( -- Most people know love takes work, and effort is needed to sustain a happy relationship over the long term, but now a mathematician in Spain has for the first time explained it mathematically by developing a dynamical mathematical model based on the second law of thermodynamics to model "sentimental dynamics.

Mathematical model explains marital breakups

" The results are consistent with sociological data on marriage breakdowns. Most couples marry only after careful consideration and most are determined to make their marriage last, and a happy marriage is widely considered in Western societies to be important for overall happiness.