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Stéphane Frénot

Une réintroduction à JavaScript. IntroductionEdit Pourquoi une réintroduction ?

Une réintroduction à JavaScript

Parce que JavaScript peut raisonnablement se targuer d'être le langage de programmation le plus incompris au monde. Bien que souvent raillé comme étant un simple jouet, derrière sa simplicité désarmante se cachent certaines fonctionnalités de langage très puissantes. De nombreuses applications JavaScript de premier plan sont apparues, ce qui montre qu'une connaissance approfondie de cette technologie est une compétence importante pour tout développeur Web. Il peut être utile de commencer avec un aperçu de l'histoire de ce langage. Quelques mois plus tard, Microsoft a lancé avec Internet Explorer 3 une version du langage globalement compatible, appelée JScript.

Note : Dans la suite de cet article et à des fins de simplicité, nous utiliserons les termes « JavaScript » et « ECMAScript » pour désigner la même chose. L’indépendance des enseignants-chercheurs « J.R.C.T. Parce que le sujet est devenu incontournable pour toute personne qui travaille ou étudie à l'Université et parce que les choses sont loin d'être simples en la matière, j'ai essayé de réunir et de classer les principales décisions de justice mettant en oeuvre le principe d'indépendance des enseignants-chercheurs.

L’indépendance des enseignants-chercheurs « J.R.C.T.

Une synthèse (problématisée, évidemment) pourrait bien suivre... mais pour l'instant, place à la couleur : Les fondements textuels de l’indépendance des enseignants-chercheurs. Amazon Dynamo: The Next Generation Of Virtual Distributed Storage. A few weeks ago, Werner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon, published a long technical paper on his blog about Amazon's highly available storage system called Dynamo.

Amazon Dynamo: The Next Generation Of Virtual Distributed Storage

The paper itself is quite complex and technical and includes a description of the architecture, algorithms and tests that Amazon has been doing with the system. Yet, even from a casual glance, it is clear that Amazon's work is very important. Since early last year, the e-commerce giant has been making forays into becoming a Web OS company. Amazon has been methodically exposing pieces of its own infrastructure as commodity web services, and in the process confusing Wall Street analysts and making thousands of startups quite happy. Dr. Vim Tips for Java #2: Using exuberant-ctags - Vincent Liu. Ctags is a great tool for programmers.

Vim Tips for Java #2: Using exuberant-ctags - Vincent Liu

It creates an index to your source code to allow you to trawl through them for cross referencing. While the way it works doesn't look as snazzy as nicely formatted javadoc output like Netbeans, it does its job well enough for you to read up a field or method definition whenever you need it. You'll need to install exuberant-ctags separately, which you can find on its website. A requirement of using ctags, is that you'll need to have the Java source code available for ctags to parse them into a searchable index file for vim. It's usually located in your Java distribution at $JAVA_HOME/ Exuberant-ctags -R --language-force=java -f.tags /opt/sun-jdk- This command generates a '.tags' index file in my home directory. Autocommand FileType java set tags=~/.tags This should now allow you to jump to any definition in the Java API, whenever you need to look it up from your code. Public class TestClass { String s = new String(); }

What is Facebook's architecture. NoSQL at Twitter (NoSQL EU 2010) Twitter Engineering. Big Data Architecture. Blog Archive » Operations on a Graph Database (Part 1 - Nodes) Graph databases are still quite unfamiliar to many developers.

Blog Archive » Operations on a Graph Database (Part 1 - Nodes)

This is the first post in a series discussing the operations a graph database makes available to the developer. Just like there are only so many different things you can do on a relational database (like CREATE TABLE or INSERT), there are only so many things you can do on a graph database. It is worth looking at them one at a time, and that’s the goal of this series. This first post is on creating and deleting nodes. To recap, a graph database contains nodes and edges, or MeshObjects and Relationships (as we call them in InfoGrid), or Instances and Links (as the UML would call them), or Resources and Triples (as the semantic web folks would call them), or boxes and arrows (as we draw them on a white board). Nodes are those objects in a graph database that can stand on their own, they don’t depend on anything else. Twitter and the Architectural Challenges of Life Streaming Appli. Because Twitter is getting more popular, every glitch in the service is now felt more acutely.

Twitter and the Architectural Challenges of Life Streaming Appli

Going without Twitter for many people is even harder than going without email, and so outages lead to complaints. Complaints pile up and become debates, asking questions like: should Twitter be converted into a protocol and become decentralized? Is that the way to scale Twitter and make it more reliable? If not, how can that goal be accomplished? To me, the answer to decentralization is a firm no. The question that people should be asking, though, is how to properly scale Twitter and, for that matter, the whole slew of other life streaming applications.

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