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Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Feedo Style. Virto Social Aggregator. By VirtoSoftware - Product Type: Add-In / Web Part Combine RSS, Atom, blogs and Tweets into a single SharePoint view.

Virto Social Aggregator

Virto Social Aggregator is a SharePoint Web Part for aggregating and displaying posts from various RSS feeds, combining blogs, news as well Twitter and popular social networks. The component allows users to conveniently view feeds from a variety of sources. The Web Part is fully compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. FeedMix. Feed Mix lets you easily combine a few RSS feeds into one feed, edit it, and upload it.


It packs a unique combination of features! Our application comes with a number of great tools, including its built-in RSS reader, WYSIWYG feed editor, blog client, HTML editor, image editor, XML editor, and FTP uploader. Each of these tools has a simple graphical interface, which makes it easy to create a web feed even for a novice user. Feed Mix lets you easily create a web feed from a few existing ones.

Defcomb. Defcomb. NewsPeg. Google Custom Search. Blippex. AT&T halting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales following multiple fires with replacement phones - The Verge. Just connected with the world's #1 content marketing platform! A generation of GOP stars stands diminished: ‘Everything Trump touches dies’ Top story: Florida Panthers Name Derek MacKenzie Captain.

Untitled. Areas Affected by Hurricane Matthew. Marre des écrans ? Le tourisme déconnecté, un secteur d'avenir - Pop culture. Qu'est-ce qui se passe quand un satellite est détruit ? - Sciences. The Tweeted Times - personal newspaper generated from your Twitter account. Why Republicans Are Probably Stuck With Donald Trump. Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Free Astrology Horoscope of the Day. About Scorpio Thursday, October 22, 2015 – You wish you could fast-forward reality to get through this rocky part of your journey. However, your life is in better shape now than you realize, even if you're having trouble shaking off free-floating anxiety. It's just that you crave more emotional stability and the current uncertainty may trigger unusual feelings of helplessness or fear today.

NBC waited for green light from lawyers before airing Trump video. Samsung knew a third replacement Note 7 caught fire on Tuesday and said nothing - The Verge. Steven Murray on The Tweeted Times. Top story: Donald Trump's decades-long history of misogynistic comments and cru… see more. Donald Trump engaged in crude and demeaning conversations about women over a 17-year-period with radio shock-jock Howard Stern, according to a review by CNN's KFile of hours of newly uncovered audio.

Top story: Donald Trump's decades-long history of misogynistic comments and cru… see more

Among the topics Trump discussed: his daughter Ivanka's physique, having sex with women on their menstrual cycles, threesomes, and checking out of a relationship with women after they turn 35. Trump's long track record of making misogynistic comments and engaging in lewd conversations about sex took on a new and much darker tone on Friday night, when the Washington Post published audio of Trump, caught on a hot mic in 2005, bragging about how women let him do whatever he wants to them because he's a celebrity. While Trump's comments — in which he describes forcing himself upon women — stand apart from anything he has said in the past, Trump has long engaged in sexually explicit banter over the years, particularly on Stern.

On Ivanka Trump's physique. Tic Tac respects all women. We find the recent statements and behavior completely inappropriate and unacceptable. Donald Trump Says Campaign Not in Crisis, and There Is ‘Zero Chance I’ll Quit’ Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong. Apple attaqué en justice par une PME française qui en a marre de Safari - Tech.

A caller had a lewd tape of Donald Trump. Then the race to break the story was on. Top story: How the shocking hot mic tape of Donald Trump was exposed - Oct. 7, … see more. The videotape of Donald Trump that is shaking up the presidential election sat forgotten on a shelf at NBC's "Access Hollywood" until just a few days ago.

Top story: How the shocking hot mic tape of Donald Trump was exposed - Oct. 7, … see more

On Monday, according to an NBC source, one of the entertainment newsmagazine's producers remembered Trump's 2005 taping session with former "Access" co-host Billy Bush. Trump's offensive comments about Alicia Machado were still making waves. And the Associated Press had just published a detailed story quoting former "Apprentice" employees saying Trump "was lewd and sexist" while taping the reality show. Cinq Ottaviens arrêtés lors d'une opération antidrogue. Toronto Blue Jays hang on to beat Texas Rangers 5-3 in Game 2 - Toronto. Prêts à passer aux choses sérieuses.

Sept ans plus tard, 18 mois de prison. Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005. Un présumé meurtrier en cavale à Ottawa. POTUS on Hurricane Matthew: Top story: Hurricane Matthew: Live coverage - see more. Un 14e homicide en 2016 dans la capitale. NHC Active Tropical Cyclones. Un homme abattu par des policiers à Montebello. Top story: Free classifieds - see more. Enquête Nouage: le trafic de drogue, une affaire de famille. Un cycliste happé sur la rue Laurier. Man in wheelchair sought following alleged sexual assault. Top story: Obama reducing 102 inmates' sentences - see more. Top story: MTO on Twitter: "1917 – Ontario assumes responsibility for its first… see more.

Mounties offer apology and $100M compensation for harassment, sexual abuse against female members. The RCMP has delivered a historic apology to female officers and civilian members with a massive settlement over harassment, discrimination and sexual abuse claims that could cost up to $100 million.

Mounties offer apology and $100M compensation for harassment, sexual abuse against female members

About 20,000 current and past employees who have worked for the RCMP since 1974 could qualify for compensation, but it is expected that about a thousand will seek payments. The settlement agreement, which must still be approved by a Federal Court, deals with two separate class action cases that have been ongoing for nearly five years. Paulson tearfully apologizes. Un important réseau de trafiquants démantelé. Rising leverage clearest symptom of gathering storm. La Sûreté du Québec entre dans une nouvelle ère. Man in Toronto Police photo of alleged beer tosser comes forward. Cartographie des métiers du digital en 2016. Top story: Girl Dies in Aleppo After She Mistakes a Cluster Bomb for a Toy - AB… see more. Baraa Omar recalls the moment when 4-year-old Iman was brought to her hospital for treatment.

Top story: Girl Dies in Aleppo After She Mistakes a Cluster Bomb for a Toy - AB… see more

“When I first saw her, she was bleeding heavily and had many wounds. She had been transferred from another hospital that doesn’t have a pediatric care unit,” Omar, a nurse in Syria, told ABC News. “I noticed that her bandages needed changing because they were wet with blood. We changed the bandages and treated her. Disney isn’t going to bid for Twitter, either - Recode. Donald Trump’s Slip in Polls Has G.O.P. Worried About Congress. Morte la jugulaire tranchée. Top story: Ottawa expected to compensate 500 past and present female RCMP emplo… see more. About 500 female RCMP employees are hoping to be compensated without having to proceed with a class action lawsuit against the federal government over sexual harassment and discrimination in the RCMP.

Top story: Ottawa expected to compensate 500 past and present female RCMP emplo… see more

Details about a possible settlement are expected to be released at a news conference in Ottawa scheduled for 11 a.m. ET Thursday. A media advisory says there will be an "update on harassment-related litigation. " In attendance will be Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, Employment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk and two of the plaintiffs, including Cst. Janet Merlo. ‘Feeding frenzy’ in gold will reverse temporary drop. Branle-bas pour un faux enlèvement. Portugal's Antonio Guterres set to be UN secretary general. Caramail : le retour de la mort qui tue - ZDNet. Top story: First Nations education a cash-strapped 'non-system,' bureaucrats te… see more. First Nations schools on reserves are in such a dire state that federal bureaucrats in charge of the file have taken to calling it a "non-system," a striking admission that many Indigenous students are being ill-served by the very schools these public servants oversee.

Top story: First Nations education a cash-strapped 'non-system,' bureaucrats te… see more

A "secret" briefing note prepared for Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett, and obtained through access to information, says First Nations schools are failing students not only because of a dearth of federal funding but because "many communities lack the educational systems and structures required to close the educational outcome gap. " Most of the individually run, band-operated schools don't have proper curriculum development, teacher training, testing and quality assurance and the larger support structures — like a school board, elected trustees or an education ministry — that make schools work, the briefing note from November says. Grading the Gap. Top story: @BlueJays: '#OURMOMENT #OURMOMENT #OURMOMENT #OURMOMENT #OURMOMENT #… see more. Procès Louati: la cour en pleurs.

CNN - Breaking News, Latest News and Videos. Une unité défensive qui inquiète. Top story: NHC Atlantic Ops on Twitter: "For #Florida local info on #Matthew, f… see more. ‘The taste is in the squeak’: Why the key to the perfect poutine is the cheese curds — just don’t refrigerate them. Oct. 4 – Google.

Nuclear power plant safety inspections hit and miss, watchdog says. A federal watchdog has issued an urgent call to the country's nuclear regulator to tighten inspections of Canada's nuclear power plants, calling the current situation "not acceptable.

Nuclear power plant safety inspections hit and miss, watchdog says

" In a report released Tuesday, Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Julie Gelfand finds a number of failings at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the agency responsible for ensuring nuclear plants are safe and secure. Gelfand said 75 per cent of site safety inspections were carried out without an approved guide, and compared that scenario to a pilot taking off on a flight without going through a safety checklist. "I think it's pretty serious," she said Tuesday at a news conference across from Parliament Hill. Gelfand said the commission is not systematic or rigorous in its planning and documentation, relying instead on the professional judgment of staff.

Les juristes de l'État québécois songent à la grève. Top story: Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Britons for study of exotic matter… see more. The 8 million Swedish Krona prize (more than US $931,000) was divided between the three laureates according to their contributions -- one half awarded to David Thouless of the University of Washington, and the other half jointly to Duncan Haldane of Princeton University and Michael Kosterlitz of Brown University.

Top story: Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Britons for study of exotic matter… see more

"This year's laureates opened the door on an unknown world where matter can assume strange states," said the Nobel Foundation in a statement Tuesday. "They have used advanced mathematical methods to study unusual phases, or states, of matter, such as superconductors, superfluids or thin magnetic films" In the early 1970s, Kosterlitz and Thouless overturned the then-current theory that superconductivity could not occur in extremely thin layers.

"They demonstrated that superconductivity could occur at low temperatures and also explained the mechanism -- phase transition -- that makes superconductivity disappear at higher temperatures," explained the Foundation. Why is it important? Top story: Canadians aren't as accepting as we think — and we can't ignore it, … see more.

Back in December, TV viewers around the world were treated to the scene of Justin Trudeau, Canada's new, youthful prime minister, greeting Syrian refugees as they disembarked from government planes in Toronto. These images no doubt reinforced the impression that many Canadians have of their country: That it's a welcoming land of enormous generosity that celebrates the diverse cultures and languages arriving at her door — unlike our neighbour to the south that produced the venomous Donald Trump and seeks to integrate newcomers into a homogenous "American" society. But the job of a pollster often involves confronting social myths with inconvenient data. The fact is, though this high-minded view of Canada may be comforting to many, it's not entirely accurate.

A new study the Angus Reid Institute conducted in partnership with CBC reveals a slightly different portrait of Canadians than that of our national myth. Avec Marketplace Facebook se lance sur le marché des petites annonces. Add me on Snapchat! De Gatineau à Valleyfield... puis à Gatineau. Top story: E! cameras were not rolling during Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery - … see more. "All of us at E! Are incredibly thankful that Kim Kardashian West is safe, and we send her and her family our love and support," an E! Spokesperson told CNN. "'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' was not filming at the time of the robbery. Un changement de culture pour réduire les délais. Top story: Tahmid Khan to return to Bangladesh court after acquittal on terror … see more.

A Toronto university student released on bail in Bangladesh on Sunday after being acquitted of terror-related charges in that country will return to court in Dhaka on a lesser charge this Wednesday, his lawyer says. Marlys Edwardh, a lawyer hired by Tahmid Hasib Khan's family, told CBC News that the 22-year-old has been charged with "a lack of cooperation with the policing authority" by Bangladeshi authorities. He had been under investigation for connections to an attack by militants that left 20 people dead. It's alleged that he failed to appear at two police interviews on July 10 and 21 — a period during which his family maintains he was in police custody.

Un procès pour meurtre s'ouvre à Gatineau. Incendie sur Laval: l'enquête transférée au SPVG. Une rencontre touchante avec l’anci… see more. Introducing Marketplace: Buy and Sell with Your Local Community. By Mary Ku, Director of Product Management Facebook is where people connect, and in recent years more people have been using Facebook to connect in another way: buying and selling with each other. This activity started in Facebook Groups and has grown substantially. Facebook Messenger Day : la copie conforme des stories Snapchat. Comment vos e-mails et mots de passe se monnaient sur Internet - Le Temps. Top story: LeBron James: Why I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton for president - Busi… see more.

Blue Jays earn home field for wild-card playoff vs. Orioles - CBC Sports - Baseball - MLB. Top story: Lumber industry hopes for 'good deal for Canadians' in talks with U.… see more. Charles-Antoine Gagnon. Le front commun du taxi lance un appel à la grève pour mercredi. ‘Finally. Someone who thinks like me.’ Oromia: Stampede at Ethiopia protest leaves 52 dead.