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Reasons for the appearance of termites at home

25 september 2018

Reasons for the appearance of termites at home

Reasons for the appearance of termites at home
There are many reasons behind the emergence of termites, including: [1]

The openings that enable the ants to enter the house; such as: the openings near the outside door of the house.
Water leaks, especially in the kitchen near the sump or even inside the bathroom, which lead to large termites pools in these areas.
Lack of interest in cleaning the house, and not well ventilated, leading to the accumulation of termites in it.
Leave the door of the house or windows open for a long time, leading to ants entering the house through them.
Leaving the house dark for a long time, leads to a termite pool clearly.
The floor of the house is made of wood, leading to the assembly of ants on them or even inside them.
The presence of certain sugars, sweets or food residues located on or around the house, or the presence of some grains on the ground in the vicinity of the house, leading to their entry into the home.

Getting rid of termites at home
To eliminate termites we can follow the following steps, namely: [2]

Plug all openings in the house.
The use of anti-anemal powder, sprayed on the ant colonies in the house, and must be aware of the lack of touch by hand, and lack of access to food because of the possibility of being toxic to humans.
Clean the house well using a sterilizer; it has a great role in cleaning and sterilizing.
Cinnamon is sprinkled on places where termites are collected at home, vinegar can also be sprayed, as it expels ants from the house and prevents its return.
Close the doors and windows in the house, not to leave them open, in addition to disposing of the ant complexes surrounding the house through the use of special chemicals, insecticides.
Do not leave any residue of food on the table, on the sink or even on the floor.
Disposal of all cellulosic materials, such as hay, and plant residues on land either inside or around the house.

Information on White Ants
A termite or termite is a type of insect that lives in large groups or colonies in the ground. It is very diffuse, its color is white, its head is directly connected to its tail, and it feeds mainly on cellulose found in trees and plants. Human beings, if any, so prefer to move away from the areas of gathering, or try to get rid of these gatherings in various ways. [3]

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