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Arcade Game Generator. Arcade Game Generator Input one set of questions and answers, and create a whole batch of interactive, arcade-style games [view examples] Save them for use in the class, embed them in your blog/website/wiki! IPad versions of "Wordshoot" and "Flashcards" already available - more to follow! STEP 1: QUIZ TITLE a. Type the title of your quiz in the box below. STEP 2: QUESTIONS*ANSWERS b. What is two plus two? If you would like to direct players to a particular game, specify it here: None: Free choice.

When letter grades won’t work, there’s an app for that. Educators need a way to track traditionally “hard-to-measure” skills–an app might be the solution In my eighth grade physical computing class, I have a grade problem. The things that are most important to me–things like creativity, curiosity, persistence, critical thinking–are nearly impossible to quantify. I’m sure that I could come up with ways to measure these things indirectly and incorporate them into a mathematical formula, but I don’t believe such a formula would be accurate. Many of these skills and traits are neither linear nor hierarchical. The problem is that in my class, these things aren’t simply nice extras that I use to bump up a kid’s grade when she’s on the bubble at the end of the term.

(Next page: A solution in an app) Geddit. STUDYBLUE | Find and share online flashcards and notes from StudyBlue. Any subject, anywhere, anytime. Gradeable. Quick Key. Plickers - Clickers, Simplified. Create, Engage, Assess through Mobile Devices. | Interactive Lessons | Mobile Learning | Apps for Education | iPads in the Classroom.

7 Excellent Tools for Assessment in One to One Classroom. May 11, 2014 Today I am sharing with you a set of useful web tools for assessment in the one to one classroom. These tools are compiled by Apple Distinguished Educator Monica from Class Tech Tips and featured in this presentation . One of the tools included in this slideshow called Understoodit is no longer available and has become EventMobi. Here is a round-up of all the assessment tools Monica compiled: 1- Nearpod Create interactive presentationsEmbed quizzes, polls, and interactive responses 2- Edmodo Assign quizzes Students submit files Make announcements, message 3- ClassDojo Collect data on positive and negative behaviors Print out reports to share with parents and students 4- Socrative Create your own assessments Exit slips, multiple choice, short answer, true/false No login or student accounts needed 5- Screenchomp Records student work; video capture Share on multiple platforms: send as an email, replay, tweet Check for understanding, portfolio piece 6- The Answer Pad 7- Google Forms.

Geddit. Mentimeter. Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning & classroom response system. Quiz Socket. Infuselearning | Empowering The BYOD REVOLUTION. CueThink. QuizBean | Quickly Create Online Quizzes For Free. Alfie - What's it all about? - Mathematics Science and English Assessment - Alfiesoft Ltd. AlfieCloud delivers tests on-screen, so you have more time to do what you love doing… teaching! Its all about… Instant information AlfieCloud gives instant analytics.

Online tests are computer-marked resulting in fast data and accurate analysis of both individual and group performances – Including FSM, EAL and SEN tracking. Flexible testing AlfieCloud supports individual teaching. Secure results AlfieCloud helps moderate assessment. Greater insight AlfieCloud provides instant gap analysis. Maximising time AlfieCloud means less marking and more teaching. More motivation AlfieCloud motivates all stakeholders. Greater efficiency AlfieCloud pays for itself year on year. Making the grade AlfieCloud is proof of exemplary practice. Seeing for yourself A genuine alternative to paper based testing. Literacy Assessment Online. ActiveLearn. Learn - Cerego. Naiku | Balanced Assessment. Better Learning. Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning & classroom response system. Free - Mentimeter. TenMarks.


ExamSoft Worldwide. Mathspace. If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realise how complicated life is. John von Neumann While the human element of teaching mathematics can never be replaced, and is ultimately the best way of helping a student understand new material, the monitoring of a student's understanding (which is just as important as the initial delivery of the material), can be greatly enhanced by utilising current and growing technology. Mathematics is a subject that requires the greatest need for attention to a student's understanding due to the fact that every topic from a primary level, to the end of a student's secondary career, is interrelated and built upon assumed knowledge that a student has acquired in previous years.

If a student's lack of cognition, therefore, is not addressed as soon as it occurs, it inevitably has a compounding effect with regard to their understanding of any related topics that are subsequently taught. Mathspace. Mobile Mathematics.