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Trove database Resource Collection

From Repository to Trove. InfoToday, Building digital libraries journal article. Trove: More than a treasure? How finding information just became easier. I see tremendous opportunities for libraries this year because of advances in technology.

Trove: More than a treasure? How finding information just became easier

The changes in technology mean that anyone can create, describe or recommend content, which means that many people and organisations are becoming librarians or libraries in their own way. Librarians should not be threatened or dismayed by this but rather encouraged, it means that society is retaining its ongoing interest in the creation, organisation and dissemination of content, and we have an integral role in this.

Libraries and librarians are relevant more than ever in this environment because we have vast amounts of data and information to share, a huge amount of information expertise, and an understanding of how technology can assist us in making information more accessible. We need to have new ideas and re-examine our old ideas to see how technology can help us. What things have we always wanted to do that we couldn’t before, like providing a single all Australian information? [8] Warwick. Historic Newspaper Tips: An Insider’s Guide to Searching and Editing Trove.

You’ve probably never heard of John Warren.

Historic Newspaper Tips: An Insider’s Guide to Searching and Editing Trove

But if you’re a devotee of Trove and its ever-growing collection of digitised historic newspapers, chances are you owe John and his fellow correctors more than you may realise! John is the site’s top-ranked corrector, having edited a staggering 3.44 million lines of newspaper articles in the electronically translated text on Trove. Here, he shares his tips on searching and editing Trove so you too can help improve the site for your fellow Trove tragics – one line of newspaper at a time.

IH: What originally inspired you to start editing Trove articles? John: In September 2009 a distant relative discovered an article on Trove about the murder of my great grandfather. IH: How has Trove helped you research your own family history? Trove has also enabled family members who have noticed my editing to get in touch with me, and thus establish contact with branches of the family where prior contact had not been made. Smithsonian Digitization: A conveyor-belt driven imaging system.

Digitising the Library's collections. The Library's digitisation strategy We aim to create and preserve digital material on a scale never before seen in Australia.

Digitising the Library's collections

Around 20 million collection images or pages will be digitised progressively over the next decade, substantially increasing global access to the Library’s collections, and providing important benefits to regional areas and the creative industries in particular. These include: over 1,400 World War I diaries 150,000 key historical and literary documents over 500,000 images from major photographic collections over six million pages of NSW newspapers International and Australian maps; 40,000 subdivision plans books, posters and ephemera 40,000 items from the David Scott Mitchell collection medals and coins and Dixson numismatic collections 100,000 portraits, landscapes and natural history over 10,000 hours of sound recordings.

By any measure this is a substantial and very ambitious undertaking but the benefits to the community are immense. Highlights Subdivision Plans. IFLA newspaper digitization conference paper. Inselect Automating the Digitization of Natural History Collections. NLA conference paper Beyond Discovery Digital Scholarship, Connected Communities and the Evolution of Trove. Home. Digital collections - Best practice. Best practice – links to some relevant information.

Digital collections - Best practice

These links can be updated or added to through community comment and experience National Library of Australia (NLA) Other Australian resources State Library New South Wales (SLNSW) This Guideline builds on work done by SLIS/Practico in 2005 developing Digital practice: guidelines for digitising images in NSW public librariesThese guidelines were endorsed by the Library Council of NSW at its June 2005 meeting.

NSW State Records Equipment for Digitisation. Library of Congress (LOC) Building digital collections, a technical overview. Other American resources Digital Library Federation Digitizing Special Formats - list of resources is curated by the Digital Library Federation for the benefit of cultural heritage professionals planning projects involving the digitization of rare and unique materials. JISC Digital Media Other International resources Hathi Trust Digital Library Technology, Standards and Specifications. Collection digitisation policy.

Digitization guidelines for web.