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Scorpion Control Phoenix AZ. Scorpion control Phoenix is essential.

Scorpion Control Phoenix AZ

If you live in Arizona, then chances are you’ve had an encounter of have heard of encounters with the bark scorpion. They sting thousands of people annually, and are considered one of the most serious pests in the state. Bed Bug Extermination Phoenix AZ. The question of how to get rid of bed bugs in Phoenix is a tough one to answer.

Bed Bug Extermination Phoenix AZ

Bed bugs are among the most fabled of pests, resurfacing after decades of being thought long gone and no longer a problem. Bed bugs Pest Control is essential for getting rid of these resilient pests. Bed bug extermination is a field that needs to be updated, as old pesticides and methods don’t work so well anymore. Sexton Pest Control keeps at the top of the game of bed bugs pest control, making sure that our personnel are equipped with the best methods and the latest techniques about clearing out these persistent problems. Bed Bugs The fabled and much maligned bed bug; it was thought to be eradicated completely, and forgotten for decades by the general public. The adults are 1/4 inch in length, about as wide as they are long and dark brown in color. If there is any concern whatsoever that bed bugs may be present in the home, contacting Sexton Pest Control right away will save you many future headaches.

Ant Control Phoenix AZ. Sexton Pest Control has been doing ant control in Phoenix since the 1960s.

Ant Control Phoenix AZ

Fire ants have been a major concern for Arizona residents for decades now, being an invasive pest species that swarms over and stings pretty much anything that crosses their path. Sexton Pest Control has experience in dealing with these dangerous swarms, using insecticidal bait to take them out and then trace them back to their hive to deal with the queen. Beyond that, we can also guarantee that we can get rid of the problem at its root, or we will come back and do it again free of charge.

Imported Red Fire Ant Most any type of ant on your property is a nuisance, especially if that ant is known to swarm en masse and sting anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into its hive or foraging paths. Because fire ants nest deep in the soil, it can be difficult to control them through store bought products. Rodent Control Services Phoenix AZ. Sexton Pest Control is the best rodent control Phoenix Company available.

Rodent Control Services Phoenix AZ

Whether it is the highly successful house mouse, the fearsome bark scorpion, or the super-persistent bed bug, Sexton has the tools to handle it. Sexton has been cleaning out bugs and pests of all sorts since the 1960s, so you know you’re getting decades of experience in the industry and expertise in all sorts of methods. Whether its bait or pesticides, you can rest assured Sexton uses materials that are effective but also safe. Schedule an appointment, so Sexton’s personnel can impress you with how quickly and how completely they can purge your pest problem, down to the last fire ant. House Mouse The house mouse is the most successful mammal on Earth. This rodent lives almost entirely on the food and water provided by the homeowner. Pre-Construction Termite Applications. In the Arizona termite pretreat market, no one does it better than Sexton Pest Control.

Pre-Construction Termite Applications

Through out the state, Sexton has thousands of satisfied customers from home builders, commercial builders and homeowners. Our attention to detail is unparalleled and our pretreats are backed by a five-year re treatment warranty. Due to the wide range of termiticide prices and slab types, please contact our office at 602-942-3653 for specific pricing and service schedules. You may also request pre-treat services and bids at our website. We can also arrange for a Sexton representative to visit you and conduct a free inspection and estimate. Sexton Pest Control guarantees to treat any occurrences of subterranean termites during the five-year pre-treatment warranty period. Sextonpestcontrol. Sextonpestcontrol. Realtor Pest Control Services Phoenix AZ. Whether you are a realtor looking to get a piece of property ready to sell or you are running a Home Owners Association, Sexton Pest Control provides professional pest control services to meet your specific problems.

Realtor Pest Control Services Phoenix AZ

Sextonpestcontrol. Commercial Pest Control Service Phoenix AZ. The first impression of your business is very important to prospective customers.

Commercial Pest Control Service Phoenix AZ

Having pests running around definitely will turn customers off and you will lose business. Residential Pest Control Phoenix AZ. Sextonpestcontrol. First established 1960, Sexton Pest Control in Arizona has long been the benchmark for Phoenix exterminators and has been serving Phoenix metropolitan areas including Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler & other surrounding cities. The company has a legacy of integrity, innovation, commitment, and passion that drives it to be the best of the best. Whether it is bee removal Phoenix or clearing out infestations of bed bugs, whether its rat populations or fire ants, or bee hives, Sexton Pest Control has the tools and the experience to handle it all. Sexton has made it its mission to provide unparalleled service and work to guarantee customer satisfaction, whether it is dealing with weeds, pests, termites, or more. We prove ourselves every day as industry leaders, being the best and using the best.

Established in 1960, Paul Sexton Sr. began this business with these principals in mind: integrity, passion, innovation, and an uncompromising commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Sextonpestcontrol.