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Design a snowflake. Make Modern Paper Ornaments. Christmas Having completed yards of modern paper holiday garland, I wanted to create some more paper decorations to maintain the look and colors throughout my home. I tried making paper snowflakes from the colored cardstock, but they didn't really work. Then I recalled an old trick I learned in Sunday school as a kid which we called "onion bulbs" and put them all over the Chrismon trees. They used paper strips to create the shape of teardrops and hearts, and we made them from white paper and glued so many globs of gold glitter that it would stick the coats and fancy outfits of the old church ladies that would brush up against them. So, I experimented a bit with different sizes, and came up with a more polished decoration with a mid-century vibe.

Materials 12 x 12" cardstock (in the scrapbooking aisle at the craft store)Paper cutter or scissors and rulerBinder clips1/4" hole punch 1/4" metal eyelet kit (in the sewing notions section, might be called grommets) and hammer or white glue 1. 2. Shamrock Barrette. When I was a kid, you didn’t dare go to bed on March 16th without something green on. “But, I have green eyes!” Didn’t cut it. My red-bearded, last-name-starts-with-Mc dad would leprechaun-ninja attack in the morning with a pinch. We took the holiday seriously. In the interest of saving my poor defenseless daughter (have I ever mentioned she’s a black belt?) To make one for yourself, you’ll need some fabric, a button, hot glue, a tiny piece of green embroidery floss or thread and this pattern. Cut the shape out on the fold, as indicated on the pattern. Press, if needed, then fold with right sides together. Turn right-side out and press.

Turn the end near the stem to the inside about 1/4” and press. Hand sew a long running stitch near the bottom edge, all the way around. Pull tightly to gather. Stitch through the button holes with the embroidery floss and knot on the back. Glue the button on the front. Erin Go Bragh! Like this: Like Loading...