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Cute Fleece Pillow Stuffed Animal Toys – September 10, 2011Posted in: Fabric Crafts, September Crafts Make pillows for children’s toys and gifts. Our quick and easy fish and bird designs will be hours of fun, and double as cute decor. Cute Fleece Pillow Stuffed Animal Toys
Design a snowflake Click within the grid lines on the left to start making a snowflake. Any point that you make will also produce more points in the right place to create the symmetrical snowflake (reflective with six lines of symmetry). It will start drawing the snowflake in white. If you click on the same point again, it change it back to black. You can only click within the grid lines. Design a snowflake

Series 7 - Ornament-ED Finale: Heart House Ornament

I have been feeling some feelings lately. Like, feelings of well-being. Like, spontaneous-breaking-into-song-and-general-wonderfulness-type feelings. I know... Series 7 - Ornament-ED Finale: Heart House Ornament
Time Required:~ 20 mins What you’ll need:Paper (I printed off double-sided sheet music from the internet)RulerScissorsPencilStyrofoam ball (I used about 1.5” balls)Dressmaker’s pins Cut strips of paper. Using the ruler and pencil, mark cutting lines if needed (I did) Erase any visible pencil markings Cut the strips into about 3” sections D-I-Y: Loopy Christmas Balls | Laura Wears... D-I-Y: Loopy Christmas Balls | Laura Wears...
Ribbon Candy Ornaments I remember trying to eat ribbon candy at Christmastime when I was a kid. It was always a little too big for my mouth and didn’t really taste that great. But I ate it anyway, because it was one of those things that was only available this time of the year, which made it special. As the years passed, I got over the need to actually eat the stuff, but I still think it’s pretty. When my kids were small, we found kits to make ribbon candy ornaments from actual ribbon, thread and beads. This is my take on those, using wire instead of thread. Ribbon Candy Ornaments
Christmas Having completed yards of modern paper holiday garland, I wanted to create some more paper decorations to maintain the look and colors throughout my home. I tried making paper snowflakes from the colored cardstock, but they didn't really work. Then I recalled an old trick I learned in Sunday school as a kid which we called "onion bulbs" and put them all over the Chrismon trees. How To: Make Modern Paper Ornaments How To: Make Modern Paper Ornaments
This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 1 hour Ages all-ages Sweeten up the Christmas tree with a collection of chocolate mice ornaments. What you'll need Hershey's Kisses Pink felt Scissors Double-sided carpet tape Fishing line Self-adhesive googly eyes Curling ribbon Christmas Ornaments: Mice Ornaments | Homemade Christmas Ornaments Christmas Ornaments: Mice Ornaments | Homemade Christmas Ornaments
101 Handmade Christmas Ornaments Get ready for the holidays with handmade ornaments! There’s something about handmade ornaments that really make me smile. I made ornaments every year with my mom as a child and creating this list reminded me of some of those classic ornaments. She still has some of them to hang on her tree! Have you ever made a quilted ornament without sewing? Those were some of my favorites!

101 Handmade Christmas Ornaments

cashmere bunny tutorial cashmere bunny tutorial We’ve got bunnies! Super lux cashmere bunnies…mmm! I’ve acquired a lot of scraps from making recycled cashmere scarves last holiday.
Symmetry in Snowflakes - Geometric Toys to Make - Aunt Annie's Crafts What you will make: After you complete this project, you will be able to make a snowflake from any square sheet of paper with easy folds and a few cuts. You will learn how to make snowflakes by using the simple snowflake and plain square patterns first. Once you understand how to make a paper snowflake, get creative! Make snowflakes of your own design with white paper, colored paper, wrapping paper, origami paper, or just about any lightweight paper. Symmetry in Snowflakes - Geometric Toys to Make - Aunt Annie's Crafts
Welcome to Aunt Annie's Crafts! Take a look around. You'll find crafting fun for children, teens and adults. A craft how-to is featured each Monday, with a special craft treat added each Wednesday, and at the end of the week it's Friday Fun with simple crafts for families, groups or classrooms. Featured this week: Make a special card that's a gift, too! Aunt Annie's Crafts - Crafts and more, for all ages!
Shamrock Barrette When I was a kid, you didn’t dare go to bed on March 16th without something green on. “But, I have green eyes!” didn’t cut it. My red-bearded, last-name-starts-with-Mc dad would leprechaun-ninja attack in the morning with a pinch.
Spring Wreath with Coffee Filters and Food Coloring Did y'all see my spring wreath on kojo designs last week? In case you missed it I am going to repost it here...yes it because I am in LOVE with it!! My spring with with coffee filters and food coloring is sure to make your heart go pitter patter. Coffee filters and food coloring??
{How To}Taming the Scrap Basket - Well, as I mentioned in my last post ….. My scrap basket over flows from time to time! That means it is time to create something fun to share with everyone!! A few weeks ago, my basket was crazy and I just pushed everything to the side and had some fun!
Congratulation to the 3 winners who won the Green, Red and White trees during the Kanzashi Christmas Tree Giveaway Draw recently!!! For those who didn’t win or missed the boat, don’t be disappointed, here is the tutorial with complete step-by-step photos and even videos to guide you all the way to make the Christmas Tree!!! Though it looks tedious but if you get your hands on it, it is pretty simple!!! Sewing Tutorial: Kanzashi Christmas Tree
Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments
Glue and Glitter Snowflakes
Make Felt Christmas Ornaments from Better Homes and Gardens
40+ Scented Sachets To Make: {Free Patterns
DIY - Pretty Pens
Make It: Felt Birthday Banner - I Can Teach My Child!
Make It: Felt Birthday Banner - I Can Teach My Child!
Summer Living: Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Crafts - Martha Stewart