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A Study of Reality - kriadydragon - White Collar. There was a perfection to Caffrey's personality that should have made him a cliché.

A Study of Reality - kriadydragon - White Collar

If anyone else tried to wear those clothes, smile that charmingly, come off as that friendly, it would have made them a caricature that society would have laughed at. But for Caffrey, it worked. Show Chapter. When the Walls Start Caving In, White Collar. Takes place after Diamond Exchange, contains season 5 spoilers.

When the Walls Start Caving In, White Collar

A warning, this is a very dark story. I never intended to go this deep but I started it, and was carried wherever the story took me. This story includes torture (Not explicitly descriptive) and vague references to rape that happens off screen, but as a whole the fic could possibly be quite triggery. Written as gen, but I suppose it could be slash if you squint. Title inspired by the song 'The Resistance' by Muse, a difficult choice from one of many songs that inspired this work. Friday Despair. The 'complete loss or absence of hope.' Fic: My Dear Boy - White Collar - don't be dull, be fannish. Title: My Dear BoyAuthor: katikatRating: NC-17Genre and/or Pairing: GenSpoilers: NoneWarnings: Violence!

Fic: My Dear Boy - White Collar - don't be dull, be fannish

Creepy! Seriously disturbing! Word Count: ~970Summary: Written for the collarkink meme, prompt: It's Neal who's kidnapped by the bad guy of the week to get under Peter's skin. Yami_tai! Two days after Neal had been kidnapped right in front of Peter's eyes, Peter received a package. Peter knew that he should call the bureau and get the forensics there, but a sudden dread seized him. He kept his coat on when he popped the tape into the player and sat down on the couch. A dark room with a large bed appeared in black and white colors, the bound figure on the stark white sheets the only thing in focus. There was a noise behind the camera and Neal startled, jerking his head towards it.

"Shh," the figure - a man, Peter guessed - cooed. Peter stiffened and his heart started to hammer at a rapid pace. 14743. Caged Ch 1, White Collar. Season 5 finale spoilers ahead, but really sort of vague.

Caged Ch 1, White Collar

I suppose this could be anywhere in their time line, but I wrote it as a follow up to that awesome finale. One of the best ones, in my opinion, especially after a season I was kind of iffy on. But this is left purposely vague as far as circumstances as to who took Neal, where he's been, and what they wanted him for. Let me know what you think! "You say that you're trapped. In a cage.

Pure Coincidence - arllama - White Collar. It wasn’t a typical visit to the field for Peter.

Pure Coincidence - arllama - White Collar

His shoes were more suited to bank vaults and art galleries with their polished granite floors, not the rough, uneven terrain of a subway tunnel. He had almost lost his footing twice already. Jones, a few feet in front of him, didn’t seem to be having any trouble. He made a mental note to find out what kind of shoes he had on. The day had started off normally enough, inside a comfortable office with air conditioning and not in an underground tunnel. Show Chapter. Twelve Days to Christmas, White Collar. "Sorry, I'm late.

Twelve Days to Christmas, White Collar

" Peter rushed into the conference room, knowing all eyes were on him. He glanced around. "Where's Neal? " "We thought he was coming with you" Diana answered. Monster Headache - Fluencca - White Collar. "I wouldn't do that, if I were you," Caffrey said, and pointed.

Monster Headache - Fluencca - White Collar

Wilkes' mind processed fast. He'd already realized that if the feds had the girl, it must have been Caffrey who somehow tipped them off. He'd seen but only just now noticed that Caffrey wasn't as nervous as he should be—the sonvabitch was actually smiling. Awake Dreaming Ch 1, White Collar. Awake Dreaming Chapter 1 "If you promise to behave, I'll take the hood off.

Awake Dreaming Ch 1, White Collar

" He blinked away the sweat dripping into his eyes; drawing short shallow breaths. Not Alone, White Collar. Keeper, White Collar. It was fifteen days and eleven hours since he went into the room - fifteen days and eleven hours before Peter pulled him out.

Keeper, White Collar

Neal knew exactly how long because they'd let him keep his watch, after examining it carefully for hidden lock picks or transmitters. He wasn't sure if that was meant to be a mercy or another way of tormenting him. He'd tried to escape. He felt that was important, and he kept trying to tell Peter, but Peter kept hushing him and trying to make him sit down. He'd tried to escape, but they had caught him every time - caught him and hit him and hurt him. Well, now they were facedown and cuffed on the pavement (roughed up a little too, from the look of it), and Neal was outside ... outside, in the sunshine with Peter holding onto the back of his shirt with one fist tangled up in it like he was trying to stop Neal from escaping.