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Egg Canvas. Fashion Blog by Annabelle Fleur. Style et inspiration pour les tribus contemporaines. Kale, so chic ! - Oui ! Le magazine de la Ruche Qui Dit Oui ! Stories – Kinfolk. Glossy: Fashion, Luxury, Technology. RECIT FRANCEINFO. Warren ou l'Amérique désenchantée : comment une petite ville de l'Ohio a basculé d'Obama à Trump. Travel. The new beginnings edition - Issue N°2. Centurion Magazine. Medium. Forbes Concept redesign on Behance. INBEDWITH the fan magazine.

CAVIAR. Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blog. Brand Stories, fashion pics & behind the scenes. Misty Mountains. Eleifend commodo dui facilisis nec.

Misty Mountains

Aliquam mi sapien, ultrices a ultrices non, sodales ut diam. Fusce semper risus eu magna placerat pulvinar. Nullam ac odio non ligula semper auctor. Fusce semper risus eu magna placerat pulvinar. “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”Ansel Adams Nullam ac odio non ligula semper auctor. Nulla rhoncus elementum rhoncus. Fusce semper risus eu magna placerat pulvinar. Siemens Power Generator. Safe and efficient operation of power generator requires specialized monitoring systems.

Siemens Power Generator

The overwhelming majority of the world’s electric power is created by turbine-driven generators. Large scale generators typically range from 500 Megawatts to 1.5 Gigawatts and are designed for continuous uninterrupted operation. DANISH™ The man behind the J39 Chair, Børge Mogensen, was the furniture designer who placed quality furniture at reasonable prices in to Danish homes.


From his private practice, Børge Mogensen created some of the 1950s’ and 1960s’ most iconic classics. Børge Mogensen’s lifelong mission was to create simple and practical furniture. Rumour has it that it was a surplus of roundwood in the factory’s stockroom that led to Børge Mogensen designing the J39 Chair in 1947. It is safe to say that this was truly a fortunate incident, as the chair is one of Denmark’s most sold wooden chairs today and has been in production ever since its launch. Behance. TRY/APT - VM Sveisen 2014. Cinematic Continuity on UI Design — Design Words. Continuity and UI Design Continuity plays a key role in UI Design as it helps user’s understanding of the system they are using.

Cinematic Continuity on UI Design — Design Words

6c2222fe5985031c7245c3644e5e6629. 538f12cd08513. Discovering new things to cook, make and do. Boutique Accommodation in Australia. The Breed - The Ultimate Fashion Photography Resource. Construct London. The State of the World’s Children 2015. A fine site.

Creative WordPress Magazine Theme. Self-Design and Public Space. Self-design has entered a new era—an era of mass production.

Self-Design and Public Space

Today, hundreds of millions of people around the world are creating their doubles, their avatars, and their public personas on the Internet. Contemporary means of image production such as photo and video cameras are relatively cheap and universally accessible. Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter give global populations the ability to make their photos, videos, and texts readily available; these social media circumvent traditional institutions of censorship and control even as they create new methods in the management of personal information. At the same time, contemporary design makes it possible for the same populations to shape and experience their apartments or workplaces as artistic installations. Warby Parker » ALECTIA – Masterminding Sustainable Progress. The Online Home of Fashion: News, Runway Shows, Trends, Fashion Models, Designers, Shopping, Beauty & More. MMI. China's Island Factory. A Game of Shark and Minnow - Who Will Win Control of the South China Sea? A Game of Shark and Minnow In a remote corner of the South China Sea, 105 nautical miles from the Philippines, lies a submerged reef the Filipinos call Ayungin.

A Game of Shark and Minnow - Who Will Win Control of the South China Sea?

Satellite imagery: NASA. Gareth W. Rice. Faces of New York Fashion Week. How to Use Polyvore to Drive Traffic and Sales for Your Online Store. Sadi Consati. AMUSEMENT.NET. Suit Up or Die Magazine #1. Jux. Simply the best showcase for you. Sports. MAP - News. SilkTricky. Magazine. Merchants on Long. What’s Happening. Sources d'inspiration et dernières tendances.

Play Ce magnifique film de l’artiste Bela Borsodi nous raconte l’histoire pleine de magie de la collecte de vêtements.

Sources d'inspiration et dernières tendances

Quel que soit son style – garçon manqué ou chic sophistiqué – la photographe et bloggeuse Berta Bernad est une icône du jour parfaite. Découvrez son style. Pour ce qui est du maquillage des yeux, préparez-vous à pénétrer dans un jardin magique. Avec des nuances empruntées aux fleurs et à la … Découvrez les plus beaux looks streetstyle du Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival de Californie, où musique et mode fusionnent avec … En exclusivité pour H&M Life, la pop star suédoise Lykke Li a réalisé un clip en version acoustique du morceau Gunshot, tiré de son dernier album. Untitled. Design/Art Blog, Blog über Design/Art, Design/Art News. Whistles - Journal. Adidas Originals. Create Fashion Outfits and Looks. Fi Blog. The Obakki Foundation. Design made in Germany. Innovative holiday & travel ideas that help you learn, grow and change.

USA TODAY: Latest World and US News - Interactive advertising now. L'Oréal Paris - Insider. Fashion, Art, Music, Film, Ideas. Satellite Voices. Moscow / Culture Moscow with… Andy Isakin Moscow based designer and film director showcases his beloved faces of Moscow August 1, 2012 Paris / Culture Behind the scenes of the PXA with Daniella Benedetti The return of the street basketball tournament hosted by Nike Stadium Paris and Pigalle Paris July 31, 2012 Gallery: Faces&Laces Katya Kochurina reports back from Moscow’s annual street culture festival June 27, 2012 Dubai / Culture An Art Intervention From An Anonymous Artist In a city starved of independent public art, we explore a guerrilla sticker project by the mysterious artist also behind a wave of textual graffiti June 22, 2012 Rome / Culture.

Satellite Voices

Capitol Couture. In his latest multimedia project, renown photographer/videographer Nick Knight unites with model Alexia Wight and couturier Lady Amanda Harlech for an unique look at the marriage of art and science- a subtle homage to the collaborative efforts of Districts 1,2, and 8 in the latest Peacekeeper armor redesign.

Capitol Couture

“The Elegant Universe” is a beautiful amalgamation of several prestigious couture pieces from names like Armani Prive, Chanel Haute Couture, Dior Haute Couture, Atelier Versace and more, collected in a scientific, technologic setting to “create a stunning, mathematical universe out of each individual piece of couture.” The unique endeavor strives to display beautiful images next to their more scientific, abstract-appearing 3-D scanned texture maps. Capitol Couture salutes Nick Knight, Alexia Wight, and Lady Amanda Harlech for their collaborative efforts and their continuing commitment to the united vision of One Panem.