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.: Milcomp Produtos Eletrônicos Ltda :. Loja eletrônica. ELETRÔNICA REI DO SOM LTDA. Compre Componentes Eletrônicos Baratos no Pioneira em lasergrills no Brasil. Welcome. Guitar Effects Pedals, Schematics, Stompboxes & Electronic Projects. DIY FAQ - DIY_Wiki. From DIY_Wiki DIY Stompbox FAQ.


Copyright 2006 by Aron Nelson, All Rights Reserved. Here is info to help you get around problems I had when I was starting out... SKILLS you need to build your own stompboxes. For the new guys.... Graphical Resistance Calculator. Music Thing. 3 MP INDÚSTRIA DE FERRAMENTAS LTDA. Caixas de Metal e Aluminio - Cameras de Segurança.