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I am an avid rider who is proud of the miles on his odometer! When I am not hitting the highways, I love to write and share travelling tips and tricks, best places to visit, opinions, recommendations motorcycle helmets, riding gloves, jackets and other riding accessories.

9 Motorcycle Safety Facts Nobody Tells You! When you’re riding a motorcycle, you feel free and excited but in that excitement many people end up making mistakes because they are not aware of some of the most crucial safety facts.

9 Motorcycle Safety Facts Nobody Tells You!

Here are 9 of the most neglected safety facts that you need to know in order to protect yourself from accidents on the road. 1. Helmets are important, so are other gears! How to Buy the Best Helmet Within Your Budget? Are you in the market looking for a brand-new helmet?

How to Buy the Best Helmet Within Your Budget?

In today's market you can find a brand-new helmet from anywhere around Rs.800 to up to Rs.3000 (or more!) Depending on the bells and whistles and other features that you go for! How much you end up spending on the motorcycle helmet is completely subjective to the choices you make while purchasing the helmet. But the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that even the most affordable helmet will give you the same amount of safety against the dangers on the road as long as it is certified and carries all the property approval from road safety authorities in your country. 5 Situations When You Must Use Hazard Lights. When to use hazard lights?

5 Situations When You Must Use Hazard Lights

Should you use hazard lights when reversing? Should I install hazard lights on my motorcycle? All of these are valid questions and every motorcycle Rider must ask himself or herself before getting out on the road. How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Riding Gear For Winter? With the winter right on top of us, you don’t want to be caught unprepared while going on a ride with your friends.

How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Riding Gear For Winter?

The most important thing about staying warm in the winter is be completely insulated and prevent the cold air from getting inside your body. For that, you are going to need the right set of motorcycle riding gears in addition to a high-quality motorcycle helmet. Speaking of helmets, compared to open face or half face helmets, full-face helmets are the best when it comes to blocking air and keeping your face and neck warm on your rides. You can also check out modular helmets which allow you to convert the full-face helmet into an open-face helmet with just a few clicks of the levers conveniently placed on the sides of the helmet.

Here is everything you need to know about purchasing the right good quality branded motorcycle riding gears for your winter rides. How to Plan a Stress-free Winter Road Trip? - AtoAllinks. With the sun simmering down by late October, winter becomes the best time to go on vacations especially in India where summers are prohibitively hot and spring is nothing more than a cursory nod of the weather gods that hardly lasts a few weeks!

How to Plan a Stress-free Winter Road Trip? - AtoAllinks

So, winter is the best time to get on with your pending vacations. Since time is at a premium for everybody, going on a vacation might seem like achieving a corporate goal, which can get stressful, here are some practical tips to minimize the stress and maximize fun on your trip. Book accommodations very early It’s October now, start looking for good hotel rooms if you are planning to go on the trip within November. The best hotels are booked several weeks in advance and therefore, you can’t expect to get good accommodations at the last minute. Practical Tips For Enjoying The Perfect Two-wheeler Tour This Winter. If you have been postponing your road trip because of the pandemic it’s time you got on the road and started your journey.

Practical Tips For Enjoying The Perfect Two-wheeler Tour This Winter

People are already throwing their legs across their motorcycles and beginning to ride across state borders as the stipulations and restrictions become less strict. We have got a few useful tips for you to enjoy the perfect two-wheeler tour this winter. so, let’s get started. Going on a Solo Bike Trip After Lockdown? Here is Everything You Need to Know - Christian Professional Network Articles By SMK Helmets. Travelling on a motorcycle is one of the most thrilling experiences that can give you the opportunity to explore new places for a fraction of the money that you would otherwise spend if you plan to travel by a car.

Going on a Solo Bike Trip After Lockdown? Here is Everything You Need to Know - Christian Professional Network Articles By SMK Helmets

Many people like to travel with companions because it gives them the opportunity to share their experiences with someone else and if it's the same you want you can always have a friend as a pillion rider but if that is not a possibility because of the social distancing challenges in a post-pandemic world, you might prefer to ride alone. With the world still crawling back to normalcy after the pandemic, there are a few things that have changed which you need to be aware of before setting out on your solo motorcycle trip. How To Plan A Multi-destination Road Trip On A Limited Budget?

The recent pandemic has been a strong reminder of the fact that we need to be prepared for unforeseen events in life and enjoy every moment while it lasts.

How To Plan A Multi-destination Road Trip On A Limited Budget?

If you have been postponing your journeys for a while now, things are slowly creeping back to normal and you can now plan for a multi-destination road trip on a limited budget. Here is everything you need to know about going on a road trip for as little money as possible. We usually start with money matters, but since this is about a multi-destination travel plan it is important to first set down the waypoints that you plan to travel through during your trip. Take a map or open your laptop and set down all the places that you plan to touch during the upcoming road trip. How To Teach Someone Else To Ride A Two-wheeler? - Article By SMK Helmets. Top 5 Tips for Safe Street Riding in The Philippines.

Planning to go on a trip after Philippines?

Top 5 Tips for Safe Street Riding in The Philippines

It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and that is why people from all around the world come here to explore the beautiful nature and multiple things that make Philippines one of the most visited please for both motorcycle tourists, and people who choose to go the traditional way. With that in mind, if you were planning to explore the Philippines on a motorcycle, here are five safety tips to help you ride safely on the streets of the Philippines. Don’t just trust the rear-view mirrors. 5 Smart Tips to Stay Safe on Long Rides. 5 Pro Tips to Stay Energetic on Summer Motorcycle Trips. By Seth Martin Marketing Head Planning to go on a motorcycle trip this summer?

5 Pro Tips to Stay Energetic on Summer Motorcycle Trips

There is still a lot of time to plan, and in addition to other basic things that you need to take into account- there is also the matter of staying energetic, because summer can be very harsh on your psychology and Physiology and the constant sweating can easily cut down on your maximum potential to cover more distances post op with that in mind, here are five pro tips to stay energetic on your motorcycle trips during the summer months.

Avoid riding after 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM. 5 Money Wasting Traps You Should Know and Avoid. Do you often find yourself thinking that you have been unnecessarily spending a lot of money on your motorcycle road trips than you initially intended to do? The problem is not with your financial planning but with giving in to emotional spending impulses. On top of that, you also get people who are present and the tourist destinations to take your money without giving you the appropriate value for the services that you expect out of them. All of that, and a lot more in this article where we will see 5 of the most common money wasting traps that motorcycle travelers often find themselves in. So, let's get started. Don't eat enter tourist destinations.

How to Buy the Best Helmet If This Is Your First Time. 5 Motorcycle Maintenance Basics: Spring Edition. Ready to take out your motorcycle on a spring ride? Have you done all the necessary maintenance that needs to be done before any long distance right? Perhaps not, but not to worry there is still enough time to do that, and with that in mind here are five basic motorcycle maintenance things that you can do at home without involving the mechanic. 7 Proven Tips to Improve Night Riding Safety.

Do you often find yourself raining in tonight? If that is the case, and you often think that you should increase the safety of your night riding trips, here are a few practical and proven technique that will help you stay safe while riding in the dark. Before we begin, we are strongly of the view that you should not continue to write in the dark if you are not too sure about the safety specially infrastructure condition is not up to the mark and there isn’t any proper street lighting in the stretches that you find yourself riding frequently.

Whenever possible, keep the motorcycle parked safely and take a cab home. So, let’s get started. Be Visible to Others: the first thing that you need to take care of your own visibility to total riders and motorists on the road. Buying a Bluetooth Helmet in the Philippines? Read This First - Christian Professional Network Articles By SMK Helmets. Are you looking to buy a brand-new motorcycle helmet in the Philippines? Have you heard that the latest innovation in motorcycle helmet technology is the Bluetooth module that lets you take calls on the go? If you are planning to get a branded premium motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth in it, here are a few things that you need to know first. 7 Green Travel Tips for Motorcycle Tourers in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the most bio-diverse and beautiful places on earth which makes it one of the most visited places for international tourists as well. So, if you are considering a motorcycle tour of the Philippines, make sure that you do not leave it any worse than you found it in!

As an eco-responsible traveler, it is our responsibility to reduce our footprint on the environment and do our due diligence in protecting nature so that generations after us can enjoy the pristine beauty as much as we did! 5 Reasons Why Every Rider in The Philippines Must Watch the Weather. Beating the Pandemic Blues: Touring on a Motorcycle Made Easy. How to Find A Trustworthy Riding Partner for Motorcycle Trips? How To Master The Art Of Slow-speed Riding: 5 Pro Tips. 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Helmets in the Philippines. 5 Tips to Protect Ears Against Loud Noises on A Motorcycle Trip.

7 Amazing Tricks to Get the Most Value from Your Motorcycle Helmet. Motorcycle Safety Courses: 5 Reasons Why You Must Enroll. Exploring the Philippines On A Motorcycle: 5 Things You S... How to Buy the Best Riding Gears for Winter Rides in the Philippines? Single Parent? Here’s How To Travel The Philippines Like A Pro! - Local Business Member Article By SMK Helmets. International Vacation Checklist for Exploring the Philippines on a Motorcycle. Travelling Philippines on a budget: 7 Money Saving Hacks! - Article By SMK Helmets. 7 Common Faults That Can Prevent Your Motorcycle from Starting. 5 Tips To Plan The Best Christmas Family Vacation Ever (At Home)! 5 Essential Riding Gears for Winter Motorcycle Tours in the Philippines.

5 Reasons Why A Dual Visor Helmet May Be Best for You Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles. 7 Common Winter Health Problems Every Biker Must Know. How to Buy A Helmet That Matches Your Lifestyle? Riding Safety Gear - 5 Things You Need To Know About Upgrading Helmets. How To Get The Most Value For Your Money When Buying A Helmet?

What Causes Helmet Allergy and How to Avoid It? - Aryan khanna. Never Compromise On Helmet Certifications: 5 Reasons Why. 5 Most Epic Road Trip Locations Near Manila.