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Nmon config on aix/linux host - U&S for sysadmins. La herramienta esta diseñada para evaluación de performance de un host AIX o Linux.

nmon config on aix/linux host - U&S for sysadmins

La información que que podemos obtener son sobre los siguientes recursos: AIX for System Administrators. Reports selected local and remote system statistics.

AIX for System Administrators

The topas command requires the and file sets to be installed on the system. Navigation is possible between the columns with the narrow keys (<-, ->, ...) IBM Knowledge Center - lsuser Command. AIX user and group administration. Adam CormanyPublished on September 15, 2009 Administering users and groups in IBM AIX is an essential part of an administrator's duties.

AIX user and group administration

You can manage users and groups in many different ways: You can maintain them through the AIX System Management Interface Tool (SMIT), manually editing the configuration files, or by using command-line commands. This article discusses the configuration files behind users and groups on AIX, as well as command-line tools designed to help manage the users and groups easily. Learn the files first, then the commands Before going into the commands to create, modify, and maintain users and groups in AIX, it is important that you know what is happening behind the scenes. How to run a script automatically when AIX version 7 server reboots? AIX for System Administrators. Startup - Shutdown mkitab adds record to the /etc/inittab file (-i: insert the newline anywher in the inittab file) (without the -i parameter, the line wil be appended to the end of the file)lsitab lists record to the /etc/inittab file (lsitab -a -->lists all records of the inittab)chitab adds record to the /etc/inittab file uptime shows the time the server is uplast reboot shows the history when the server has been rebooted who -b info about the last boot /dev/ipldevice it is a hardlink to the device which holds hd5 (check major minor numbers)ipl_varyon -i shows the state of the bootrecord.

AIX for System Administrators



Mail Command Examples in Unix / Linux Tutorial. The Mail command in unix or linux system is used to send emails to the users, to read the received emails, to delete the emails etc.

Mail Command Examples in Unix / Linux Tutorial

Mail command will come in handy especially when writing automated scripts. For example, you have written an automated script for taking weekly backup of oracle database. How to know the status of backup, whether it is succeeded or not? In this case, sending an email from the automated script at the end of the backup will be helpful in knowing the status. The syntax of mail command is: How to: Change User’s bash profile under Linux / UNIX. ByVivek GiteonAugust 24, 2007 last updated August 24, 2007 inBASH Shell, CentOS, Debian / Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Linux, RedHat and Friends, Solaris-Unix, Suse, Ubuntu Linux, UNIX, Windows Q.

How to: Change User’s bash profile under Linux / UNIX

Como saber la WWN de una HBA en un host AIX - U&S for sysadmins. AIX COMMAND GUIDE - U&S for sysadmins. Guía de comandos útiles de AIX a la hora de trabajar sobre el sistema operativo.

AIX COMMAND GUIDE - U&S for sysadmins

Contiene información sobre comandos para trabajar sobre dispositivos, respaldos, manejo de software instalado, área de intercambio, monitoreo y otros. Practical Guide to AIX "Filesystems" - UnixMantra. 1) Creation of Filesystem: The crfs command creates a file system on a logical volume within a previously created volume group.

Practical Guide to AIX "Filesystems" - UnixMantra

A new logical volume is created for the file system unless the name of an existing logical volume is specified using the -d. An entry for the file system is put into the /etc/filesystems file. Commands ##With an existing logical volume: # crfs -v jfs2 -d -v vfs type (Specifies the virtual file system type) -d Specifies the device name of a device or logical volume on which to make the file system. Note: start of changeThe crfs command accesses the first letter for the auto mount -A option.end of change. Phantom Websphere: Essential boot information in AIX. Here's some practical tips on boot information in AIX. h4. uptime and when was it last rebooted.

Phantom Websphere: Essential boot information in AIX

In RHEL and Solaris, we can only find the uptime and when was it last rebooted. # uptime 10:06AM up 19:09, 1 user, load average: 0.35, 0.64, 0.65 # who -b . system boot Aug 16 14:58 In AIX, we have this additional command to find history of reboot records. AIX for System Administrators. AIX: AIX commands. 15 EMC PowerPath Powermt Command Examples – Display, Check, Remove, Config, Restore. If your server has two HBA cards connected to EMC SAN storage device, you can implement load-balancing, and fail-over on the HBA cards using the EMC PowerPath software. Powermt management utility helps you manage I/O paths from the server to the EMC storage device. In this article, let us discuss how to use powermt command with practical examples. Trucos y atajos para UNIX. Tratamiento masivo de datos con AWK, alternativa parcial a ACL o SAS.

GNU awk es una herramienta muy útil para modificar archivos, buscar y transformar datos y, en general, realizar cualquier tipo de tratamiento masivo de ficheros. Con un programa awk es posible contar el número de líneas de un archivo, seleccionar columnas, aplicar filtros, realizar cruces, borrar el último campo de cada línea, hacer sumarizaciones, comprobar duplicados, muestreos, etc. Para aprender a utilizar AWK mediante esta pequeña guía, lo mejor es copiar los ficheros de ejemplo que aparecen y ejecutar las instrucciones o programas que se comentan para ver directamente cual es el resultado.

AWK paso a paso... y sin usar el ratón. Autor: Javier Peces, BULMACopyright pertenece al autor. AIX Health Check - Translate hardware address to physical location. This is how to translate a hardware address to a physical location: The command lscfg shows the hardware addresses of all hardware. For example, the following command will give you more detail on an individual device (e.g. ent1): Instalación IBM/AIX - Deister KB. How to Resolve Duplicate PVID on Clariion Disk (SAN) in AIX? - Toolbox for IT Groups. We have an AIX 6.1 box which has a Clariion SAN Disk attached to it.

We wanted to 'present' the disk to its cloned server but we're having problems while doing the process. WHenever we try to command cfgmgr, there would always be a duplicated PVID. AIX Commands Support Tips. Ac Displays connect time totals for users Example: ac root Outputs: total 52.80 seconds at Schedules jobs to run at a later date basename Returns the base file name of a string Example: echo `basename \`pwd\`` Returns the name of the current directory your in.

Batch. AIX File Structure Volume Logical Tips. Definitions Logical Volume Set-up All system LVs (hd1..hd8, hd9var) should reside in the VG named rootvg, under one PV if possible. This will allow complete re-installation of the system from your 'mksysb' tape without affecting the application data that resides on your other VGs. There is no difference in response time between a single or multiple VGs.

When an LV is accessed The ODM database (/etc/objrepos/*) is searched to determine which VG the LV belongs to. A few notes about Mirroring Mirrored LVs that generate lots of write I/O calls, will cause a disk performance penalty (such as paging LVs). IBM Knowledge Center. Cannot extend vg - but why ? UnixMantra. Como saber la WWN de una HBA en un host AIX - U&S for sysadmins. IBM Knowledge Center. Como saber la WWN de una HBA en un host AIX - U&S for sysadmins. IBM Knowledge Center. Volumenes de storage. Redbook aix 7.1 administration.

How do the properties and WWPN/WWNN of a virtual fibre channel adapter on AIX 6.1 with VIOS 2.1 using NPIV look like? - AIX & System P Community. Virtualization is a key factor of IBM's Smarter Planet - Dynamic Infrastructure strategy. On System p the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) allows sharing of physical resources between LPARs including virtual SCSI, virtual Fibre Channel (NPIV) and virtual networking. N_Port ID Virtualization(NPIV) is a standardized method for virtualizing a fibre channel port. An NPIV-capable fibre channel HBA can have multiple N_Port IDs, each with a unique identity and world wide port name. Here I provide an example of how the virtual fibre channel adapter attributes with NPIV and their associated world wide node name (WWNN) and world wide port name (WWPN) look like using the Virtual I/O Server with the 8Gbps Fibre Channel HBA #5735. The examples are given using AIX 6.1 TL4 SP2 as VIOC with VIOS FP22.1 and a B64 SAN switch.

Curso Básico de UNIX - Reseña de comandos. Unix for the DBA « Oracle DBA - Tips and Techniques. Managing AIX logs. AIX use both the BSD syslogd daemon and AIX proprietary error logging facilities, with a number of function-specific log files to record error events on each node. Most AIX components report errors using the errdemon daemon, an idiosyncratic AIX solution which is totally different from the BSD syslog facility. IBM Knowledge Center. IBM Certification Guide AIX V4.3 System Administration. AIX for System Administrators. EMC comes with the default settings. These settings are set by EMC technicians for the optimized performance. It is not recommended to change these configurations: Usando bash y cron para automatizar la copia de seguridad de una base de datos.