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ETL. ASM. DATAGUARD. ON AIX. TIPS. RMAN. PERMISOS Y SEGURIDAD. INDICES Y OTROS OBJETOS. BACKUP AND RECOVERY. OCA. ADRCI. MANUALES. PLSQL. TROUBLESHOOTING. INSTALL AND CONFIG. AWR +ESTAD. RAC. Oracle financial services analyzer. Diary of a database. JSON in Oracle Database. A simple dot-notation syntax is provided for queries, as an alternative to using the more verbose but more flexible Oracle SQL functions json_query and json_value.

JSON in Oracle Database

The dot notation is designed to return JSON values whenever possible. Oracle SQL functions json_query and json_value accept an Oracle JSON path expression as argument and match it against the target JSON data. They accept optional returning, wrapper, and error handling clauses, to specify the following, respectively: the data type of the return value, whether or not to wrap multiple values as an array, and how to handle errors.