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When disaster strikes, ServiceMaster Restore is the one company to call. ServiceMaster Restore provides guidance and expertise in disaster restoration to get your life or your business back to normal again. Whatever the challenge, we bring more than 60 years of experience to every job and combine our know-how with national strength and local ownership to create the solution that’s right for you.

Things to Consider in Choosing Florida Cleaning Company. Florida Storm Damage Repair Services. St. Petersburg Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services. How Flood Damage Affect Your Home in Florida? Floods have a big impact on both individuals and communities and have social, economic, and environmental consequences.

How Flood Damage Affect Your Home in Florida?

They both give negative and positive consequences. Floods affect environments. Most people are aware that the impacts of flooding can cause loss of human life, damage to property, destruction of crops and livestock, and weakening of health conditions by bringing water-borne diseases. People’s normal lives are disrupted. Communication links and power plants are also affected when flood gushes through, people are forced to leave their homes. It can also lead to loss of livelihood. Small damages from floods can include a little water seeping through basement windows or floor drains overflowing slightly. Widespread Mold Growth Mold is the last thing that you want in your home. Aside from breaking the structural integrity of your home, mold can also be very toxic to your health. Black Water Contamination.

St. Petersburg Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services. How to Escape a Building on Fire in Clearwater, FL. Did you know a house fire can kill you in less than five minutes?

How to Escape a Building on Fire in Clearwater, FL

If a fire occurred in your flat or block would you know what to do? Living in a high-rise building doesn’t mean you are any more at risk from fire, but it does mean you need to consider your fire safety and the impact you could have on other residents. It is important for your safety, to understand what to do in the event of a fire, whether it’s in your flat or somewhere else in the building. Even a small fire can cause devastating damage to your building, oftentimes damaging an area much larger than the location of the fire.

Smoke can leave a lingering smell; soot can spread throughout the area, discoloring the walls and furniture. Common Fungal Infections You Can Get From Mold in Your Home. Can the molds in our homes cause fungal infection?

Common Fungal Infections You Can Get From Mold in Your Home

Yes, they can. Aspergillosis is a fungal infection caused by inhaling spores of molds or also called Aspergillus fumigates. Aspergillus is the most common mold that causes invasive infection. Other environmental molds, however, like Scedosporium, Fusarium, and various zygomycetes, including Rhizopus and Mucor are now affecting more and more people. Mold is found everywhere. There are several types of Aspergillosis: Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA) Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis occurs after exposure to Aspergillus. Pulmonary Aspergillosis Pulmonary Aspergillosis affects those who have chronic lung problems who have spaces in the lungs where fungus could grow.

Invasive Aspergillosis. What is IICRC Certification? IICRC or Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is an organization that sets standards for the industries that offer inspection, cleaning and restoration of homes and buildings that were affected by water (either by flooding or leaks), fire and others.

What is IICRC Certification?

How Does your Company Get IICRC Certification? Before your company can get an IICRC Certification, some or all of your employees should be trained in courses under the IICRC. Different courses need to be completed: courses in restoration, cleaning, and inspection. You should have a professional employee who specializes in each course.

Courses in restoration cover several restorations of walls that were affected by the flood, that cause mold because of moisture in the atmosphere. How to Prepare for a Category 5 Hurricane in Jacksonville FL. Hurricanes in Jacksonville FL are among nature’s most terrifying and destructive forces.

How to Prepare for a Category 5 Hurricane in Jacksonville FL

What begins as small disturbances can become fierce mega-storms as they gather strength and size over the ocean. The ones that make landfall over populated areas can cause tremendous destruction. Category 5 hurricanes are tropical cyclones that reach Category 5 intensity on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale. They are by definition the strongest hurricanes that can form on planet Earth.

They are rare in the eastern Pacific Ocean and generally form only once every several years. Here’s how to prepare for a Category 5 hurricane. Based on predicted wind speeds and storm surge heights, evacuation may be necessary. When the hurricane strikes: Disconnect all electrical appliances. Top Causes of Tile and Grout Damage.

It is already common nowadays to find tile in different parts of the house, not only in bathrooms or sinks of homes or industrial buildings.

Top Causes of Tile and Grout Damage

With many colors and designs to choose from, it is no wonder that tiles are an essential part of the house or business areas to add aesthetic value. Tiles and grout always go together. However, there are also times when they do not look pleasing to the eyes due to dirt and cracks. Know Your Emergency Alerts and Warnings this Hurricane Season. Hurricanes are feared for their lashing winds, torrential rains and storm surges.

Know Your Emergency Alerts and Warnings this Hurricane Season

These are one of the strongest and most dangerous natural calamities on Earth because they can leave great damage. Hurricanes are part of the tropical family. They usually occur in the North Atlantic Ocean and in the easternmost parts of the Northeast and South Pacific Ocean. Another natural disaster and the sister of a hurricane is called a typhoon.

Typhoons occur in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, the west part of the dateline. The extent of a hurricane’s destruction comes from the intensity of the storm. Store an adequate supply of food and clean water. Public safety officials use prompt and dependable systems to give you alertness in the event of natural disasters like hurricanes. What are Wireless Emergency Alerts or WEAs? Emergency Alert System We all know that a hurricane is a hazardous calamity brought by nature. Warning Signs of Mud/Debris Flow. Landslides are a common occurrence in the United States especially during extreme weather conditions.

Warning Signs of Mud/Debris Flow

Other causes of landslides include fire, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and even human interference. If the landslide is accompanied by mud or debris, this can be even more devastating to property, livestock, and even human life. If you have been a victim of mud slide and debris flow, it is advisable to contact experts in flood damage remediation in St. Augustine. We have all seen the damage of mud or debris flow in our televisions and newspapers.

If you are experiencing a wildfire burn area, use your radios, televisions, or smartphones to follow up on news regarding the burn area. There are also other slow-moving landslides that you must watch out for. Check if there is a change in your landscape. Now if you are experiencing a flow of mud and debris, you must also know how to protect yourself while it is happening. Needing Emergency Damage Restoration After a Disaster in St. Augustine, Florida? Call ServiceMaster by PWF. Each year, thousands of people are affected by both human-caused and naturally occurring disasters, caused by hurricane, flood, fire, or earthquakes.

Needing Emergency Damage Restoration After a Disaster in St. Augustine, Florida? Call ServiceMaster by PWF

To effect, people get stressed out and have emotionally been at risk as to how they are going the address the damaging outcome of these disasters. Disasters can cause serious physical injuries and even death to both humans and animals, and also cause destruction of properties. They are unpredictable and disparaging that they can easily damage major infrastructure, hinder public services and, in essence, hamper the people’s livelihoods.

They can bring about power outages and transportation disruption and destroy structures including houses. The physical destruction on account of disasters depends on the type of disaster. Flooding after the rampage of a hurricane is the most common natural disaster within the United States and could happen anywhere. Professional Emergency Damage Restoration in Green Cove Springs, Fl. Water, even if people need it to survive, can be quite destructive to homes and properties at times.

Professional Emergency Damage Restoration in Green Cove Springs, Fl

Water damage can range from a leaking pipe to something as big as flooding due to a river overflow or storm. The extent of damage caused by water is also based on its source. Water damage due to sewage failure is outright more challenging to treat because it contains microbes, which is a health hazard and may eventually lead to mold damage to your home or business property. Prior to flood damage remediation, one must know if the water may have come from more than one source to determine the proper approach for the remediation process.

Professional Damage Restoration and Remediation in Lake Butler, Florida by ServiceMaster by PWF. Dealing with water damage can be a stressful situation. Emergency Damage Restoration and Cleaning Services in Hampton, Florida. After performing dozens of water damage restoration in Hampton, Florida, we understand the causes of this area’s flood damage and employ the most effective processes to remedy instances of minor, mild or severe water damage in Hampton, Florida. ServiceMaster by PWF provides commercial and residential water damage restoration in Hampton and mold damage remediation in Hampton. We have the skills, equipment, and experience to safely dry and sanitize your house or business following a damage event. Our experts are well- trained and licensed through the IICRC and therefore, they can help you manage the situation, lower the extent of damage, and restore your home and business in Hampton.

ServiceMaster by PWF provides round-the-clock commercial and residential damage restoration. When you contact our office, our damage experts will be dispatched to your home as quickly as possible. IICRC-Certified Water Damage Restoration Company in Bell, Florida. ServiceMaster by PWF is a well-established water damage restoration company operating across Bell, Florida. The team consists of highly educated and experienced professionals in water damage restoration, flood damage remediation and mold damage remediation in Bell, Florida. You can count on a fast emergency response throughout Bell, Florida. We guarantee that, in the event of a water damage or flood damage emergency, we can be on-site within hours of your call. Whether you are experiencing water-related problems in your home or office, ServiceMaster by PWF is here to help you. Water Damage Restoration in Jacksonville, Florida? Contact ServiceMaster by PWF. When a house is flooded, it can cause major problems for the structure of your home, your belongings, and the health of your family, as floodwater can contain mud, insects, rubbish, and other contaminants.

Cleaning up is a long process and many items will have to be sanitized or discarded. A severe flood may even damage ducts, air conditioning units, the roofing, and sometimes even the foundation. The first thing to do after a flood is to call your insurance company. If you are covered for flooding, the insurance staff will advise on what they need from you with regards to making your claims. Secondly, it is best to get your home checked over by a water damage expert to ensure that it is safe to enter structurally. Need Water Damage Restoration in Trenton, Florida? Contact ServiceMaster by PWF.

With all the disasters we have been experiencing up and down the coast, whether through natural causes or by accident, at the moment there is always the risk of water damage in Trenton, Florida if your property is not up to standard with damage prevention. Water damage in the home can cause all sorts of issues from mold damage in Trenton, Florida, internal cosmetic damage, all the way to structural damage. We have made a list of prevention tips that can assist in reducing the risk of water entering and damaging your property. Emergency Plan: How to Evacuate High-Rise Building. ServiceMaster by PWF, an expert and trusted company with 30 plus years of industry experience in disaster restoration services, is here to give an informative article on how to evacuate on a high-rise building.

In view of the topic’s wide coverage, this article is limited to the emergency evacuation plan only. What is an emergency evacuation plan? An emergency evacuation plan involves the urgent departure or escape of people away from an area that contains an imminent threat, an ongoing threat, or a hazard to life or property. Evacuations range from the small-scale evacuation of a building due to a storm or fire to flood, or an approaching weather disaster. Depending on the type of hazard, the time to evacuate is a big factor. What to do during an emergency evacuation Step 1: Evaluate the Situation Make an assessment of the situation before making an evacuation.

How to Prevent Sewage Backup in Your Home or Commercial Business in Jacksonville, Florida. Sewage is a waste material which contains viruses that may lead to various serious risks and diseases. Benefits of Storm Shutters for Your Property's Protection in Jacksonville, Florida. How to Prepare an Emergency Evacuation Plan in Lake City, Florida. Prepare Your Property in Ocala, Florida for the Hurricane Season. Benefits of Professional Residential Cleaning After a Flood in St. Augustine, Florida.

Water Removal Services in Jacksonville, Florida. Home Water Damage Restorations & Removal Company in Florida. Water is one of the most destructive forces on earth. Home Water Damage Restorations & Removal Company in Florida. Bio-Hazard Clean up Services in Ocala County, Florida. Top Causes of Mold Damage in Pinellas, Florida. Home Water Damage Restorations & Removal Company in Florida. Mold Damage Removal Company in St. Augustine Florida. Local Expert Water Damage Restoration ServiceMaster by PWF.

Bio-Hazard Clean up Services in Ocala County, Florida. Moisture and Mold Growth: What You Need to Know. Local Expert Water Damage Restoration ServiceMaster by PWF. FAQs about Water Damage Restoration. When Disaster Strikes: What to do? Water Damage Restoration after a Hurricane.