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Jed Kurzban

Jed Kurzban is an experienced serious personal injury lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii .He has more than 21 years of experience in personal injury law. Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger Tetzeli & Pratt P.A. firm has become extremely well-respected in the legal community for helping to protect the rights of accident victims and to ensure they receive maximum compensation for their injuries and damages. Our primary focus is handling personal injury, Paralysis, wrongful death, medical malpractice and product liability cases.

The Importance of Picking the Right Medical Malpractice Attorney. Dealing with an illness or medical condition is hard enough as it is.

The Importance of Picking the Right Medical Malpractice Attorney

But when there is a lawsuit involved, it complicates things even further and can cause great stress. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with a condition, or if you have been fighting a chronic illness for a while, you rely on your doctor to make the proper call when it comes to your health, or at least the most educated guess in your situation. When that doesn’t happen and your doctor ends up doing more harm than good, things can quickly tailspin from bad to worse. Anesthesia Errors Make Up Significant Portion of Medical Malpractice Claims - Jed Kurzban. Whenever doctors have to perform an invasive procedure on you, they most likely will need to use a sedative or anesthesia – depending on how uncomfortable or painful the procedure would be without it.

Anesthesia Errors Make Up Significant Portion of Medical Malpractice Claims - Jed Kurzban

The anesthesiologist has to be precise in their measurement in order for the procedure to be successful – at least on their end. They are the first line of defense when it comes to your safety in the operating facility. Their main job is to make sure that you stay well sedated during your procedure, as well as monitor your vitals and make any adjustments that need to be made. When the anesthesiologist makes an error, it can cause major hard or worse, be fatal.

Football Season Brings With It Serious Personal Injury Cases. With basketball heading into the final weeks and baseball season getting underway, most American men are getting their fill of weekly or daily sports.

Football Season Brings With It Serious Personal Injury Cases

But there is no sport quite like football. Football is more than just a game. It brings entire communities together. The pride of a city — or state — is carried on the backs of a football team. Some people are fickle with other sports, following the player, not the team. Hospital Errors Contribute to Medical Malpractice - Jed Kurzban. When you go to the hospital it should be safe to assume the doctors and medical staff have a working understanding of what’s going on with you.

Hospital Errors Contribute to Medical Malpractice - Jed Kurzban

Medical Malpractice Affects Not Just the Victim, but the Families as Well. Routine visits to the doctor usually don’t yield bad news or results.

Medical Malpractice Affects Not Just the Victim, but the Families as Well

But sometimes the doctor comes back with something unexpected, possibly even scary. When you get a diagnosis your whole life changes. You now have to reorganize how you do everything, from what you eat to your daily activities. Being diagnosed with an illness or a certain disease is not necessarily the end of the world – depending on the ailment. However, being wrongly diagnosed and treated for an illness or disease can be more detrimental to your health.

Losing a loved one in Hawaii. Nothing can feel more devastating than losing a loved one.

Losing a loved one in Hawaii

This painful experience can be even more overwhelming when someone caused the death. Surgical Errors Contribute to Medical Malpractice. Hawaii is among the worst states in medical ratings - Jed Kurzban. While Hawaii is one of the world’s most beautiful tourist attractions, the ratings for medical care are some of the worst nationwide.About half of century ago, the tropical state was the first one to require medical benefits for all employees residing in the island but we have come a long way on health reforms and accountability patterns.

Hawaii is among the worst states in medical ratings - Jed Kurzban

Limited access to health care is a big concern now as most of these services are based on Oahu County. Also, the state makes it very difficult for patients to find out about their doctor’s background. Molokai Wrongful Death Lawyer. Accidents are scary, especially when you’re on vacation.

Molokai Wrongful Death Lawyer

A split second of inattention can result in catastrophic injury, severe trauma, paralysis, organ failure, or even death in Molokai. Honolulu Wrongful Death Lawyer. For tourists who fly into Honolulu, they may feel like they’re flying into paradise, but for the people who live and work in this beautiful state, Honolulu just feels like the big city.

Honolulu Wrongful Death Lawyer

Like any other major city, good times and bad times happen every day, from island celebrations to tragedies like wrongful death. Death will come to us all one day, but when someone is taken in an untimely manner then grief of losing a loved one is multiplied. Having someone in your family suffer a wrongful death is even worse, but there is a silver lining in wrongful death cases.

Catastrophic Injury Attorney Hawaii. Living in Hawaii, every day is like a beach day.

Catastrophic Injury Attorney Hawaii

The sun is shining; the ocean is clear and beautiful and there are many physically fit people sunbathing or roaming the beach at their leisure. Law protecting lifeguards in Hawaii from liability expiring soon - Jed Kurzban. Hawaii is the perfect spot for vacationing. With pristine beaches and warm weather year-round, all your needs and desires can be met. Sandy Beach in Hawaii - Beautiful but deadly. Although there are many beautiful beaches to explore in Hawaii paradisiacal coasts, we often ignore the hidden dangers in them.

Some of the most popular beaches are actually the ones with the highest number of drownings. Sandy Beach, for example, can be quite unpredictable. With its location near the island of Molokai and the strong currents beating its coats, you may just have reached a dead end. Hawaii Medical Malpractice Attorney. When you go to the hospital, you expect to come out feeling better – cured. Medical Malpractice Lawyers. No organ in the human body works harder than the heart. Over the course of an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times and pump 1 million barrels of blood. South Florida Paralysis Attorney. Botched Cosmetic Surgery Could Be Grounds for Medical Malpractice Suit - Jed Kurzban. It seems like everyone wants the perfect body nowadays, be it a flatter stomach or a bigger butt or permanently sculpted muscles.

Wrongful Death Attorneys Know How Hard It Is To Lose a Loved One - Jed Kurzban. Whenever a loved one is taken away from us, especially suddenly or at the negligence of someone else, it is difficult to deal with. Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Hawaii Fighting for What You Deserve - Jed Kurzban. Many people get injured each year either on the job or participating in recreational – oftentimes thrill-seeking – activities. While many injuries range from minor (bumps, scrapes, bruises) to more serious injuries (broken bones, concussions, neck injuries), there are a few that can be categorized as catastrophic injuries.

Catastrophic Injury Cases, Settlements and Verdicts. In personal injury law, a catastrophic injury is a long-term injury that has a significant effect on a person’s life. Takata Airbags Surrounded by Wrongful Death Incidents - Jed Kurzban. In 2016, Honda recalled tens of millions of Honda vehicles worldwide due to faulty Takata airbag inflators that caused at least 16 fatalities. U.S. safety regulators said it was the largest auto safety recall to date. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the airbag inflators deploy with so much force that metal fragments are sent flying. Determining Medical Malpractice - Jed Kurzban. Young Football Players and Catastrophic Injury - Jed Kurzban.

Catastrophic Injury: In 2016, a young by the name of Donovan Hill, who was paralyzed at age 13 as a youth football player, died of complications from surgery related to managing his injury. He was 18. His mother, Crystal Dixon, filed a lawsuit against the national office of Pop Warner — the organization for which Hill played — and won a landmark settlement. Paralysis Attorney in Hawaii. Paralysis happens when the links of communication between the central nervous system and the rest of your body are impaired or severed. While in most cases, this means that the limbs are no longer able to move, lack of movement does not necessarily have to be present to be considered paralysis. Failure to Treat Lawyer Hawaii. Doctors are under pressure to make the correct diagnosis every single time. When they don’t, the potential outcome can be devastating to both the health and the pocketbook of the patient.

The medical profession learns very early that when a patient presents symptoms in an emergency room or in their offices that there is a wide array of diagnoses available. Hawaii Wrongful Death Attorney. Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers, Hawaii. Hawaii Brain Trauma Injury Lawyers. What Questions To Ask Your Medical Malpractice Lawyer - Jed Kurzban.