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Covert Remote Protest Transmitters. As a piece of protest art, “Covert Remote Protest Transmitters” ticks all the boxes.

Covert Remote Protest Transmitters

An outdoor covert projector that displayed anti-globalization messages at a G20 summit is protest. To disguise it inside a surveillance camera body housing — sticking it to the man from inside one of his own tools — is art. And a nice hack. However you feel about the politics of globalization (and frankly, we’re stoked to be able to get cheap tech from anywhere in the world) the open-source DIY guidebook to building the rig (PDF) makes up for it all. They installed the camera/projector long before the summit, where it sat dormant on a wall. Covert Remote Protest Transmitters. 100 War Sound Fx Royalty Free. Download Now!

100 War Sound Fx Royalty Free

(250MB) 100 War Sound FX is a collection of studio quality sound clips that range from weapons used in the early 1900’s to futuristic ones like ray guns and heat rays. This video is a low resolution preview of that includes many of the sounds that are included in the pack. All sounds are original and royalty free for commercial use once you’ve purchased them.

If you want to check the list of sounds out its just below the video demo. Full List of Sounds… Royalty Free War Sound Fx. Erle Robotics Home - Erle Robotics. KMODDL - Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library. Tarso Violin: "Ministros do STF ignoraram problemas das OS; eles foram mal assessorados ou sofreram pressão" How I Made My Tracks. OK, I've been asked a few times about the tracks I made from bicycle chain.

How I Made My Tracks

It's probably easier if I just make a tutorial and then I can direct anyone straight to that. When I first thought of these tracks, I was planning on making something quite large and heavy, which required a lot of traction. We'd had a few bad winters and living off the beaten track in a rural area, the roads were never cleared of snow. My wife used to drive a BMW and anyone, who has attempted to drive a BMW through thick snow, will appreciate, the difficulty. GGN - O jornal de todos os Brasis. GS1 Brasil. Documentos Necessarios a Certificar Produtos para Anatel. São consideradas partes legítimas para pleitear, junto à Anatel, a homologação de produtos, na condição de parte interessada e responsável: fabricante do produto; fornecedor do produto no Brasil; e pessoa física ou jurídica que solicita a homologação de produto de telecomunicação para uso próprio.

Para comprovação da conformidade perante a Anatel será necessário apresentar, conforme a finalidade da homologação e regulamentos aplicáveis, um dos seguintes documentos: Documento.asp?numeroPublicacao=206842&assuntoPublicacao=PROCEDIMENTO PARA REQUERIMENTO&caminhoRel=null&filtro=1&documentoPath=206842.


ZuC Protoboard. 2 in 1 - Fit almost SMD and through hole components So from now on you can forget about buying SOIC breakout boards, because you can put almost any SOIC components and also most SMD components on this board.

ZuC Protoboard

Ultra low cost prototyping. Drive an old Laptop Display from an AVR - GeekAttempts. Drive an old laptop LCD with nothing more than an AVR and a couple TTL XOR chips!

Drive an old Laptop Display from an AVR - GeekAttempts

This project is based-heavily on (and has contributed greatly to) 'commonCode'. (see also, the link at left). ESP8266 Wifi information lcd. This is a little project I did in about 2 hours.

ESP8266 Wifi information lcd

It uses an LCD display I got from an old ISDN phone and shows text sent to it over WiFi.The ESP8266 runs a webserver which shows a form that can be used to set the text. After the ESP8266 receives the text it sends the text to an Arduino using the serial port. The Arduino then shows the text on the lcd. The biggest goal was to make the device as small as possible, by placing all the components directly on the lcd's circuit board I managed to make the circuit only a couple of millimetres higher than the height of the clips of the lcd bezel.

Find Clarity, Find Parts. Mikes Mini Mame - BYOAC Wiki. Project Type: Bartop/Countertop Arcade Cabinet Construction Method: Scratchbuilt Monitor Type: 15" LCD TFT Interface Type: UltraStik 360 Special Controls: SpinTrak, AimTrak, UltraLux & Pac-Drive OS: Windows XP stripped down using nLite Front End: MaLa.

Mikes Mini Mame - BYOAC Wiki

A Gadget for Prototyping the Internet of Things. How often do you notice the tiny green light on your electronic toothbrush, or the backlight on your smart thermostat?

A Gadget for Prototyping the Internet of Things

Probably rarely, and that’s entirely the point: those luminescent cues are designed specifically to catch your attention only when the gadget needs to communicate something like a low battery charge, or unusual activity. As screenless gadgets become more sophisticated—think smart locks and the like—designers will need to weave more and more of those light signals into the user interface of the product. It’s an essential, if less glamorous, part of any design. But as Daniel Nacamuli, the lead interaction designer at British firm Method, points out, “there isn’t an easy way to design that.

You need someone with fairly strong programming skills.” Free Template Maker. Edmar Hobby - Electronic: DIY BGA Rework Station. I decided to build a BGA rework station in order to repair my already broken Amilo XI2428 graphic card.

Edmar Hobby - Electronic: DIY BGA Rework Station

A common error on these is that the BGA Balls underneath the Geforce Chip corrodes. The result is a non functional graphic card. To repair this you can either buy a new graphic card or replace the BGA Balls with new ones. There are plenty of sellers on ebay offering this job. Imoyer/086-005. Arduino: 3 powerful, yet overlooked uses. Arduino FM receiver with TEA5767. Old wish to make digitally controlled FM tuner come true when I found on Ebay cheap module with TEA5767 (Low-power FM stereo radio for handheld applications).

This module size is only 11.2mm x 11mm. TEA 5767 supports I2C. Pinout and wiring: For antenna i have used just 75 cm long wire, because that is 1/4 of wavelength at 100 MHz. VIAF Cluster. Rêxpirando: Arduino Volt-Ammeter - Final Part - Printed circuit board. After all job of building the prototype and making the sketch work, it's the time to build the circuit. It's not the objective to explain in detail how to make printed circuit boards, but only a superficial explanation about it, besides, of course, to present the project changes to make it works out of Arduino board. Schematic and board layout Board designs are made with specialized softwares.

There are several available, including for free. In this project I prefered to use the CadSoft Eagle given it's components library size available on the web, an interesting tip is also download the SparkFun components library that appear to have all components that they sell, a wide variety, and can save a big drawing time. Basically the requirements to run an Arduino project on an independent printed circuit board is a 5v power supply, a 16Mhz crystal oscillator, and, of course, link the microcontroller pins with all digital and analog ports of Arduino board.

Building the printed circuit board. Geek Out in Your Kitchen with This DIY Periodic Table of Spices Rack. Why Is My Smart Home So Fucking Dumb? The Low Cost DIY Pick and Place Machine. ATX2CHARGER - switch your ATX into a car battery charger with MSP430 [UPDATED] - Projects. Hi, 'bobnova', on 21 Nov 2012 - 02:12 AM, said: ...17v seems excessive, most cars charge at 13.7 to 14.7v, over 15v with significant amps can/will boil the battery.

O burro na sala dos paulistas - Comentário para o programa radiofônico do Observatório, 4/2/15   Simple 3D Gesture Control IC by Microchip. With this new MGC3030 IC by Microchip we are sure to see some new projects take advantage of it for inexpensive 3D gesture control. They have a dev kit that should make it simple to test some design ideas quickly. Via: Electronics Lab and EE Times “Housed in an easy-to-manufacture SSOP28 package, the MGC3030 expands the use of highly sought after 3D gesture control features to high-volume cost-sensitive applications such as toys, audio and lighting.


Location based development board. Electroplating Copper and Silver onto 3D Prints. Reverse-Engineering a Superior Chinese Product. It makes an Arduino look like a 555. A 364 Mhz, 32 bit processor. 8 MB RAM. GSM. Bluetooth. LCD controller. PWM. - The community for hardware hackers. Power_miser. The Internet of Anything: A Social Network for the World's Online Sensors. Most Popular DIY Projects of 2014. Your Cable Box Is an Energy-Sucking Monster (But It Doesn't Have to Be) Brushless DC (BLDC) motor with Arduino. Part 3 – The Stroboscope Project. A Preamplifier for Smartphone Oscilloscopes - Waterfox. Calibrating the Voltage Settings. Safe Creative Timestamp Server. ACM. The newer, cheaper Kakureya II: The perfect secret fort/box for studying, drinking, or napping.

Dilshan R Jayakody's Project Repository - Simple Automatic Car Battery Charger. Afron 10 dollar robot. Controle TRIAC com Arduino (Dimmer)


LittleBits' New Kit Lets You Create Your Own Smart-Home Gizmos. Let's Play NSA! The Hackers Open-Sourcing Top Secret Spy Tools. Radio relogio. Build a Miter Sled Jig to Cut Perfect 45 Degree Corners. Photo-detector Barcode Scanner. Sam's Laser FAQ - Laser Instruments and Applications. Zero wires. Infinite uses. The Mythology of Dog Years. Geekscape/aiko_arduino. Aiko distributed platform for the Internet of Things. Arduino crypto chip. Cryptomakers_nopause.pdf. Home - Wireless - eewiki. Structured programming. Nerd Ralph: A 5c lithium ion battery charger. INTERNATIONAL CONFIGURATIONS,CORDSETS,CORD SET, DETACHABLE CORDSETS,IEC60320, IEC320, IEC60309,IEC309,PLUGS,OUTLETS, SOCKETS,PLUG ADAPTERS,RECEPTACLES,OUTLET STRIPS,POWER STRIPS - INTERNATIONAL CONFIGURATION.

Search Results aRDUINO yun. Hackaday — Fresh hacks every day. Pro Mini atmega328 3.3V 8M. Free Planners. PROJETO. Devices. Bitstamped. Cardboard. MadeSolid FireCast Resin – Investment Casting Resin for 3D Printers #3DxJewelry #3DPMetal #3DThursday #3DPrinting. 100led, 100led, Constant Innovation in Quality Control. Rangepublic. Out in the Open: This Super-Cheap Cellphone Network Brings Coverage Almost Anywhere. The Internet of Things Could Drown Our Environment in Gadgets.

Radio head arduino librarie - Google Search. Low Power Radio Solutions - The easyRadio Integrated Controller, easy to use, perfect for the mass market, all the features of easyRadio you know and love. Four Walled Cubicle - LUFA (Formerly MyUSB) MiniBloq.v0.82 released! DekuNukem/Powerduino. Home Automation Framework. PHSC38,datasheet,Photonic-Sensor Para Controle Remoto. Eagle: no resistor wattages? No standard case styles? Infoplex. Empowering Communities to Become Owners.

Fundable - Crowdfunding for Small Businesses. Colour injector on Industrial Design Served. KLOROFYLL on Industrial Design Served. Super Probe.