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Learning Algorithms by Visualizing Algorithms. ​In the popular imagination, algorithms exist as vaguely sinister black boxes of vaguely defined Process.

Learning Algorithms by Visualizing Algorithms

In goes something and out comes uncomfortably accurate information about you-the-consumer's tastes and/or increasingly wacky shit like driving ability and/or basic machine intelligence and human-like learning abilities. A good way to get into algorithms is to actually see them and how really simple they tend to be (thanks, recursion) and even how elegant a good algorithm is. So, I've been intermittently gazing at ​VisuAlgo, which is a suite of line-by-line algorithm/data structure visualizations. It's more geared toward computer science students, but armed with Google it'd be reasonably digestible (and worth the effort). You have to actually go to the site to see the animations live, but it's an educational good time.

SpaceX Warns Fake Competitors Could Disrupt its Space Internet Plan. ​The biggest impediment to SpaceX's plan to create a worldwide, satellite broadband network might not be the sheer technological difficulty of putting 4,000 satellites into space.

SpaceX Warns Fake Competitors Could Disrupt its Space Internet Plan

Instead, outdated international and domestic regulations on satellite communications could stand in the way, according to a ​new Federal Communications Commission filing by the company. In January, SpaceX founder Elon Musk said the company plans to ​launch an array of internet-providing satellites that will orbit roughly 750 miles above the Earth, giving the company something to do with those reusable rockets it's been developing. But, in order to launch and operate any satellite, manufacturers have to reserve communications spectrum with either the FCC or another country's communications body, which then must deal with the International Telecommunication Union.

The spectrum-reserving process is also extremely important, from both a business and practical standpoint. Smallsat operator: Seen FCC fee schedule? Face recognition with OpenCV. Technological creativity. Installing the OpenCV library from You’ll start by importing the OpenCV library into your sketch.

Technological creativity

This makes all the functionality of the library available for you to use in your sketch. You need to declare an OpenCV object right before the setup() function, so you can use this object throughout your sketch. import *;OpenCV opencv; In the setup() function, you need to create an instance of the OpenCV class, using the OpenCV constructor. Opencv = new OpenCV( this );opencv.capture( width, height ); Inside the draw() function, we’ll start by using the read() method.;opencv.flip( OpenCV.FLIP_HORIZONTAL );image( opencv.image(), 0, 0 ) Page.

Barack Obama just became the first US president to write a computer program. Out in the Open: The Site That Teaches You to Code Well Enough to Get a Job. Wanna be a programmer?

Out in the Open: The Site That Teaches You to Code Well Enough to Get a Job

That shouldn’t be too hard. You can sign-up for an iterative online tutorial at a site like Codecademy or Treehouse. You can check yourself into a “coding bootcamp” for a face-to-face crash course in the ways of programming. Or you could do the old fashioned thing: buy a book or take a class at your local community college. But if want to be a serious programmer, that’s another matter. That’s where a site called is trying to help. It’s a simple idea. Click to Open Overlay Gallery Software developer Katrina Owen created while she was teaching programming at Jumpstart Labs in Denver, Colorado.

To solve the problem, she created a site last year that presents the practice problems and prevents students from being able to move on to the next ones without submitting a solution to the previous problem. But it didn’t stop there.