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How to Draw Bezier Curves on an HTML5 Canvas » JavaScript & CSS » SitePoint Blogs. In my last post, we created quadratic curves on HTML5 canvas elements using a few lines of code. If you examined the JavaScript on the quadratic curves demonstration page, you may have noticed several references to béziers — its curvier cousin. What are bézier curves? You’ve possibly seen bézier curves used in desktop publishing and graphics packages. JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit. Rapt: Platform game in HTML5, Canvas, and jQuery. Ask ten people to define HTML5 and you’d probably get a dozen definitions.

rapt: Platform game in HTML5, Canvas, and jQuery

For Evan Wallace, Justin Ardini, and Kayle Gishen, it means gaming. The trio has released Robots Are People, Too (R.A.P.T), a platform game built using HTML5’s <canvas> API and jQuery. RAPT offers multiplayer gameplay and a level editor so you can extend the gameplay with your own creations. The Labs - Experiments in JavaScript, Canvas and DHTML.