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MAFORDI ltda. 20 Outstanding & Outrageous Concept Cars from the Golden Age. Shining Examples: 20 Cool Concept Cars of the Golden Age Article by Steve, filed under Vintage & Retro in the Technology category.

20 Outstanding & Outrageous Concept Cars from the Golden Age

A map of the history of the auto industry would show dozens, if not hundreds of roads not traveled. What if some of these visionary concepts had been allowed to hit the street? These outstanding, outlandish and outrageous concept cars show what direction automotive design might have taken if automakers had followed their dreams instead of listening to the bean counters. Detroit’s Depression Dreams (images via: Old Car and Truck Pictures and CARstyling) The domestic auto industry had a tremendous run over the past century and thought things look grim today, there’s always hope for tomorrow.

(images via: Steve’s Auto Restorations) What would the Airflow look like if it was allowed to reach its full potential? Phar Ahead of its Time: The Phantom Corsair (images via: Miami New Times and Just a Car Guy) Dymaxion: The Minivan That Might Have Been Thunderbolts Are Go! New York International Gift Fair > Home. Your Shopping Cart. Welcome to Phlatboyz, LLC - Unleash Your Creativity! Muvbox - TOUT EST DANS LA BOÎTE. Funny and Creative Design - Dumage. Funny and Creative Design These photos show us a several very creative, funny and inspiring things.

Funny and Creative Design - Dumage

Watch and enjoy! 1. I lay comfortably on my favorite “Petit Beurre” cookie to catnap. Mmm, I dream to eat! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Combo Couch: All-in-One Lounger, Love Seat + Sofa Bed = « Dornob. Sofa beds sneak two functions into one piece of furniture, but these designs go beyond the binary ‘convertible couch’ typology to be completely modular, comfortable for sitting up, laying back or lying down in any number of custom configurations.

Combo Couch: All-in-One Lounger, Love Seat + Sofa Bed = « Dornob

This seating set from Zuiver builds on the classic fold-out footrest and flip-up backrest concepts of an easy chair, but take such loungers to new levels by expanding the entire idea horizontally into a multi-person love seat, then stretch it further to a full-length sleep-friendly sofa. Each modular segment can be flipped in, out, up or down as desired by the people using each part of the seating space – a pair of chairs can be formed within the larger whole of the couch, or the entire system can open and accommodate a couple comfortably.

Smaller versions are also interesting craft experiments, but the purpose seems less clear in a simple lounge chair variant. Hot or Cool? Color-Changing Chameleon Tiles « Dornob. Brave Space Design. Pop-Up Card Designer Pro. Ultimate Flash Face v0.42b. Paper model. Paper models, also called card models, "pepakura" or papercraft, are models constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper, paperboard, card stock, or foam.

Paper model

Details[edit] This may be considered a broad category that contains origami and card modeling. Origami is the process of making a paper model by folding a single paper without using glue or cutting while the variation kirigami does. Card modeling is making scale models from sheets of cardstock on which the parts were printed, usually in full color.

These pieces would be cut out, folded, scored and glued together. Sometimes the model pieces can be punched out. History[edit] Example of a cat papercraft Printed card models became common in magazines in the early part of the 20th century. Micromodels, designed and published in England from 1941 were very popular with 100 different models, including architecture, ships, and aircraft. Availability[edit] 3-D models to paper models[edit] Subjects[edit] See also[edit] External links[edit] El mayor archivo de planos de cometas - Kite Plan Base (KPB) Pepakura Designer. IAP - International Art Properties. By Hoekstra & Ramakers. Sucker for Droog by Leon Ramakers - Jan Hoekstra Sucker - aquamarine by Jan Hoekstra & Leon Ramakers for Droog Related by Jan Hoekstra & Leon Ramakers * € 8,22 outside the EU Description The Sucker solves the problem of having to drill holes in tiles, glass or any other smooth surface.

by Hoekstra & Ramakers

Specifications Year: 2005Brand: DroogMaterial: silicone rubberProduct Size: Ø 12 x 8.5 cmPackage Size: 12.00 x 12.00 x 8.50Package Weight: 0.31kg Download brochure Share: Jan Hoekstra & Leon Ramakers Jan Hoekstra was born in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in 1964 and graduated from Design Academy in Genk, Belgium in 1989. Hoekstra’s aim, not to design something more than the very minimum necessary, is always mixed with a handful of smart thinking. Free People Clothing Boutique Blog. Walnut Street Wall design Jan 27, 2012 Posted by fp julia Tags: art, design, flowers, free people philadelphia, free people walnut street, installation, painting, philadelphia, plants, stores, wall I took so many photos of this one wall in our Philly store, I felt like I needed to give it its own post.

Free People Clothing Boutique Blog

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